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Hail of Arrows

September 12, 2012

In the interest of continuing to update this thing, I’m posting something I wrote on a lunch break. You’re welcome.

* * *

When Mia cleared the trees she saw the little house had been thoroughly riddled with arrows. It was an absolutely chilling sight to see. Her gaze flitted to and fro as she pushed her emotions down into a box. It was not time to be emotional. She would act first and break down when she was sure she was safe. Still, it was hard to control her heartbeat when she counted twelve arrows embedded in the walls and roof of the house. If that many were outside, how many had gotten through?

She pulled a dagger and crept into the tall grass, silent and stealthy. She heard no footfalls, no birds, no movement at all. Every bone in her body told her this was going to be bad. She wanted to run, to flee but there might still be people out there and she did not want to be shot in the back.

She got to the front door and tried to push it open. It would not budge. She glanced around and tried to make sure that she was still safe. She felt so exposed after leaving the tall grass but there was no movement in the field. There was no sound but the gentle sound of a breeze making the grass sway slightly. There had always been birdsong here and the lack of it did not help the tension she felt.

She briefly throught about trying to pick the lock but did not want to linger outside any longer than she had to. The archers might come back and there was no cover to save her.

She quickly reached up and grabbed a hold of the lowest arrow sticking into the wall and pulled herself up, quickly grabbing another arrow for support. She could feel the arrows move in her hands and knew they probably wouldn’t support her weight for long. She climbed the arrows toward the shingled roof. Her heart beat hard in her chest as she tried not to imagine getting shot during this desperate climb.

When she reached the roof, Mia scrambled over the ridge on the opposite side from the embedded arrows. She breathed deep and tried to calm down. Hopefully that would provide a small bit of protection. Still, she felt so exposed up on the roof. There was no reason the attackers couldn’t come back, circle around and spot her climbing around.

Mia counted shingles as she crept across the roof as lightly as she could. She knelt down and slid one of her daggers between two shingles and pried upward. The trapdoor hinges squealed and shrieked as they moved and she could feel her pulse pound through her brain as she nearly had a heart attack. She could not even bring herself to look around to see if she had been spotted. She just ducked into the trapdoor and closed it behind her.

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