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Missed Post – Prey

June 1, 2020

This post is late but it is technically still Monday so I am calling it a win. I had planned to continue the 30 Day Film Challenge but I ended up feeling burnt out all weekend. On top of that, I did not sleep much because our country is currently figuratively (and sometimes literally) on fire and still literally diseased. I was about to go to sleep on Saturday when I noticed flashing red and blues on my blinds. I freaked because Baltimore cops are notoriously corrupt and police across the country are on the rampage. I am white and I was scared so I can only imagine how people of color must feel. Luckily it ended up being nothing but it rattled me and I ended up having very little sleep and all of it was restless.

Our country is in a bad way right now because we have a tendency to hide from our problems until they explode. We have largely ignored racial inequality since before the United States was even a country. We also allowed something as corruptible and flawed as the very concept of Police to exist. As it stands, cops only stand for themselves and to protect the property of the wealthy. It is a system absolutely poisoned by capitalism from the start. I stand with the people staging peaceful protests across the country and against any government opposition to those protests. Meanwhile, police are attacking and silencing protestors, journalists, and bystanders. Many of our politicians are not to be trusted and voting is absolutely wrecked by a global pandemic (but is generally rigged anyway).

So with all of that going on, I did not write this past weekend and instead sought some good escapism. I binge-watched a lot of my shows but most importantly I started playing a new game that I downloaded. That game is 2017’s Prey which is absolutely fantastic.

The game puts you in a science fiction world where people have developed something called a Neuromod. Basically, they are able to package human skills and abilities into injections that are applied directly to the brain. You can learn things by simply injected brain matter into your head. It is a disturbing but intriguing idea. This is coupled with having to fight off a horrific alien threat. They are called the Typhon and they are all shapeless creatures most of which can easily ambush you. The game is filled with constant paranoia. The smallest of the Typhon are called Mimics and can transform into practically any object in the game. Did that coffee cup just move? Why are there two chairs in front of that desk?

I am sure there have been essays and think pieces written on why we flock to horror in the bad times but I will leave that to other people. Besides, I have already talked about it. I have been playing horror-filled video games lately and my mind is already turning to what I will watch for Halloween. I am starting to come out of the fog from this weekend so hopefully, I will not miss another update any time soon.

Stay Safe Out There.

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