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Media Update 6/14/22

June 16, 2022

Our Flag Means Death

I have been through a few periods in my life where I have obsessed over pirate history. Part of that was influenced by being a pirate descendant and playing Sid Meier’s Pirates. Regardless, I have read books and researched the true stories of legendary criminal figures. So when I heard they were making a show about Stede Bonnet, I was excited. He was not a good pirate but was a good boss. Of course, the show is created by Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby who work so well together. This is basically a historical rom-com with several characters going on journeys of self-discovery. Rhys Darby is delightful as the aristocratic Stede Bonnet who likes the idea of being a pirate but not any of the actual pirate activities. Taika Waititi is great as the gruff yet secretly sensitive Blackbeard, a great brooding performance. The rest of the cast is full of loveable misfits, throwing out many funny asides while being fully rounded characters. The show is infinitely quotable. I recommend this show.

De La Terreur, Mes Soeurs! (Terror, Sisters!)

I do not usually talk at length about short films but I am making an exception for this piece. I had seen the poster for it in the Shudder UI and I thought it was visually interesting. When I read the blurb, I thought it would be perfect for this June. The other day, I found out that it is only 27 minutes long but I decided to watch it regardless of whether I would review it here or mention it below in the weekly update. This short took me on a journey that was worth talking about. The story seems simple enough. Four transwomen imagine how they would get their revenge on the cis normative system/fix this cis-tem. Each woman’s idea is shown in full and allowed to play out. This leads to very surreal looks at the frustration and crushing oppression that trans people face daily. It can be silly, exciting, scary, and touching in turn. It is a great emotional snapshot of what it feels like to be trans. In a mere 27 minutes, I felt like I was let inside the heads of the four main characters and allowed to know what makes them tick. Actresses Nana Benamer, Naëlle Dariya, Raya Martigny, and Dustin Muchuvitz felt like people I would like hanging out with which is the point. I highly recommend this trippy short but know that it is in French.

Multiple Maniacs

As a proud Baltimorean, I know John Waters well. In fact, I used to live near his house and play in his backyard. However, there are still a few early movies of his that I have not seen. Of course, those are the ones that are the craziest. I decided to watch this fever dream of a movie as it was perfect for this week’s theme. The movie stars Divine as the insane diva of a sideshow full of sexual perversions. The movie largely follows her as she suffers and makes people suffer. Mink Stole plays a woman who opens her eyes to the joys of woman on woman sex. Graphically. Meanwhile, we follow Divine’s ex played by David Lochary and Mary Vivian Pearce who are plotting to kill Divine. The plot barely matters as the movie is a series of crazy happenings mixed in with commentary on human sexuality, perversion, and how we react to it. I recommend this madness but uptight religious types should stay away.

Music of the Week:

Demi Lovato – Skin Of My Teeth

Kiddy Smile – Sugar

Rita Ora – Finish Line

Against Me! – True Trans Soul Rebel

Mashup of the Week:

Mashups and Remixes by Rich – Numb In Havana

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Be Gay Do Crimes”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Jesse Cox, Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Jarvis Johnson, Super Beard Bros, Attorney Tom, Rina DeCoro
  • I watched more Batwoman Season 2
  • I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 12

Media Update 6/18/20

June 18, 2020

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

I watched the original Prom Night in the past few years and it was alright. It was part of Jamie Lee Curtis’ original tour of horror movies after Halloween. It was a fairly good slasher flick set in a high school. This movie has so little to do with the first movie except its setting and the titular prom night. I am so glad that they rebranded it because it ensured that it got made. Whereas the first movie had no supernatural elements, the sequel goes hard into the supernatural realm. I would basically call it A Nightmare on Elm Street except Freddy is a very sassy prom queen. It is kind of like A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, in a way. The movie is super horny (but harmless) and has a lot of pretty gay situations. I was surprised by how funny and interesting the movie was. The effects are so good and I was often astonished by some trippy and startling special effects. Wendi Lyon is very good in a dual role as the good girl and evil spirit. Michael Ironside plays the principal who is the actual target of the spirit’s vengeance. I definitely recommend this movie.


I was told that this movie had a lot of homosexual undertones and I was not disappointed. Two ex-friends who fell out over a girl meet up again just as a spirit starts to haunt the girl in question. There is so much raw chemistry between the two guys that is crazy. I found myself thinking ‘just kiss!’ over and over. Todd Allen and Stephen Nichols play the two lead characters with such white-hot hatred for each other that it must be more than just the girl. Tawny Kitaen plays the young woman and while she does good, she’s mostly just a prop. Kathleen Wilhoite plays a psychic with some queer energy of her own. It is unclear if all of the queer-coding is intentional or not but it is incredibly hard to ignore. I saw it all over so many lists online. The movie is very melodramatic like a horror movie soap opera but it is definitely quirky enough to be plenty of fun. I recommend it as well.

The Slumber Party Massacre

This movie was written by queer activist and novelist Rita Mae Brown, the only horror movie she ever wrote. She wrote the script as satire but the studio decided to produce it seriously. What came of that process is a movie with a lot of humor that is both intentional but probably also unintentional. The movie comes out way more subversive than the studio probably realized. There are a few bisexual or lesbian-coded college girls and a next-door neighbor who comes off fairly gay. The movie is exciting and contains a lot more moving parts than I expected from a slasher film set in a small area. The actresses are all great but a special shoutout to Robin Stille who plays the new girl in school. The villain Michael Villella is super interesting too because he could very well have been a faceless villain but ends up giving the movie wild energy through his physical acting. I recommend this movie as well.

Music of the Week:

The Orange Constant – Fadin’ the Line

Brzask – Brzask

George Seven – ICYTWAT GYAL

TUCURUVI (MADALENA) – Laurent Lucas x Oliver Hirondelle

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “LGBT Horror”
– I watched more Elementary Season 2
– I watched more Flash Season 6
– I watched more Arrow Season 8
– I watched more Buzzfeed Unsolved
– I started watching Supergirl Season 5
– I watched more The Good Wife Season 1
– I watched more Riverdale Season 4
– I watched more Supernatural Season 15
– I watched more Batwoman Season 1
– I watched more Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated Season 1
– I watched more Rizzoli and Isles Season 4
– I watched The Miami Connection (Rifftrax Version)
– I started watching Legends of Tomorrow Season 5

Media Update 6/11/20

June 11, 2020


I have been excited about this show since the title character made a guest appearance on the other Arrowverse shows. I have also loved the action movies that I have seen Ruby Rose in so far. She has a strength of personality that really suits her as an action star. I expected the show to be another Arrowverse extension (which is not a bad thing). However, this show ended up feeling a lot deeper. First, they did not shy away from Kate Kane being a lesbian. She has a prominent ex on the show and they do not shy away from LGBT themes. It also has a lot of fun psychological thriller themes concerning Batwoman and her arch-nemesis Alice. Ruby Rose plays Kate Kane aka Batwoman and she is perfect for the role. She is funny but can go cold and hard at the drop of a hat. Rachel Skarsten is delightfully mad as Alice, the Wonderland themed villain who is brilliant and has a personal stake in things. The show is a lot of fun but they definitely hit some deeper, darker themes (similar to Black Lightning and Doom Patrol). I am looking forward to watching the rest of this but I am sad that Ruby Rose has already bowed out of the show. Still, I look forward to season 2. I really recommend it.

Doom Patrol

I have definitely been a Grant Morrison fan and this show definitely follows the Grant Morrison sort of comic books. This show is wonderfully weird and it is hard to predict what will happen next. Part of why that is is because the main villain is a being of chaos (played brilliantly by Alan Tudyk) who is absolutely omnipresent and hilarious. The series features the grand return of Brendan Fraser who plays Robotman, a racecar driver who is now a brain in a robot body due to a bad accident. Diane Guerrero plays Crazy Jane, a young woman with 64 personalities each with their own superpower. Matt Bomer plays a tortured man who is more tortured by having been gay in the sixties than his condition. April Bowlby plays a former Hollywood starlet who had her career ended by gaining shapechanging powers. Joivan Wade plays Cyborg, a young hero who is trying to show the world how good he can be while figuring out who he is. Finally, Timothy Dalton plays their boss and caretaker. I really love the show and how I cannot predict anything that happens. Between chaos magic, 64 randomly appearing personalities, and the collective emotional baggage of the cast, it is hard to know what is going to happen each episode. I definitely recommend the show.

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

Disney taking over Marvel allowed them to create some new shows. This show uses mostly previously untapped Marvel characters and throws them together. The cast of the origin movie has Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Patriot, Squirrel Girl, Quake, America Chavez, and Inferno. I never thought Squirrel Girl would ever be adapted but they got her pitch-perfect as the hyperactive but insanely smart member of the team. They do not shy away from Kamala Khan’s Muslim heritage and culture. Quake is once again voiced by Chloe Bennett (reprising her role from Agents of Shield. America Chavez is accurately portrayed as the Latinx that she is and they may go on to let her be gay. They definitely kept her two moms in her story which was great. The movie is about trusting the right people and actually gets into a bit of a racism allegory. It partly focuses on distrust between the Inhumans and humans. It is a lighthearted bit of superheroism and I was happy to see how naturally diverse it was. I definitely recommend it and I hope they do more with it (beyond the shorts already on Disney+).

Music of the Week:
Kate NV – Plans

Goodnight Goodbye – Dad Dancing

Tetrarch – I’m Not Right

Disco Inferno – In Sharky Water

My Fault – Christine Nguyen

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is Pride Superheroes
– I watched more Elementary Season 2
– I watched more Flash Season 6
– I watched more Arrow Season 8
– I watched more Buzzfeed Unsolved
– I started watching Supergirl Season 5
– I watched more The Good Wife Season 1
– I watched more Riverdale Season 4
– I started Supernatural Season 15

In the House of the Law

June 15, 2019

In House of the Law in Osten on the border of the Bremid Empire, Gedreel paced back and forth. She was so anxious that she found herself practically shaking apart. The guards gave her the side eye and she decided to stay absolutely still. She briefly considered waiting out front but thought that might now look suspicious so she tried to hold it together. She had always been a good girl and she was rarely in a House of Law. She had been raised in the temple by the Order, a little sheltered maybe but walking the true path. She knew that she had done nothing wrong so why was she nervous? At least she was reasonably sure she was innocent.

She was in the middle of cataloging her every past action when Cherish strolled out from the holding cell area, escorted by another guard. Gedreel immediately forgot where she was and ran to Cherish and hugged her close.

“Oh, Cherish! I am so glad that you are alright,” she said and then paused. “You are alright, right?”

Cherish sighed but smiled. “I’m fine, Geddy,” she said. “I’m over the moon glad to see you but you didn’t have to come here for me.” She started to gently guide Gedreel from the building.

“Wait!” Gedreel said and stayed rooted to the spot. She held Cherish at arm’s length and inspected her thoroughly. Cherish had all of her fingers and toes, two legs, two arms, her tail, one blue eye, and one red eye. One of her horns was broken but Gedreel knew it had been that way when she met Cherish. Cherish refused to fix it no matter what Gedreel offered. Then Gedreel spotted the bruise just behind Cherish’s left ear. She gasped and gently laid her hand on it and healed her skin back to its usual crimson hue. She shot the guards a dirty look and she was about to say something nasty to them when Cherish pushed her outside.

“Relax Geddy,” Cherish said. “I’m fine.”

“But they hit you!” GEdreel yelled before suddenly realizing her loud volume. “They shouldn’t hit you.”

“On that point, we can both agree,” Cherish said. “And yet that’s what they do sometimes when they arrest people.”

“Why aren’t you angrier?” Gedreel asked. “I would be angry.”

“I was angry the first three times,” Cherish said. “After that, you figure out that it’s pointless to get angry when bitter will do just fine.”

“What were you even arrested for?” Gedreel asked.

“I was arrested for being a Tiefling, same as always,” Cherish said. “Same old song and dance.”

“But you were born that way,” Gedreel said. “Tiefling blood does not equate to automatic guilt.”

“I know that,” Cherish said. “and you know that but plenty of people can’t seem to grasp that.”

“But you were a member of the Queensguard of Deneia!” Gedreel said. “Your honor is beyond reproach.”

Cherish shook her head. “That’s not exactly a point in my favor in these small towns,” she said. “Being a bodyguard in a government controlled by my kind. Most tell me to just go back there.”

Gedreel gasped again and grabbed Cherish’s hand. “But you can’t go back there!” She said. “Your uncle said he would kill you!”

“They wouldn’t care, Geddy,” Cherish said. “I think you care enough for all of us who don’t care.”

“Last time we met, you said I care too much,” Gedreel said.

“I was wrong,” Cherish said. “We need people who care like you. I need people who care.”

“I do care!” Gedreel said. “You know I do.”

“Why are you here, Geddy?” Cherish asked. “Not that I’m complaining but how did you hear about my arrest? How did you know I was here?”

“Holy Lathander sent me a vision, a message to come and get you,” Gedreel said

“I didn’t know you got visions,” Cherish said. “You never got visions back in Deneia.”

“This was my first one,” Gedreel said, her eyes were bright and merry. “It was exciting.”

“Your first vision sent you to me?” Cherish asked. “Why? Why would Lathander send you to me?”

“I think that he means for us to be together for some purpose,” Gedreel said. “I think we’re meant to help people by defeating a great evil.”

“A great evil?” Cherish asked. “You I can understand but me? Really?”

“Yes,” Gedreel said. “Also I think Lathander has blessed my proposal of marriage.”

Cherish smirked. “Geddy! Are you proposing to me?”

Gedreel’s eyes widened and she blushed furiously. “I meant that to be a grander romantic gesture!”

“It was fine,” Cherish said with a smile. “Very romantic. Very you.”

Gedreel took a deep breath. “Cherish Westera Goldsong, we have known each other for so long and though our paths have pulled apart, fate and the gods above have brought us back together. I have thought of you every day that we were apart. Now that we are together again, I do not want to leave you ever again. Cherish will you–“

This was the point where Cherish kissed Gedreel. They kissed for a long, long time. They kissed until they had to come up for air. They smiled at each other and Cherish dragged Gedreel off to an inn to celebrate.

Pride 2019

June 10, 2019

A lot of cities had their pride parades this past weekend but my hometown and current home Baltimore is having Pride this coming weekend. I have always been an ally to everyone under the banner of “Other” and this includes everybody under the banner of LGBTQ+. That was how I was raised, to be kind and think well of other people especially if they are not trying to hurt anybody. My mother came from a tolerant family in the American South that shunned racism. I went to school for twelve years at a Quaker school which taught love and acceptance for all. In high school, I entered the world of theater which was generally more open-minded than the rest of the world. I met the first gay people I knew of here. Of course, I may have met many gay people previously but it was the nineties and people were heavily closeted.

When I went to college, I met even more people from the beautiful spectrum of humanity. I was introduced to gay culture and my mind was opened even more. I worked professionally in theater for five more years and I met more gay people. I met so many different people over the years. I also read a lot of books and watched a lot of content. It all helped form my feelings on the whole LGBTQ+ community. It just goes to my further my constant argument that exposure helps breed love and peace. Ignorance breeds hate. If you listen to the message that Pride sends out, it is a message of equality, happiness, fun, and fighting back against the darkness. How anybody could interpret it as anything else is a mystery to me.

A long while ago I sort of came out as aromantic. I have never once felt a romantic feeling. I have never longed for the companionship of another human being regardless of gender, sex, or orientation. A lot of people need that sort of thing to make their lives complete but I am happy to have my friends and family. Obviously, over the years the makeup of the LGBTQ+ banner has had some changes. There is too much bickering over who should and should not be at Pride and this year I am seeing a lot of people being fed up with it. This is the first year that I have seen clear statements accepting aromantics at Pride. When I saw it, I felt something break free inside of me and I smiled. We are a small subsection so specific support was not something I was expecting. So, this year will be the first year I attend Pride as an aromantic and not just an ally.

Oh, and the only people who should not be at Pride are cops and hatemongers. Hatemongers are obviously not welcome at Pride. These include the Christian Right, the Nazis, the Klansmen, and all of the raving lunatics who would rather burn it all down than let people be free to be different. However, it also includes silent partners. The corporations who sell rainbow flags but turn their backs on actual gay people, the forces of Capitalism who decided that gay people don’t make them enough money, the well-meaning ‘middle of the road’ types who do not want to make waves even when it means defending people’s rights to be happy. This also brings us to the cops. Yes, the cops. The cops who protect armed nazis in Detroit who chose to march through Pride, sending people who were celebrating indoors and fearing for their lives. The cops who have a history of breaking up gatherings of gay people and almost never side with ‘the Other’ over ‘good’ white men and women. The same cops who have a history of beating the crap out of minorities when they feel like it. No cops at pride, only love and true allies. Please.

Media Update 6/14/18

June 14, 2018

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Last year, for Pride, I watched Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar and noted that I could not get a hold of a copy of Priscilla at the time. I also noted that most people say that the movies are somewhat similar. In Too Wong Foo, three drag queens travel across the US and break down in a small town and cultures clash. In Priscilla, two drag queens and a transgender woman travel across Australia and they break down and cultures class. The thing is, in Too Wong Foo there is a moment where they win over small-town America but that is not what Priscilla is about. The strength of the movie comes from the interplay between the characters played by Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving, and Guy Pearce. The three of them are constantly joking with each other, sniping at each other, and sharing deep, heartfelt moments together. The three of them are each struggling with different parts of gay culture and the way it clashes with more conservative parts of the world. They are a transgender woman, a bisexual man, and a gay man respectively and they clash with the world and with each other but ultimately hanging together. The movie is fun, sad, and even dark in places but it shows that there is hope at least on a personal level. I definitely recommend it and I would actually suggest watching both movies as they are kind of two sides of the same coin.


In the late seventies, Harvey Milk was elected to a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and when that happened he was the first openly gay person to be elected to office in the state of California. He was the third openly gay person elected to public office in the United States. At the time, San Francisco was already becoming a bastion of gay civil rights and gay culture and Harvey decided to harness that and fight for gay rights. The movie follows his several failed campaigns until his rise to office and his crusade to oppose an anti-gay referendum. Along the way, he is opposed by Anita Bryant, Senator John Briggs, and fellow Supervisor Dan White. Milk is portrayed as a brilliant strategist who never wanted to be a candidate but instead insists “the movement” is the candidate. Sean Penn is magnetic as Milk and his successes are something I wanted to cheer on. Bryant is portrayed in actual archival footage as the misguided, brainwashed evangelical Christian she was. John Briggs is portrayed in much the same way. Dan White (played by Josh Brolin) is a more sympathetic character as he is a flawed man who clings to his Christian values and falls farther and farther behind the times and into the wrong side of history with the rest. The rise of Milk is a great inspiration and his tragedy is such a dark moment in civil rights history. I definitely recommend this one too.

But I’m a Cheerleader

I wanted something a little lighter for the final film of the week (I watched all three in one day) so I started searching lists of movies aired at pride festivals. I saw this movie and looked it up and saw that it had a horrible Rotten Tomatoes score and then I saw that the movie was compared to John Waters films. That sealed it. The critics never “got” John Waters but he was always one of my hometown heroes. So a campy take on gay and gender issues sounded like exactly what I wanted to watch. I was not disappointed. Immediately, the movie is over the top and funny and too true. The movie is indeed campy but in the way that John Waters and early Tim Burton was to really drive home a point. The art direction has very bright colors and high contrast to also prove a point (much like Crybaby or Edward Scissorhands). The movie (correctly) treats homophobia in a kind of horror movie creepy behavior. The characters treat a “gay rehab” as normal but it hilariously comes off as scary and paranoid. Natasha Lyonne stars as the titular cheerleader who is sent to a camp to get straight. She is joined by a lot of perfectly normal misfits who are also told they are wrong. One of the counselors is played by RuPaul, a big name in the gay community. However, the main villain is played brilliantly by Cathy Moriarty. The movie takes heteronormative and “normal” gender roles and makes them seem weird while making gay culture seem more natural. I definitely recommend it as it was both funny and strangely scary.

Music of the Week:
Gorillaz – Humility

Jen Ledger – Warrior

Janelle Monae – PYNK

Mykki Blanco – I´m In A Mood

Brother Ali – Tight Rope

Weekly Updates:
– This week’s theme is “Pride 2018”
– I watched more Supernatural Season 13
– I started watching Wynonna Earp Season 2
– I finished Glitter Force Doki Doki Season 1
– I watched more Flash Season 4
– I watched more Arrow Season 6
– I finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4
– I watched more Barry Kramer and GTLive on YouTube
– I watched more PBG Hardcore

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