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This Week in Steves 6

March 18, 2015


Steve Buscemi

Strangely enough, the first movie I saw Steve Buscemi in was probably Airheads which was not the best movie to be his first impression. Not long after that, I saw him in the beginning of Desperado which was a movie that really captured my imagination as a kid. Unfortunately, a lot of his early movies were a little too adult than I was allowed. That actually worked out fine because I was able to catch up later on in life and really enjoy his career. I adore Reservoir Dogs for the simple, cool movie that it is. Buscemi as Mr. Pink is an interesting, believable villain who you kind of like even though he’s an asshole. After that I finally saw Fargo which is a similar role but a lot funnier in a twisted way.

He reunited with Robert Rodriguez to do the Spy Kids movies which I’m not embarassed to say I liked (until the fourth one). This started a trend where he did some kids movies including Pixar’s Monster’s Inc and Monster House which I thought were both good. Unfortunately, he hooked up with Adam Sandler at some point and has been in a lot of piss poor movies. Hopefully, those movies probably paid really well. I don’t really see myself too much in the roles of Steve Buscemi or in the man himself. Buscemi has done quite a few movies he has admitted to doing only for the money. I hope that it never comes to that for me, though if it does I hope I have enough dignity to get through it.

Steve Carell

The Daily Show has been one of my favorite shows for a very long time and I have been watching it since before John Stewart took over hosting duties. The show strikes just the right balance between insight and comedy that sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes makes me want to tear out my hair in frustration at the human race. This is strangely a good mix and I am an avid fan of the show. It’s true my viewership has ebbed and flowed in recent years but this is more due to not having a DVR or time than it is lack of love for the show. The point I’m coming around to is that Steve Carrell was awesome as a correspondent on the Daily Show especially paired with a certain Colbert.

Of course, eventually correspondents leave the Daily Show and try to strike out on their own. I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t really liked a lot of the stuff he’s done since. Not all of them can be Stephen Colbert or Jon Oliver who are two former correspondents I still love. He unfortunately made a lot of movies that I didn’t really like and a very popular sitcom that I didn’t really get into. I did really like Despicable Me and (for some reason) Get Smart and I also got a kick out of Anchorman. Yet another successful person who does the kind of work that he wants. I wish I could see myself in him.

Steven Moffat

I freely admit that I am a late comer to the Doctor Who fandom which easily happens when you are born nearly 20 years after the first episode premieres. The show is a British science fiction staple and therefore was not really popular among my friends growing up. What did we need with the Doctor when we had Star Trek? Every so often I would see Tom Baker’s face splashed on a magazine cover and I wondered who this man with the long scarf was. I had no idea what I was missing and I had absolutely nobody to tell me about it. Back in the day, if it wasn’t on cable then it often wasn’t on our radar. The show went away when I was seven and it became a semi-obscure reference in pop culture. 2005 came and went and I didn’t jump on the revival.

Honestly, I don’t remember when I finally started to watch Doctor Who. By the time I started to watch, Doctor Who had become more of a household name (among geeks). I thought “What the hell?” and I watched the 10th Doctor romp around in Shakespearean times. I was pretty much hooked from there. I went back and watched the revival from the beginning and I loved it even more. By far my favorite writer from the Tennant era was Steven Moffat who wrote Girl in the Fireplace among other good episodes. Later he took over as showrunner for the Matt Smith and the Capaldi eras. He gets a lot of criticism but I’ve loved every step of the revival. Obviously I’m happy to share my name with somebody so passionate about Doctor Who and good sci-fi television that has made me laugh, cry and think.

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