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Media Update 2/25/2016

February 25, 2016

30 Rock

I have touched on this show in the blog before but I really did not sink my teeth into it. I remember when this show came out the first time. Saturday Night Live had been pretty good for a while (despite Jimmy Fallon). This was largely thanks to some good performers and a great head writer in Tina Fey. When she announced she was stepping down I was surprised but then she announced that she was writing a new TV show. The show stars Fey as a head writer on a sketch show and the craziness she goes through keeping her life and the show together. The show is fast-paced and full of great jokes and throwaway gags. Some things didn’t even hit me until I thought about them later. Tina Fey is really likeable and fun on the show as you might expect. Alec Baldwin and Jane Krakowski are beyond brilliant as a conservative, rich businessman and a spacy, vain actress respectively. I can’t reccomend this show enough.


I was a huge part of the fandom of this show when it was still coming out. The show was one of the first that I watched that really engaged with its fans over social media and the internet at large. It knew not to take itself seriously while still depicting characters that I really cared about and wanted to see happy. I saw a lot of myself in Shawn Spencer, a smart guy who just has not made it in the world yet. Throughout the show we knew more and more about each character without anything coming from left field. I also respected any show that not only said that psychic ability was hokum but also made light of it. As a pop culture sponge, I definitely appreciated that the show was almost non-stop pop culture references and homages while still making their own stories. I definitely reccomend checking this one out.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Now this one is interesting especially lately. I have alluded to it a bit but I have gone back to school to get my paralegal certificate so I can either go into that field or have a new shiny thing on my resume for other jobs. Anyway, as I have been studying the law, I have started watching this show again with a renewed fervor. Is it accurate to the legal profession? Kind of. The show gets the basic structure of how law enforcement and trial by jury works. However, every so often it runs into a major legal faux pas or innacuracy that should be infuriating but it’s not. I understand that it is just a television show and they have to move the plot along. The show is very entertaining and very easy to watch. However, it also uses a lot of brutal and depressing cases for its plots so it can be hard to watch too many in a row. Still, if you’re the one person in America who has not seen this show you should probably check it out.

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Weekly Updates:
– Because of Magfest I’m writing about stuff I saw in the past
– I think I may have the conflu
– I still have to go to class
– I still haven’t seen Hail Caesar
– Things will get better
– Pee Wees Big Holiday is coming soon

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