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Music of the Sirens – A Witcher Story

April 15, 2020

Jaskier woke up in the middle night and could not get back to sleep. Something about the sounds that Geralt and Yennefer made him frustrated and restless. He could not get back to sleep. He decided to go on a little walk to clear his head. The noises happened a lot since the events in Rinde. Noises that Jaskier had made with many ladies but perhaps not so animalistic. It would not have been a problem if they were not roughing it. If they were in town he would have his own room or some pretty girl’s room and plenty of peace and quiet and maybe even a good time. Instead, they were off on one of Geralt’s adventurers which made some of the best songs but Yennefer had to tag along which left him as the odd one out.

As he got clear of the campsite, he heard the sounds of the forest again and he breathed in deep and let the breath out. He took a few more steps and he thought he heard music. He headed in that direction and then he was absolutely sure it was music. In fact, the song was very familiar. It was really old but Jaskier made it his business to know every song he could find in the world. He walked closer to the singing. He found it easy, each step felt like he was walking on air. He started to sing along with the beautiful female voice. His voice was joined with two other female voices in return. He happily headed that way to impress some young maidens.

Geralt pulled his clothes back on quickly, business-like as usual. Yennefer still lay on the bedroll on the ground, lounging luxuriously. She did not have the physical stamina that Geralt had so she was still on the ground for the moment.

“Was I that boring?” Yennefer asked. “You look like you’re about to run.”

Geralt let out one of his usual amused grunts. “Hmm. Jaskier is missing,” he said. “I should go and find him before he gets himself into trouble.”

“The little bard will be fine on his own for a little bit,” Yennefer said. “You indulge him too much. Have a drink with me.”

“He’s been gone for quite a while,” Geralt said. “Far too long.” He grabbed his sword and belted it on.

“You noticed him leaving during?” Yennefer asked, her eyes narrowing. Her pride was officially wounded.

“I notice everything during,” Geralt said. “Everything. A Witcher must remain alert always.” He was absolutely serious, not a hint of teasing in his voice. It made it sting all the more.

“I’ll have to try harder next time,” Yennefer said with a wicked smile. “I’ll make you forget the world.”

“Maybe later,” Geralt said with a slight smile. “For now, I have a bard to find and probably rescue. Stay here.”

“Stay here?” Yennefer said with a pout. “Do you know me?”

He started to move through the woods, looking for signs of Jaskier’s trail. He picked up the bard’s trail easily. Jaskier was not really subtle and he had left an obvious trail.

Meanwhile, Jaskier had joined the three beautiful maidens in the clear spring that they were bathing in. For some reason, it did not seem strange that they were bathing naked in a spring in the middle of nowhere late at night. He did not think it was strange that they wanted to sing with him and that they wanted him to join them instead of fleeing or covering their shame. He had plenty of experience with debauchery and he knew that he was quite handsome. He had slept with nobility and farmgirls alike. He was definitely well-traveled.

However, he was definitely confused when one of them seized him and started to drown him. The woman pushed him under the water as he struggled. She brought him up and passed him to another girl and then that girl shoved him under. They were laughing, nearly killing him over and over. These murderous harpies were having fun while he was choking on spring water. One of these times, he was going to go under and not come up.

Suddenly, the grip on him loosened and he surfaced to see the young woman being stabbed by Geralt’s silver sword. Blood sprayed everywhere and Jaskier scrambled for the safety of the ground. Geralt was already on the second woman and now Jaskier could see how monstrous they were. They were beautiful but they had scales and sharp teeth. Before the third woman could sneak up on Geralt from behind, Yennefer appeared and sucked the air from the thing’s lungs with a gesture. It was easy for Geralt to slit their throats.

“Sirens,” Geralt said simply, gesturing at the bloody bodies. Yennefer was standing behind him looking quite smug. Jaskier rolled his eyes at her.

Jaskier coughed up a little water and nodded. “You don’t say,” he said.

<Jaskier/Geralt/Yennefer was suggested by fellow BloggessFam member @aryooki on Twitter>


Media Update 1/16/20

January 16, 2020

The Witcher

I just started to play The Witcher games but I wanted to jump into the show because I heard it described as if Xena had a baby with Game of Thrones. I would say that it is a fairly good description. The show is able to draw from a rich fantasy world from the games and plenty of ready-made characters to play with. Henry Cavill is so good as Geralt, a snarky and grumpy and a total badass. I really like the female representation on the show. There are so many badass ladies. Freya Allen plays a princess out of her depth but wanting to move forward. Anya Chalotra plays a young woman who wants to be a sorcerer but more importantly wants to find her place in the world. Jodhi May plays a warrior queen. Emma Appleton plays a twisted version of Snow White. I also really love the bard character of Jaskier played by Joey Batey who walks the line between funny and annoying (kind of like Ted Raimi did on Xena). There are so many other great supporting characters and plenty I am sure I have yet to meet. The show feels a bit like a fantasy version of the wandering samurai tales or the old westerns. An outcast for hire wanders the countryside and continuously stumbles into situations where he has to decide what to do based on coin and his own moral code. I really recommend this show.

Dracula (2020)

I have been in love with the story of Dracula since I first read Bram Stoker’s book so I will always be interested when a new adaptation comes out. When I heard that this one would be helmed by Stephen Moffat of Sherlock and Doctor Who fame, I was even more intrigued. From the beginning, the show feels familiar, touching a lot of the same beats as the book and previous film adaptations. However, it quickly became clear that the show was also going to shake things up a bit. I love the changes because they will keep me guessing as the miniseries continues. Claes Bang is a super charismatic and sadistic Dracula who has a touch of humor while making it easy to hate him. Dolly Wells plays a badass nun who may hold the key to Dracula’s defeat. Morfydd Clark plays the legendary role of Mina who is less of a prop in this version and more of a heroine herself. There are plenty of other great characters both new and familiar who fill the story with life. I definitely recommend it.


I am not really familiar with Joe Hill other than him being Stephen King’s son. I can say based on what I have seen so far of this adaptation of his work that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The series feels a bit like King’s Dark Tower world. However, unlike his father, it feels like he gets more to the point and strays off the path less. As a child of a new time, he also seems to be more sensitive to racial and social issues. The show has a dreamlike quality that reminds me of one of my favorite shows Happy! but with far less humor. That is alright because this is a different, more horror-based story. The show follows a story involving what are called “strong creatives”, minds so keen that they are to basically cut through reality. The villain is played by Zachary Quinto who plays a man oblivious to his own villainous nature who is nevertheless insidious. Ashleigh Cummings plays a teenage girl who is just discovering the magic out of sight from normal people. Jahkara Smith plays a local librarian who is trying to solve the mystery. I definitely want to see what the world unveils next. I recommend this show too.

Music of the Week:
The Interrupters – She’s Kerosene

The Glorious Sons – Panic Attack

LSD – No New Friends

Raphael Saadiq – So Ready

ANCIENT BARDS – Impious Dystopia


Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Monsters Among Men”
– I finished Scream Season 1
– I finished Stumptown Season 1
– I watched more Brooklyn 99 Season 3
– I watched more Ducktales Season 1
– I watched more Carmen Sandiego Season 2
– I watched more Blue Bloods Season 9
– I watched more The Gifted Season 1
– I watched Batman: Hush
– I started watching Jeopardy: The Greatest of All Time

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