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Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 4

January 30, 2016

Felix Osaka

“The Sentinel will see you now.” Jun said with a small bow. She was a quiet, unassuming officer but she had introduced herself as Jun Inoki and that made her daughter of The Lion. It had effectively shut down any more talk about Daisuke Inoki himself. Jun had cut her hair very short, nearly a buzz. Felix wondered if Daisuke had wanted a boy and this was Jun’s way of endearing herself to her father. The theory was supported by seeing her in pants after Felix had walked by several female officers in skirts. He wondered if it was Daisuke’s or Jun’s idea.

They filtered into the Sentinel’s office and faced the huge desk on one side of the room. Behind the desk sat the Lion of Osaka himself. He was huge and battle-scarred but it looked like a lot of scars disappeared into his well-trimmed beard and long hair. His green eyes were remarkable, at the same time fierce and knowing. Here was a man who had been a protector for a long time. Felix felt himself straighten up his posture to what he imagined was close to military form.

“I would ask you to sit but I believe we do not have the luxury of time. This issue is most pressing and I am grateful for the assistance of legends in our midst.” Daisuke said, his voice rumbling deep and frankly a little scary.

“We agree, Sentinel. We’re here to discuss the matter with you. We intend to pursue the Tengu and rescue the hostages. We would deliver any survivors to you.” Makoto said. The words were formal and practiced. For such a young legend, Makoto sure was used to talking to the authorities. Felix felt a pang of jealousy that she was better at this and less than half his age.

“So, like petitioners of old, you ask permission to hunt in our territory. I can respect that. After the danger of the explosion, I’m much more open to sending in legends rather than my own officers.” Inoki said. The comment was brutally honest but Felix suspected this was almost always true. Danger was part of the package that legends accepted that most normal people wouldn’t ask for.

“Do you have any information for us, sir?” May asked. She somehow kept the fire and urgency from her voice and was very respectful. She had her sword hidden away in some extradimensional pocket. You don’t walk into a Sentinel’s office with a sword that big out in the open.

“My information is much the same as yours. The Tengu were a nuisance. An aware activist group that managed to just barely stay out of jail. I am willing to give the most complete membership list we have and their last known addresses.” Inoki said. He didn’t move so Felix assumed that list would come from a subordinate.

“This is most helpful, Sentinel Inoki. We will start our search immediately.” Matoka said. “Shall we check in with your desk sergeant for that information?”

“No. That information has been handled by Officer Inoki, here. She will be acompanying you.” Inoki said as if the command came from the heavens. Felix hadn’t even noticed Jun had entered the room with them and from everybody else’s expressions he wasn’t the only one.

“Do you think that’s smart? We’re legends. We can move a lot faster without somebody dragging us down. No offense.” May asked and said the last to Jun directly.

“What May-san meant to ask was whether this is a condition for cooperation between us?” Makoto asked, jumping in before either Inoki or May could say another word.

“If it has to be.” Inoki said, standing. “I intended for you to have ready access to our information and resources and the authority to question civilians. Is this not something you desire?”

“Of course, my apologies, Inoki-san. I am just impatient to solve this trouble before it gets further out of hand.” May said, this time jumping in before Makoto could speak.

“I’ll take that as a promise that it won’t get further out of hand then. You’re free to take my daughter and find the terrorists responsible.” Inoki said and sat down.

Makoto shot May an annoyed look and Felix could see past her to see an amused smirk on Ren’s face. Felix leaned in with a smile as they were all leaving to speak to his cousin. “You still have such a big mouth.”

“Shut up, Felix.” May said but he could see her smile as she turned her head away.

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