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Media Update 7/29/21

July 29, 2021


His real name Harris Brewis and he is a video essayist on YouTube. My favorite video that he does is called “: A Measured Response”. They are longer videos responding to some strange point of view in an increasingly unhinged nature as the ignorance he is facing drives him mad. He has recently tackled anti-vaxxers, flat earthers, the war against Christmas, and more. He also does deep dives into television, movies, and video games, explaining how he feels and analyzing them. At this point, he is also famous for being one of AOC’s guides to the Internet and the world of livestreaming. He once hosted a stream that resulted in AOC and many other celebrities saying “Trans Rights”. I recommend this channel.

Lindsay Ellis

I have been a fan of Lindsay’s for a long time but I kind of lost touch with her stuff until more recently. She was great back when I first found her but she has developed into someone even more entertaining and educational to watch. She does a lot of deep dives into how media works and comes from a film studies direction. She breaks down a lot of entertainment and is so well-researched. She is an author so she is also well-equipped to view things from both a creator view point and a consumer view point. She breaks both simple and complicated topics down in a very digestible form. She is also really funny. I recommend this channel.

Sarah Z

I found this channel very recently when I was curious about one of her topics. Sarah mostly does essays and deep dives about fandom and fanfiction topics. She feels quite a bit like an anthropologist explaining a world that I have never really been involved with. Although, I have gotten into writing a lot of fanfiction lately and I am fascinated to hear her takes on that. She comes from a place of experience with both fandom and fanfiction and has a past that excites her but also sometimes embarrasses her but she never pulls her punches. She has a writing partner who helps to balance out her research and gives her another set of eyes to look at her topic. On top of that, she is Canadian and some of her pronunciations make me smile. I recommend this channel.

Jenny Nicholson

It is hard to pin down what Jenny does. The answer is that Jenny does what Jenny wants to do. She does beat by beat movie reviews where she breaks down the problems she has with the writing. She reads bad fanfiction out loud and comments on it. She does deep dives into franchises like The Land Before Time or The Vampire Diaries. She does a random crafting video where she makes a stuffed fur-bearing trout. She does videos talking about theme park experiences. Through it all, she is wonderfully weird and delightful to listen to. I recommend this channel.

Music of the Week:

Post Nebbia – La Mia Bolla


Wooze – Witch Slap

Luis Ake – Liebe

Mashup of the Week:

Rev Jragon – Mighty Morphin Jewel Runners

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “YouTube Video Essays”
I watched more Watcher videos
I watched a lot of Twitch and YouTube
I watched more Forensic Files
I watched more SGDQ 2021
I watched more Nancy Drew Season 2
I watched more Doom Patrol Season 2
I watched Heist Season 1
I started watching Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes


December 28, 2019

It had been a roller coaster for Carly Weatherby in the past decade. Like many young wizards and witches, she had attended Hogwarts, excited about following an old family tradition. She learned a lot about herself at Hogwarts. She was sorted as a Ravenclaw and learned that she loved to learn and moreover she loved to teach. She happily tutored a lot of her fellow students and looked forward to maybe having a career in teaching. She wanted to help students explore new horizons in their lives and into their future. It was something that just instantly clicked in her just the same as memorizing spells and learning new charms and potions. She made a lot of friends and, bit by bit she was able to learn to set aside studying to have a little fun with her friends. She was never the stuffy academic but was able to remain wide-eyed and excited about new things.

There was just one problem. It was not a problem for Carly but it ended up being a problem for Hogwarts. The school had often been seen as a little more conservative than Ilvemorny or Beauxbatons but less conservative than somewhere like Durmstrang (of course). A lot of old families clung desperately to tradition. Carly had actually been named Joseph when she was born. In between years six and seven, Carly came out as transgender which her parents and family were very accepting of. They supported her decision to undergo a transformation spell that physically turned Joe to Carly in order to match her inner self. The spell itself was physically painless but it ended up resulting in emotional scars. While her friends were supportive, other students and the staff could be cruel.

Officially, the school kept referring to her by her dead name and they refused to move her to the girl’s dormitory. She was constantly getting chased out of the girl’s bathrooms. She was misgendered in classes and some people at Hogwarts just could not wrap their heads around the simple change. Carly was still the same person she had always been, she was just now living her completely true life as well. Students stopped wanting to be tutored. Carly’s grades suffered and the school graduated her because they probably wanted her out. That was the year of Dumbledore’s sabbatical but Professor McGonagall had been comforting and supportive. It did not spill over into the school’s board of governors and Carly was ostracized.

Carly had applied for teaching positions throughout the wizarding world, not feeling ready for her dream job of teaching at one of the great wizarding schools. She was flatly turned down because her reputation preceded her. Nobody wanted their kids to be exposed to Carly’s innocent true nature which they saw as wicked and unnatural. Carly became cynical and frustrated over the whole thing and began to fade into obscurity. She delved into research instead of teaching and started to show up on many radars. She was hired by a small collective in northern Africa that was doing good work researching weather magic. Carly eventually became an expert in lightning and storm magic. She invented a way to store lightning for use as magical power. She and a colleague were even able to provide small bursts of magic to squibs.

It was during this time that she met and fell in love with a young vampire named Sura, a lovely woman native to Sudan. The two bonded over their rejection from society and their mutual love of learning and knowledge. They made a home together in the shadows. While Carly made a sort of name for herself in weather magic research, she slipped through the cracks of academia at large. Her first true love of teaching was almost a distant memory, a dark frustration that reminded her that she would never be truly accepted by the wizarding world. She and Sura did their best to be happy but Carly knew something was missing and Sura knew that it had wounded Carly.

Then the second great Wizarding War happened and Carly waited with anxiety for the results of the Battle of Hogwarts. Sure, there had been plenty of bad memories at the end of her stay there but there had been plenty of good ones before then. Even though she knew they had done her wrong, she did not and could not wish death or injury on any of them. Her favorite teacher Professor Mcgonagall was still there and Carly feared the worst. She knew that everywhere people were fighting the Deatheaters which were the most visible symptom of the hate and prejudice that Carly had experienced. She had a twinkling of hope that the exploits of the great Order of the Phoenix might banish some of that hate and bring some light back into the world.

She was not disappointed. Many things changed in England after the Battle of Hogwarts. There was a concerted effort to change hate into love everywhere people looked. People found it a bit harder to listen to darkness after the King of Darkness had been defeated. The joy of victory spread from Hogwarts and the world began to change bit by bit. The bigots were expelled from the Ministry and the tide turned against them. People’s minds started to open bit by bit thanks to young luminaries such as Luna Lovegood speaking up about the right to be different. Best of all, Professor McGonagall became the new headmaster of Hogwarts and the first female headmaster. McGonagall reached out specifically to Carly and asked her to take her pick of subjects to teach. Carly hesitated only as long as it took Sura to convince her to take the position.

Carly moved back to a much more enlightened Hogwarts and brought Sura with her. While students were curious about the new transgender professor with the vampire girlfriend (soon to be wife) but they were kind and respectful. They were even supportive. Sura happily agreed to work in a staff position when Carly vouched for her. Carly felt herself healing deep inside a wound she had barely acknowledged but had darkened her heart. She felt love and light shining all around her as a new day dawned for the wizarding world. A much kinder, more inclusive world to be sure.

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