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Media Update 6/14/22

June 16, 2022

Our Flag Means Death

I have been through a few periods in my life where I have obsessed over pirate history. Part of that was influenced by being a pirate descendant and playing Sid Meier’s Pirates. Regardless, I have read books and researched the true stories of legendary criminal figures. So when I heard they were making a show about Stede Bonnet, I was excited. He was not a good pirate but was a good boss. Of course, the show is created by Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby who work so well together. This is basically a historical rom-com with several characters going on journeys of self-discovery. Rhys Darby is delightful as the aristocratic Stede Bonnet who likes the idea of being a pirate but not any of the actual pirate activities. Taika Waititi is great as the gruff yet secretly sensitive Blackbeard, a great brooding performance. The rest of the cast is full of loveable misfits, throwing out many funny asides while being fully rounded characters. The show is infinitely quotable. I recommend this show.

De La Terreur, Mes Soeurs! (Terror, Sisters!)

I do not usually talk at length about short films but I am making an exception for this piece. I had seen the poster for it in the Shudder UI and I thought it was visually interesting. When I read the blurb, I thought it would be perfect for this June. The other day, I found out that it is only 27 minutes long but I decided to watch it regardless of whether I would review it here or mention it below in the weekly update. This short took me on a journey that was worth talking about. The story seems simple enough. Four transwomen imagine how they would get their revenge on the cis normative system/fix this cis-tem. Each woman’s idea is shown in full and allowed to play out. This leads to very surreal looks at the frustration and crushing oppression that trans people face daily. It can be silly, exciting, scary, and touching in turn. It is a great emotional snapshot of what it feels like to be trans. In a mere 27 minutes, I felt like I was let inside the heads of the four main characters and allowed to know what makes them tick. Actresses Nana Benamer, Naëlle Dariya, Raya Martigny, and Dustin Muchuvitz felt like people I would like hanging out with which is the point. I highly recommend this trippy short but know that it is in French.

Multiple Maniacs

As a proud Baltimorean, I know John Waters well. In fact, I used to live near his house and play in his backyard. However, there are still a few early movies of his that I have not seen. Of course, those are the ones that are the craziest. I decided to watch this fever dream of a movie as it was perfect for this week’s theme. The movie stars Divine as the insane diva of a sideshow full of sexual perversions. The movie largely follows her as she suffers and makes people suffer. Mink Stole plays a woman who opens her eyes to the joys of woman on woman sex. Graphically. Meanwhile, we follow Divine’s ex played by David Lochary and Mary Vivian Pearce who are plotting to kill Divine. The plot barely matters as the movie is a series of crazy happenings mixed in with commentary on human sexuality, perversion, and how we react to it. I recommend this madness but uptight religious types should stay away.

Music of the Week:

Demi Lovato – Skin Of My Teeth

Kiddy Smile – Sugar

Rita Ora – Finish Line

Against Me! – True Trans Soul Rebel

Mashup of the Week:

Mashups and Remixes by Rich – Numb In Havana

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Be Gay Do Crimes”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Jesse Cox, Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Jarvis Johnson, Super Beard Bros, Attorney Tom, Rina DeCoro
  • I watched more Batwoman Season 2
  • I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 12

More Halloween Memories

October 17, 2014

I have other memories of Halloween that involve Grace Methodist Church.  I don’t want it to come off like I hate Grace or any other church.  I decided during Senior year of High School that church and religion is not for me.  I will keep all of the opinions I have of the church to myself at the moment.  I don’t want to ruffle any feathers or get into any arguments.  I spent a lot of time in Youth Group as soon as I got old enough.  I attended almost every fundraiser and event during my tour of duty.  There were car washes, movie nights, Easter egg hunt preparations and way too much acolyte duty.  At least I got to set things on fire for a while.

Anyway, as soon as I was too old to trick or treat, I spent every Halloween with the Youth Group.  It sounds kind of weird now but we would all grab our sleeping bags and spend the night in the church.  We wouldn’t sleep in the sanctuary itself but we would sleep in one of the multitude of sitting rooms in the maze-like structure.  We watched horror movies, ate candy and pizza (not necessarily in that order) and probably drank too much soda.  It was at one of these sleep overs that I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) for the first time and I remember cackling as the girls jumped and squealed.  It’s easy to be brave when somebody else is terrified.

All of that was very fun and to this day I always make sure I have a scary movie or two on hand when the night of the 31st rolls around.  The real attraction of a church sleepover was our game of tag.  Everywhere but the sanctuary was fair game which left what I could only call a labyrinth.  There were three floors at least three stairwells, two elevators and dozens of interconnected classrooms.  The goal was for one person to journey into the structure and find every single person.  The first one to be caught would be it the next round.  Oh and we turned off every single light leaving only emergency ghost lights.

These games of tag were the most terrifying events that I have ever experienced although that may be amplified through a nostalgic lens.  I remember crouching in the darkness and trying to listen out for the approach of footsteps while trying to silence the blood pumping hard through my temples and slow my breathing.  The goal was to avoid the person who was it and get back to “home base” without getting caught.  Eventually one of my best friends figured out that you could lie down on the floor next to the wall in the dark and remain silent to avoid detection.  The person who was it would pass right by you while your heart nearly pounded its way out of your chest.

I was lucky.  Our Youth Group was actually pretty secular and id a lot of things that would probably be frowned on these days.  We had a lot of very spooky Halloweens engaging in Hunger Games-esque escapades and scaring the living crap out of each other.  Exactly what teens should be doing on Halloween.

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