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Movie Pitch: The Warriors 2

January 17, 2022

Thirty years after the great summit and the night The Warriors were hunted. Those Warriors who survived made peace with the other gangs (except for The Rogues, of course) when they were exonerated for any role in Cyrus’s death and endangering the proposed peace. Those members have grown The Warriors based on the fame and focus achieved on that night. Peace reigns in New York as Cyrus had dreamed but for how long?

Members of The Warriors are summoned by Caleb, the younger brother of Cyrus and successor to Cyrus’ position as president of the Gramercy Riffs. Those members include Wolf, Cutter, and Ruby. Once they arrive, they are pulled into a meeting with Caleb and representatives of the city’s top gangs who were similarly summoned.

New York is in trouble. Caleb introduces those present to Violet, a young woman who was kidnapped by rogue elements within the city. That mystery is still being investigated. The more immediate problem is that Violet’s wealthy family is likely to blame the gangs of New York. They need to get Violet back to her family before they rain holy hell on New York and ignite a war between the Feds and The Gangs. Caleb assigns members of the Baseball Furies, The Savage Huns, and The Boppers to the mission (Ace, Sun, and Cole respectively). He also assigns a young man who ruffles the feathers of The Warriors, the son of a member of The Rogues (Viper). No objections are accepted and the team is set.

The journey toward uptown immediately runs into trouble when the group is attacked and forced to abandon the train. The group is divided, The Warriors blame Viper for leaking their mission but the others argue to give Viper a chance. After Viper single-handedly stops a second attack, the Warriors relent and agree to continue on the mission. Along the way, the group is attacked by a mysterious masked group. In Central Park, the team splits up when Ace and Cutter stay behind to fight off the villains to give the others a head start. They are not sure whether the two are alive or dead which puts everybody in a dark mood.

Viper and Wolf argue constantly as the main group struggles through the City. Ruby tries to keep the peace but is worried about her brother, Cutter. Sun and Cole threaten to leave unless the group can come together. Ace and Cutter travel separately and try to catch up after a wild battle. After several more skirmishes, the masked gang is revealed to be members of Violet’s father’s security team and rogue Feds who want the war. They believe the Feds could win that war and purge New York of the Gangs for good. Viper saves Wolf’s life in the resulting skirmish before Ace and Cutter arrive as calvary with a bus. The group travels toward Westchester before reaching a final fight with the masked gang. Ruby teams up with her brother and finds new respect for Ace. Wolf and Viper team up and work well together finally.

Violet’s father is overjoyed at her return and agrees to call off the war. He respects The Warriors and their allies but questions how long the war can be held off. The gangs have grown in the last few decades and have overwhelmed the NYPD. It is only a matter of time for conflict with The Feds. Before the Warriors ride back home, they make Viper a member and celebrate.

Characters/Possible Actors:
(Contingent on not using unknowns which may be preferable but also harder to market)

Wolf – The de facto leader of the squad with a chip on his shoulder. Son of Ajax.
—- Colin Ford, Asa Butterfield, Jaeden Martell
Cutter – The cooler-headed member who usually balances Wolf. Brother to Ruby.
—- Julian Dennison, Zachary Arthur, Chandler Riggs
Ruby – Younger member of The Warriors with less mission experience. Sister to Cutter.
—- Shahadi Wright Joseph, Amandla Stenberg, Isabela Merced
Ace – Battle-hungry member of the Baseball Furies.
—- Brec Bassinger, Yvette Montreal, Alyvia Alyn Lind
Viper – Unaligned to any gang. Son of a member of The Rogues.
—- Andrew Matarazzo, Tanner Buchanan, Dylan Minette
Sun – Quieter member of The Savage Huns, annoyed at all the drama.
—- Rohan Chand, Alan Trong, Ki Hong Lee
Cole – Stylish and capable member of The Boppers. Hits on the ladies until he gets serious.
—- Coy Stewart, Alex R. Hibbert, Bjorgvin Arnarson
Violet – Young rich girl caught in the middle of a deadly conflict.
—- Dafne Keen, Ella Anderson, Brooklyn Prince

Possible Directors: Gareth Evans, David Leitch, F. Gary Gray, James Gunn


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