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Media Update 10/21/21

October 21, 2021

The Omen (1976)

This movie had been on my list for a while or at least it would have been if I realized that I had not seen it yet. I did see the 2006 remake. This is the classic story of a husband and wife who realize that their child is the antichrist. The movie is great in that it has some memorable crazy moments but a lot of its strengths are in the more subtle moments of mystery that pervade the movie. Gregory Peck leads the movie as the well-meaning but oblivious father. Lee Remick plays the worried mother. Harvey Stephens is really good as the child actor who plays the legendary Damien. The key is that they use the boy sparingly. Billie Whitelaw is great as a very sinister character. The movie’s strengths are in its atmosphere of dread. I recommend this movie.

Wicker Man (1973)

I had heard great things about this movie and I had seen and laughed at the Nicholas Cage remake so it was time to watch the original. I am not so sure that this movie was for me. I would not classify this as horror. I would classify it as mystery mixed with a musical. Christopher Lee put in a great performance as the magnetic and charming Lord Summerisle. Edward Woodward is perfectly insufferable as the main character, a pushy cop. The rest of the characters are mostly in the background of the story and are very good at acting weird and polite. There were moments of the movie that I really liked but others that felt slow or unnecessary to me. I would not recommend this movie.

The Hitcher (1986)

I had thought of this week’s theme and, as usual, I was searching around for a third movie to fit the bill. I stumbled upon this movie and saw that it was denounced by Siskel and Ebert, I had to check it out. The movie has a simple, straightforward plot which is not a point against it. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a simple horror movie. The movie is carried by Rutger Hauer’s intensity as the titular character. He is so good at being creepy. C. Thomas Howell is great at being the good boy who gets terrorized. The movie is full of a lot of dread and I liked it. The movie is a rare “road horror” movie but the genre makes sense. This movie is dark but there is playfulness to it. Not exactly humor but a definite playfulness.

Music of the Week:

The Sixth Chamber – Sarcophagus

Trail Of Blood – The Serpent Of Old

Poppy – I Disagree

Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown

Mashup of the Week:

DJ Schmolli – Cold As Superbeast Prometheus

This week’s theme is “Not the Remake, the Original”
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