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Media Update 5/19/22

May 19, 2022

Saturday the 14th

It was Saturday the 14th recently and Cody Meirick mentioned the movie and it had been on my radar so it was time to pull the trigger. This is a parody horror movie in the style of Airplane or High Anxiety. A family inherits a house but there is a book in the house that contains all of the world’s evil. The humor is immediately offbeat and understated but also absolutely absurd. Jeffrey Tambor plays a Dracula-like character with great dreamy deadpan delivery. Nancy Lee Andrews plays his vampire lover who is a little snarkier. The family is played well by Richard Benjamin, Kevin Brando, and Kari Michaelson. Paula Prentiss steals so many scenes as the suspiciously floaty mom. The movie never stops and keeps rattling off strange jokes. I recommend this movie.

The Collection

Tamara Chambers had this movie as a watch party the other night so I joined in. I had not seen the first movie but that did not matter as they do a great job recapping it. A grim and ingenious mass murderer and biological “collector” will stop at nothing to track his prey. Josh Stewart plays the haunted protagonist of the first film who now must face his fears again. Emma Fitzpatrick plays the scrappy young heiress who must now toughen up. Randall Archer’s movements are so good as the titular Collector. He is so creepy and communicates so much with just body language and his eyes. They are joined by a platoon of soldiers who are all great. This is an absurdly bloody action/horror movie but it is so ridiculous that it ends up being fun. I recommend this movie.


This had been on my radar for a while but I held off because Suicide Squad (2016) was so disappointing. Now that I am rewriting it (so to speak), I thought I would check it out. A tank crew tries to make it through World War 2 Germany with a new recruit. Brad Pitt is great, basically doing a version of his character from Inglorious Basterds. Michael Pena plays the snarky driver. Shia Lebouf plays the quiet and religious gunner. Jon Bernthal is awesome as usual as the animalistic mechanic. Logan Lerman plays the untested rookie, a typist turned tank operator who is well over his head. The strength of the movie is in the action and in the chemistry of the team as they try to stay sane and kill Germans. David Ayers is alright by me. I recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Tech N9ne – Face Off (feat. Joey Cool, King Iso & Dwayne Johnson)

carolesdaughter – Target Practice

Lights – In My Head (ft. Josh Dun)

Kendrick Lamar – N95

Mashup of the Week:

Mychael Helmz – Ghosts On Film

Weekly Update:

This week’s theme is “Snap Agreement to Recommendations”

I watched more Batwoman Season 2

I watched more Blacklist Season 8

I watched more Riverdale Season 4


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