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The Sword 5

February 23, 2016

The Sword

I led the gang out to the edge of Farmer McCutcheon’s field, the one where I had found the sword embedded in the dirt. The magical sword was proving to be both a blessing and a curse. It attracted those things but it also killed them easily. There might have been other strange things that appeared out in the field. It was kind of a crapshoot but if those objects existed then they could be useful against these shadowy creatures. If anybody was going to get the upperhand, it was the Kings of Landon County. My gang lays down for nobody and that includes things from another world.

“Let’s go. We need to start searching while lunch is on.” I said, looking around to make sure the crew was good to go. Recent events had proved that we were not as unshakeable as I had thought but Landon County rarely saw so much carnage. This was an opportunity for growth. I saw Jase who looked a little pissed that he hadn’t given the order so I added “Right, Jase?”

“Right. We need to add to our arsenal. Move out.” Jase said, reassuming some of his authority he got by being the son of a real criminal. I smiled a bit at his confidence returning. We were going to make it through this alive after all.

“Everybody be careful and listen out for McCutcheon. I already have enough piercings. I don’t want anymore holes in me.” Helen said. She had tricked a girl at the local mall into giving her six ear piercings and one nose piercing. Her parents had thrown a fit but what were they going to do? We started into the field slowly and in a line like a real search party.

“She’s got a point.” Jase said and she did have a very good point.

I loooked back at Katya who was still remaining pretty quiet through all this. She was still carrying the machine gun from the fair. If things got hot and heavy we would need to find a source of ammunition but so far it was alright. Katya did not look alright. In this mood, her dark makeup and near-permanent scowl looked even more dark and forboding. The leather jacket added to the image but the tiara definitely took away from it. She looked my way and I smiled encouragingly at her but she turned and put her focus back on her search.

I saw nothing on the ground in front of me. I reached up and touched the hilt of the sword slung across my back for comfort. As soon as I looked away we had reached the corn and I got smacked in the face by a stalk. Thankfully, since the corn was thick, nobody saw it happen. I swallowed the expression of pain and surprise and moved on. I could hear the rustling of everyone else around me. The five of us were pretty loud and I hoped our rustling couldn’t be seen at the top of the stalks.

“I don’t see crap. I’d rather be tagging down at the trainyard.” Ricky said. I could tell that he looked sullen and impatient without seeing his face. We were a crew of delinquents, did anybody expect us to be like Delta Force or something?

“We all want to be somewhere else, Ricky.” Helen said “Just try to have fun sneaking. It’s not like we haven’t stolen fruit from McCutcheon before.”

“This is not fruit. This is veggies and I’m not interested in that.” Ricky replied. His tone was grumpy and bordering on insubordination. Well, it would be if we had any official rules or authority. We walked a line between being democratic and just doing what Jase or Katya wanted us to do. It worked most of the time.

“Here’s the spot I found the sword.” I called out. I tried to make the sound carry but not too far. Jase and Katya walked over to me and I pointed down at a barely noticeable hole in the ground. They both looked at each other and then back at me.

“Are you sure, Ewan? There’s not too much to it.” Jase said. He poked at the hole with his foot but nothing changed.

“Yeah. I marked the spot with a rock.” I said and pointed to a pretty angular rock which Jase picked up and examined. Katya sighed and started to look around on the ground. Jase eventually put the rock down which is when they started to hear footsteps running toward them. They barely had time to turn toward the sound when the gunshot rang out.

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