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Quick Lass Pt. 3

August 27, 2016

It was a school night but Madeleine Price was already bored. She had already used her super speed to do all of her reading assignments in a fraction of the time. Of course, she had to slow down when she was actually writing out her assignments and do them at regular person speed. If she dragged her pencil along the paper at full speed, she would probably cause a fire from all the friction. In fact, she had lost a book report two years earlier that way. Homework was boring enough doing it one time, having to do it several times over was definitely torture. Homework was boring because it was too easy. If the teachers threw out a challenge on par with foiling a bank robbery now and then, Maddy would be more than happy to do a little math or read Romeo and Juliet.

So instead of doing homework or engaging in extracurricular activities, Maddy was laying on her bed and listening to police scanners. It was still a restless way to spend time but the local police were all stirred up and on the lookout for Quick Lass. Foiling the convenience store robbery was fun but it had put the cops on alert for super fast vigilantes. So, Maddy had bugged her sister Jan for a solution. She needed something to do before she started just going out and running laps in a field somewhere. If she was considering going on a run, she must be really, really bored. Thankfully, Jan had come through yet again. There was a reason that Maddy automatically gave the girl a percentage of her allowance. The genius girl made Maddy feel dumb but instead of leveraging that, Jan liked acting like Maddy’s Q. At least, she seemed to enjoy it when she was not working on her own secret projects.

Jan had developed a device that could tap into police and emergency frequencies from other nearby cities. She had it shuffling around, trying to find something to do outside of her jurisdiction. While she was happy she had not heard any big emergencies, she was getting bored. She had no other hobbies outside of fighting crime. Before her powers developed she had been way into video games but now they were an exercise in frustration. She was able to move her fingers way faster than current technology could keep up with and she had busted a controller at one point. There were few people at school that she felt like she related to. Most of the people she had gotten along with were anti-social and spent their time looking for space for tags at the trainyard or under bridges. She was stuck with fighting crime as her hobby but she could not do that if there was no crime to fight.

The scanner clicked over to Drake City and all of a sudden the dispatcher sounded like things were far more urgent. “Calling all cars. There is a 132 at Drake Nationa Bank. 51st and Cable. Be advised, suspects are armed and one them has some sort of ice projection powers. Surround and contain, SWAT has been deployed.”

Maddy jumped off the bed in surprise and excitement. A “132” was code for an armed robbery which meant that this was an honest to goodness bank robbery. Usually, she only got to bank robberies after the criminals had gotten to their getaway car. Most successful bank robberies were in and out and then they were speeding away from the scene of the crime. That’s usually when Maddy caught up to them and pulled them one by one out of their car. It was fun and the robbers usually looked really surprised. The kind of surprised that made a crook never want to try a robbery again. That is how things usually went but now it was a police siege with the criminals inside and armed and possibly with hostages.

There had also never been somebody with powers at the scene of the crime. Maddy hardly knew what to do with herself. On the one hand, she had never met anybody like herself before. She had always felt separate from the world around her although she suspected that Jan might have some sort of brainiac powers. She wanted to see somebody else with powers and talk with them and share all of her experiences. But the person at the bank would not be interested in that. They were a criminal. Not a vandal or a shoplifter like some of her friends but a real potential threat. Maddy could not imagine hurting innocent people with her powers and the thought suddenly angered her.

The superhuman icicle jerk would have to be stopped. She jumped to her feet and opened her window. There was no time to get caught by her mother or bargain with Jan to cover for her. The police were not equipped for this sort of thing. Somebody was going to get hurt if Maddy did not get to the bank and it was already fifty miles away. She would have to run fast but she would be there in minutes. She did not know if she would succeed but she also knew that there was no time for fear or doubt. Maybe this was why she had been given super speed abilities. Maybe this was her higher calling.

She changed into her costume with a press of a button and jumped out of the window. She started running the instant she hit the ground. As soon as she could, she pointed herself toward Drake City. She caught glimpses of shocked faces and startled drivers who must have seen her only as a blurred streak. She smiled to herself. They were all amazed by her and they had every right to be. In this costume, she was allowed to be special and now she was going to show the world again. She was on her way.


Quick Lass Pt. 2

May 7, 2016

Maddy took a moment before building up to top speed. Her boots splashed over and over on the floor of the aqueduct until that water was spraying out behind her. Suddenly, she could hear the sonic boom echoing off the walls behind her and she was glad there was some ear protection to her costume. She could look up and see the mile markers she had painted on the walls when she was really bored one day. Speaking of bored, the miles ticked by one at a time so slowly. Breaking the sound barrier had been for fun but now she forced herself to slow down to sixty miles per hour. It was thirty miles to school and it took a whole twenty plus minutes and that was forever to Maddy.

Maddy knew that she did not belong in her school but her mother just would not listen. She found it hard to connect with the other students when she spent her extracurricular time fighting crime and running around faster than most cars. She could not imagine herself as a cheerleader or a band geek or acting in a play. Sports were out of the question because she could just not hold herself back even if all of the other kids did not have superpowers. The few kids she did connect with were usually skipping school anyway. They were street-smart and were already learning things that actually mattered instead of stupid dates and equations. Some day, she dreamed of hanging out with other superheroes but they were few and far between around Patton. There were a few in Drake City but that was halfway across the country. Jan would squeal for sure if she commuted to Drake even once.

So she was largely left to her own devices and she had gotten used to it. She drifted in and out of classes as if she were in a dream. Teachers yelled at her for not finishing her homework and she nodded absently, knowing the same thing would probably happen the next day. Somehow she was passing all of her classes but it was definitely not pretty. It was a terrible way to live, the only fun she had came from beating up bad guys every night and during the day on weekends. Sure, her mother was upset at her bad marks but the city had to be safe and Maddy had to have a release. Besides, the press had taken to her even if the police had not really appreciated her efforts. They had labeled her the Blur but she had remembered to bring a permanent marker on the next patrol and wrote ‘Quick Lass’ on the forehead of every crook she caught. They had not made the same mistake since.

She decided to flip on her radio. It was really the only decision in a boring situation such as the one she found herself in. It had been all of ten minutes and Madeleine was so incredibly bored. The radio was another of Jan’s modifications to her costume. The ear protection was installed after some jackass had attacked ElanCorp headquarters with sonic weaponry. Maddy had asked Jan if she could install some sort of digital radio system into that part so that Maddy would not get so bored on patrol. Jan had done her one better and had installed a powerful radio and had thrown in a phone, wifi connectivity and 4G. Her kid sister was an amazing child and it was a wonder that she did not want to fight crime with her big sister. She was content to explore the wonders of the universe while breezing through elementary school.

She clicked on the local morning show and sighed with relief that there was something to occupy her other than her own thoughts. After a minute of chatter about the latest local news, a song came on and Maddy found herself tapping her side in time even as she kept up her speed. While the latest Halestorm was certainly worth listening to, Maddy only made it a minute into the song before she felt that familiar itch. Her fingers were touching her earpiece before she even realized she was doing it. She not only changed the station but also the band on the radio. After a buzz of static, Quick Lass could hear the police radio signal.

At the moment, two guys were discussing last night’s big game with the dispatcher. Maddy was almost disappointed that there was not something big going on. Obviously, she would have much rather foiled a crime instead of sitting in homeroom and hearing the morning announcements. Her homeroom teacher was Ms. Dashwood and Maddy could comfortably go a long time without ever seeing her again. It was just at that moment when her thoughts were interrupted by a change of tone in the radio. The dispatcher asked the two men to clear the line before she started to put out the call for all officers. Maddy had listened to the scanner enough that she was starting to learn the codes. This was a code 211 which meant it was an armed robbery. The location was a convenience store.

Maddy made a hairpin turn a mile from school and bolted toward the scene of the crime. She ran faster, quickly reaching 600 miles per hour and it was like scratching an itch. When she arrived, there was already a police officer taking cover behind his patrol car. She ran around the scene faster than the normal human eye could follow. She saw the cop’s car was already riddled with bullets on the side toward the store. She saw two thugs through the window of the store and they both had machine guns. Those were pretty fast but she was definitely faster. The guys were arguing with the clerk who looked like he was doing his best but the guys were on edge. Things looked dangerous as hell but Maddy was ready for it.

They leveled their machine guns at the clerk. They were already in a desperate situation and apparently they had decided that guns were the answer. Guns were pretty much never the answer except in trivia questions about guns. Maddy bolted directly toward the store and did not bother with the door as the crooks opened fire on the clerk. She crashed through the glass at top speed and skidded to a stop right in front of the clerk. She carefully plucked each bullet out of the air and it was a pain because machine guns throw out a lot of bullets with the slightest squeeze of the trigger. She tossed the bullets down at the floor as fast as she could and then kept running.

A less experienced crime fighter might have announced herself to the crooks but that was a rookie move. They were both still armed so all they saw was a multicolored blur tear through the store. Her fingers still burned a bit from the bullets even with the gloves but she balled her hands into fists anyway. She imagined her fists were like machine gun bullets as she let fly rapid fire punches into her targets. After a dozen hummingbird punches landed onĀ each they went down, slumping against racks of merchandise. The cops were pulling up outside, a lot of them. As they pulled their guns in response to the machine gun fire, they probably expected to see the gun-wielding goons. What they saw instead was Patton’s favorite speedster, Quick Lass. For about a split second as she gave the thumbs up before disappearing toward school.

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Quick Lass

April 20, 2016

Madeleine Price found herself tangled in her bedsheets as she woke up. She rubbed her eyes and squirmed her way out of the sheets, knocking them to the floor. Madeleine yawned big and rolled out of bed. Her legs wobbled and almost gave but she stood up nonetheless. It had been a hard night after all. She had foiled three hold-ups and one bank robbery. She had done it all by herself which left no time to do her math homework. Mrs. Belle was going to be so pissed off. This was the second time this week and if she kept this up, there would be no getting out of sixth grade.

Casually, she picked the first shirt off of the floor that looked clean and slipped it over her head. She reached down and slipped on some gray denim pants that were only slightly torn. She grabbed her sneakers from under the bed. The right one was actually pretty difficult to find but she found it behind a small pile of socks and underwear eventually. She paused in front of the mirror and thought she looked pretty good but she knew her mother had one minimum requirement. She reluctantly grabbed the hairbrush and dragged it through her hair, wincing each time it snagged. She had to admit it looked a little better as she tied her hair securely into pigtails. Still, she despised getting up in the morning, especially when getting up was followed by school.

Maddy picked up her watch carefully from its place of honor on her dresser and attached it around her wrist. Now, the watch was the only possession Maddy had that she truly cared about. It had been designed and built by her sister Jan in total secrecy from any of the adults. It held the ability to “phase” in her hero costume by rearranging the fibers in her clothes. She had no clue how that worked but it worked and for that she was very grateful. After all, if Maddy was going to run around as the superhero Quick Lass, wouldn’t she need a costume? It paid to have it so close at hand and accessible with the flip of a switch.

Maddy looked up at the old poster of Comet Man above her bed and smiled. She had watched the auction for weeks, stayed up until six in the morning and had spent plenty of allowance to get it. The fact that it was now a little vintage made her like it even more. Comet Man had been one of the pioneers in the superhero business and Maddy admired the hell out of him. When her super speed powers had begun to develop, she had put on her costume because of him. If it were not for guys and girls like Comet Man, she might have ended up using those powers for evil purposes. Hell, it would be so easy. Speed powers would make theft a cinch.

She walked down the stairs to the kitchen and picked up the bagel off of her plate. Jan hardly looked up from the coffee machine she was taking apart. However, her mother turned around and gave her a sly little smile that said ‘good morning’.

“Hurry up, Maddy. You’ll miss your bus,” her mother said. Maddy merely nodded and kept chewing her bagel. “No superpowers.” She threw in as an afterthought. Maddy nodded and got up and got out the front door with only a sigh in response. She hated that rule her mother had thought up one day after Maddy had cleaned her room in record time. Even extraordinary girls should experience an ordinary life. What good was a bus to a girl who could run faster than the speed of sound? Actually, what good was a bus that was presently starting to pull away from the curb a few yards down the street. Maddy’s eyes went wide and she ran to catch up but she had to suppress any superhuman bursts of speed and the bus pulled away well before she could reach it.

She changed directions and ran behind her house a little bit until she reached the old aqueduct that still ran from the city to out here in the suburbs. As soon as she had climbed down into the aqueduct she typed in her access code on the watch, spun the dial and activated it. With a flash of light, she could feel her clothes change instantly. Her loose cotton clothing constricting into lightweight but tight spandex. The costume gripped her skin so it would not catch on anything as she ran and it was designed to be more frictionless than normal clothing. She could feel the mask adhere to the area around her eyes like a weird suction cup. It felt weird and nice at the same time. Swinging her backpack back onto her shoulders, she began to stretch briefly. Then she took off running toward school.

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