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Media Update 12/31/2015

December 31, 2015

Serial Mom

Long ago in the before times I walked into the living room and my mother was watching this movie. Since I was only 12, the movie was deemed not appropriate for me to hang around and watch. Like any good native son of Baltimore, I was always a fan of John Waters films and the man himself. He lived not far from the house I grew up in and we even played in his back yard once or twice. His movies say a lot with a small budget, great acting and great writing. John Waters also does a great job believably weaving in pop culture references to give you a feel for the world of the characters. With this movie, it felt a little like the world I grew up in and was literally the city I grew up in. Baltimore in the nineties with late-punk and grunge colliding head on with polite suburban society. Kathleen Turner is brilliant as a Baltimore suburban housewife who has gone slowly crazy to a homicidal level. All the other actors do a great job going crazy with her as her madness bubbles to the surface and Towson is scandalized by a killer in their midst. Check it out.

The Raid: Redemption

I saw a trailer a while ago for The Raid 2 and thought it looked interesting but thought I should probably watch The Raid: Redemption first. It was listed as a martial arts film and I like a good martial arts film. I looked into it a little and found that it’s a Pencak Silat film specifically and an Indonesian film. I had no experience with either of those things. I like trying new things when it comes to entertainment so I eagerly located a copy (DVR of late night tv ftw). What I wasn’t prepared for was a dark, gritty crime drama. It’s about cops stuck inside a mobster’s high rise during a failed raid. Does this sound familiar? It was also the plot of the excellent movie Dredd released in the same year and it’s clear they owe a lot to the same creative wellspring. If you’re looking for a well-shot, foreign language film that also has a lot of action and gore then look no further. I enjoyed it but I know these sorts of things aren’t for everyone.

The Wiz Live!

Now, I made the mistake of watching the movie version of the Wiz a while ago. It had a 34 year old Doroth, Michael Jackson and it was adapted by Joel Schumacher. It hit the garbage trifecta. However, at the time I thought some of the music was really good. When I found out about The Wiz Live I was intrigued. I heard the stage version was infinitely better than the movie version. Within 5 minutes it was better than the entire movie. I love theater and this was pure theater (with a huge budget). The sets were so colorful and interesting and the special effects were exactly what the show needed and nothing more or less. The cast (largely unknown to me) was excellent. Shannice Williams (Dorothy) has a bright future ahead of her as she was such a great singer and actress. All of the actors were so expressive and energetic and the show was full of so much life. It was such a joy to watch it as a fan of old school musicals. I laughed, I smiled and I didn’t exactly cry but I felt bad for certain characters. Definitely check it out on demand if you can.

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Weekly Updates:
– Not a whole lot to report since it has been the holidays
– Tomorrow is a new year. We shall see what comes
– I’ve been rewatching the original Star Wars trilogy
– There’s so much I didn’t watch in 2015
– Which means there’s so much I get to watch in the future
– The future starts now


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