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Media Update 8/10/2017

August 10, 2017

Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later

Anybody who has read this blog in the last year or so knows that I am a fan of Wet Hot American Summer and I will be forever. The original movie was a funny, sweet and nonsensical movie about the last day at a Jewish Sleepover Camp in 1981. A while ago, they released a miniseries detailing the first day of that summer which was even crazier but awesome. At the end of the movie, there is a quick scene where the main characters promise to have a reunion in 10 years. So instead of the eighties, we get to see the characters’ adventures at camp as twenty-somethings in 1991. This series saw the closing of story lines raised in the prior two adventures and what appeared to be a wrapping up of the series. This one had a lot of zany things happening but, as usual, it also spent plenty of time focusing on relationships. The main cast from the last two returns with the exception of Bradley Cooper who is replaced by Adam Scott due to scheduling problems. We also see the addition of Mark Feuerstein and Marlo Thomas as two counselors who were apparently just off screen during the prior two adventures. There are also great performances by Alyssa Milano and Jai Courtney to add a little more conflict into the picture. I definitely recommend watching this and all the Wet Hot American Summer pieces.

Ghost in the Shell

I used to hate anime but at some point, it grew on me. The same actually goes for Science Fiction as I usually gravitated towards Science Fantasy and regular Fantasy. Of course, in the Venn diagram of those two things is the Ghost in the Shell series which I liked. I watched quite a bit of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex as it felt like a cyberpunk/film noir/police mash up. This movie felt very much like a pretty solid adaptation of some episodes I remember. Much has been said about how Scarlet Johannson should not have been cast in the lead in an anime adaptation but she is a good actress. She did a good job of portraying a machine finding her humanity again. The movie was kind of slow but it picked up speed as it went along. It is a mystery and most mysteries start slow. There is plenty of technobabble and plenty of philosophical questions similar to those posed in Blade Runner and I, Robot. If you have seen the anime series then this will feel kind of nostalgic but if not, it is a pretty good movie on its own merits. This movie was pretty middle-of-the-road and inoffensive. I recommend it but frankly, I was working on other stuff while I watched it.


This one got bad reviews but I decided to watch it anyway as I am a big fan of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. This was kind of a stripped down science fiction adventure without a lot of the adventure part. In it, Chris Pratt plays a man who gets woken up 90 years too early from suspended animation in a spaceship headed to colonize a planet. A lot of the movie is more about the psychological effects of loneliness, forgiveness, and what you would do with your life if you were effectively stranded. There are pretty much only four actors in the movie and it makes the movie feel lonely which I believe was the intended effect. The special effects were really good, I believed they were on a futuristic space ship. I found it interesting that the actors actually had working tablets programmed with a UI designed in UNITY as consoles throughout filming. There were a lot of good yet uncomfortable themes explored in the movie. The love story was definitely problematic and there is not much room to argue that point. It is definitely not a ‘nice’ movie to watch. I would recommend it but it is a little soul-crushing in its bleakness.

Music of the Week:
The Tarantulas – Bullrushes

Kings Of Leon – Reverend

Alyson Stoner – Sweet

Motionless In White – LOUD (F**k It)

Nadia Rose – Skwod

Weekly Update:
– This Week’s Theme is “The Future”
– I finished NCIS Season 13
– I started watching Criminal Minds Season 12
– I continued Supergirl Season 2
– I watched more of Little Witch Academia
– I started watching Rick and Morty Season 3
– It is awesome. Go watch all of it.
– Dan Harmon was on Game Grumps
– I want to go to the movie theater again

Media Update 9/16/2015

September 17, 2015


So I love tabletop roleplaying. I’m currently in a group but I loved it even before I was able to play anything because the mechanics are fun, the writing can be awesome and anything can happen. My love of the games was heightened when I discovered people putting podcasts and videos of their adventures online. Wil Wheaton used to be a part of my favorite D&D podcast as Aoefel, the high elf avenger. When he joined the podcast he impressed me with how much homework he had done, almost rivaling the gamemaster himself. Now he has started his own tabletop rpg show on Youtube which is pretty awesome. The show is shot on a stage where the four players and gamemaster can be shot as they roleplay, roll dice and crack jokes. This footage is blended with concept art, animation and post-production on some voice effects. The result is the closest thing I’ve seen to stepping into somebody else’s game. You really get a feel for the action, the story and the characters as if you were right there. It’s the first polished show I’ve seen done with tabletop gaming and it’s really beautiful and fun.

Hurricane of Fun

Speaking of fun, I finally finished watching the Wet Hot American Summer prequel this week. The prequel and the original movie are insane but also insanely hilarious. The prequel fleshed out an already surprisingly dense web of plot from the first movie and was full of amazing moments, some of which surprised me and some that I happily anticipated. The foundation of both the movie and the mini-series is built from the comedy troupe known as The State. I somehow missed The State when they were on television but I love a lot of their alumni. I’m particularly fond of Ken Marino who ended up as a memorable part of the Veronica Mars recurring cast. The documentary in question is pretty awesome. There are no voiceovers and the editor was obviously trying to reduce their voice. They focused on showing a lot of footage of the cast bonding behind the scenes. Immediately it’s clear that the cast shanghaied the camera man a lot to use for their own purposes. As everyone involved is a improv comedian in the middle of improv comedians, they did a lot of fake interviews, impromptu skits and trolling each other. In fact, they play an improv game throughout that I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist and was created only to troll people who don’t know its secret. Definitely a good watch.

Kickass Links:
Higher and Higher – Chris Pine
Carry On Wayward Son – GWAR
Acquisitions Inc. PAX 2015 Opening Animation
Paul and Storm Sing Live D&D

– I’m finishing seasons left and right which leaves me at a loss
– I am still really excited about Halloween and it’s getting bigger as I go
– I am skipping the second Republican debate because I was frothing at the mouth last time
– I definitely notice if I feel tired that I don’t want to try anything new
– Accordingly, I should try to get more sleep

Media Update 8/27/2015

August 27, 2015

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

When I first saw Wet Hot American Summer, I enjoyed it but I mostly forgot it. At age 17, I didn’t fully appreciate the humor of the movie. I was in the climax of my teenage angst also known as Senior Year. This caused me to focus in on one storyline which was the storyline of the social outcasts and geeks saving the world while the popular kids had no idea. I recently rewatched the movie and realized that it’s filled to the brim with a lot of absurd humor that really struck a nerve with me. The movie was also better as I am way more familiar with the entire cast than I was in 2001. Almost all of them went on to achieve fame and success, some of them are now extremely famous. In 2001 all of them were about 10 years too old to portray teenagers. Now, in 2015 they are 24 years too old to play teenagers. Everybody’s wigs look even more ridiculous and the 1981 time period feels even more dated but that’s the joke. One of the things I noticed is that everybody is more skilled at comedy as everybody has more experience. They added in new characters who actually fit pretty seamlessly with major new plot points which have me intrigued. I’m only two episodes in but I love it already.



So I’ve watched the first series of this show because Netflix and my mother suggested it. Also, I hadn’t watched much British television in a while since there’s been no Sherlock or Doctor Who episodes for a while. I like British television. It’s got different pacing and most of the cast is usually full of good actors I’ve never seen before. I hadn’t heard of Vexed but I thought I’d give it a try. I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting the show to be so irreverent and quirky. The show (at least the first series) follows two London police detectives who never once enter a police station and instead work out of a nearby pub. The lead detective is Jack Thompson who is slovenly, lazy and incompetent but ends up being pretty funny. His partner is Kate Bishop who is by-the-book but very naive and actually a bit ditzy. The two clash constantly but end up solving really easy crimes despite their incompetence. The humor reminds me a little of Psych and Ace Ventura. The leads are supported by an eccentric supporting cast who are a little subtler in their weirdness but not by much. The show rolled by pretty pleasantly and I would suggest checking it out, even if it’s only on in the background



I couldn’t complete this one. This is the movie that Wesley Snipes was making when he got arrested and charged with tax evasion and had to make a deal so he could continue to film this in Namibia. He stars as a cowboy in God knows where who is cursed to have all the people he kills come back from the grave to seek revenge. It kind of has the feel of Mad Max meets from Dusk till Dawn and then inject cough syrup into the mixture. It’s weird, it’s slow and there’s very little dialogue to explain what the hell is going on. What little dialogue there is, you could drive a truck through the epic Shatnerian pauses. Snipes is apparently a one man zombie apocalypse source but he’s supposed to be a good guy. Also, there’s bad guys who killed his significant other so he wants revenge even if — Wait. My brain just broke. Diamond Dallas Page is supposedly in the movie but I either missed him or I didn’t make it to his part. A guy with his kind of charisma is wasted on something like this. At an hour and 13 minutes it’s too long.
Links of the Week:
Pokemon Unchained – Wow. Pokemon mixed with Django Unchained
From the Margins – A twitter feed of short stories of sexism in journalism and music
Cracked- After Hours – Worst Childhood Lessons
Sonic Dreams Collection


– I finished Bones Season 9. Very well done, killer cliffhanger
– I’m still chugging along on Halloween
– I also didn’t finish Avengers Grimm which was bad
– I didn’t finish Underworld: Evolution either. It was mediocre
– I really need to get back out to the theaters. I’m slacking.

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