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The A to Z Blog Challenge: Reflections 2016

May 2, 2016

Well, April has come and gone and here we are on my regular non-April schedule which means it is Monday. I wanted to use this post not only to decompress but also to reflect a little just like last year. I really loved this year. Sure, the challenge is difficult but it was way harder last year. I feel like I have come a long way since last year. Writing is way easier and I am much more confident in my material. I also feel that I tried too hard to please people last year. I purposely picked provocative posts last year and I felt unprepared and rushed through most of the month. This year I followed my desires and posted things that I wanted to do and I prepared far ahead of time. In fact, I think I only changed one day’s topic from what I originally planned.

I will be back next year. I am already doing a little planning but nothing concrete as it is nearly a year until April 2017. Now it is time to take down the A to Z graphic for another year and get back to normal operations. Once again, I will be updating Thursday, Saturday and Monday so please feel free to stop by through the rest of the year. If you choose to come back in October I will be doing a month-long Halloween event of my own design. It worked so well last year that I have decided to give it another try. There will be more information that closer to October. To those who participated in the challenge: We did it! Rest and celebrate! To those who continue to support me: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do this for love of the game but I do get a happy feeling each time I see people visiting and commenting.

This Year’s Posts:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Baltimore on Film
Comet Girl
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 6
Gender Moments in Television
How to Train Your Dragon
Shield of the Ishim 7
The Key 11
Leon: The Professional
The Mystery Part 7
Oh Canada
Pee-wee’s Big Holiday
Quick Lass
Redcross Part 5
The Sword Part 5
Top 11 Romantic Comedies
An Uncooperative Subject
Victor Frankenstein
What I Love About Pro-Wrestling: Lucha Underground
The Real X-Files
Zoolander 2

I would like to thank those who came by and chose to comment:

Nilajana Rose of Madly-in-verse

Moondustwriter’s Blog

Michele of Angels Bark

Liz of Laws of Gravity

Ronel the Mythmaker

Tyler Charles Austen

Miss Andi of Music & Words

Hangry Fork

Liz Brownlee

Diary of an Internet Nobody

Star Lit Stories Blog

Silencing the Bell

But I know it’s hard to find time to comment or think of a good one so thank you also to those who came, read and left. Also, thank you to my regulars and subscribers. Thanks to Eye of the Beholder for getting me into this last year. Thanks to my family, friends and the world for being so inspiring as well.



March 12, 2016

After all this time, my post count reaches 300. I thought I would take a moment to celebrate this achievement. I love to write. I love to write so much and I have so many things that I still need and want to write. I will be continuing my ongoing stories, finding new ones, putting up personal stuff, new reviews and all sorts of projects. I am already gearing up for the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge which I participated in last April. I will post about that in detail when we get closer to April. I will be engaging in similar Octoberween shenanigans as last year. I will try to keep up my current schedule of three posts a week (Usually Monday, Thursday, Saturday).

So when I think of 300, I think of the movie 300. I still feel like an underdog writing this blog but that’s fine. I’ve stated that I would still write this blog if there was absolutely no traffic. It is a challenge unto myself and I am currently conquering that challenge. When it comes to this blog (and in life lately) I believe in myself. As Daniel Avidan said: “If you don’t believe in yourself, you’re a fucking coward!” and I still hold that as true. There is no reason you should not believe in yourself. Self-confidence is hard but I feel that I am getting a lot better at it as time goes by.

I recently started going back to school for legal studies and I am excited to see that continue to alter not only my life but my writing as well. I finished up my BFA in 2005 and ten and a half years later I am back at it. It feels really weird but it is also very exciting. With each week I see the world through a slightly different lens and my worldview is growing and changing. In addition, those who follow my Media Update series know that I’m watching up to three new things week. The influx of new stories continues to inspire me and adds new perspectives.

Well, enough of this self-referential meta stuff. I’ll be back on Monday with an actual post. Thank you to everybody who reads this and/or supports me!

(Edit: I wrote this the other night with very little sleep while attending a funeral.  I stand by its spirit and I am amused at myself.)

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