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Cassidy Earp – A Wynonna Earp Story

April 3, 2021

The town of Purgatory had seen better days. Hell, America all over was having a hard time. The stock market crash of 1929 had thrown the economy into a tailspin. The economic downturn was hard on everyone. On top of that, the Ghost River Triangle where Purgatory was, had suffered from the dust bowl. The drought had caused wide-spread problems with farming. Middle America was literally choking on the dust of its farmlands. On Wyatt Farm, things were no different and Cassidy Earp did not know what they were going to do.

Money was tight and her no-good husband had run off and left her there with her twin sons, Wayne and William. She was barely holding it together and that damn gun her father had given her was starting to light up. She remembered that this was a bad sign. As nervous as it made her, she had taken to wearing it around the farm as they tried to eke out a meager living.

Wayne threw down his shovel all of a sudden. “Damn it!” he said. “Mother, I just can’t see why we can’t move on from here. The farm is a lost cause.”

“Calm down, Wayne,” William said. “You can’t talk to our mother like that.”

“It’s alright, Will,” Cassidy said. “I know this is frustrating. The truth is, we can’t leave.”

“Why not?” Wayne asked, his brow furrowing.

“An Earp must always live in Purgatory,” Cassidy said. “I’ve been waiting for the right time to explain this to you boys but it may as well be now. Our family has been haunted ever since our ancestor Wyatt Earp came to this place. Our curse has to do with this gun.” She held up the revolver she had inherited. “This belonged to Wyatt and he killed 77 bad men with it. He was cursed and those dead men and women became demons and are stuck here in the Ghost River Triangle. Legend has it that our family has to put those bad people back in the ground. A Wyatt must wait here to make that happen.”

The boys were quiet, both looking at her incredulously. Had their mother gone insane? Surely the loss of their father and their economic misfortune had driven her over the edge.

“Mother,” William started. “Are you feeling unwell? Can we get you to bed?”

“Or to a doctor,” Wayne said. “This is crazy.”

“I swear to you that it’s the truth,” Cassidy said. “At least, that’s how my father told it to me. I never saw it during his lifetime but I believed him. He saw his parents murdered.”

“None of that makes any sense,” Wayne said. “It’s lunacy. Your father passed on insanity to you. We need to get you help.”

William got very still. “Mother,” he said. “Why is the barrel of that gun glowing?”

Cassidy held up the gun again and saw that the barrel was glowing a faint orange. “It means that they’re near,” she said. “The Revenants. The demons. Maybe even the ones who killed your great grandfather.”

At that moment, a car pulled up to the front gate and two men got out in suits. They looked like traveling salesmen but even from where they were, Cassidy could see a peculiar look in their eyes.

“Gentlemen, madam,” the tall one said. “We’re here to collect.”

“Collect what?” Wayne asked. “There’re no bills due. It’s the middle of the month.”

“Earp blood,” the short one said and both men’s eyes glowed and little glowing cracks appeared in their skin around those eyes.

Wayne reached down to grab his shovel and William gripped his hammer tight but Cassidy was quicker. She aimed and fired two careful shots, the barrel of the gun glowing like a torch. The bullets struck both of these strange men and then something even more amazing happened. A massive hole opened up beneath their bodies and fires hotter than a furnace could be seen. The two ‘collectors’ fell down deep into the earth and then it closed up again.

“It’s true!” William said after a long pause.

“What was that!?” Wayne yelled to nobody in particular.

“Boys,” Cassidy said. “There’s a lot to teach you.”

Media Update 10/6/2016

October 6, 2016

Stranger Things

People have been raving about this one and I have been aching to talk about it. I actually watched this over the summer but I wanted to save talking about it for Halloween. It is definitely something great to watch for Halloween. While there are some science fiction elements (like Invaders from Mars) but there are a lot more horror elements. People have tried to illustrate what this show is like and I will attempt to describe my impression the same way. I felt that it was like Goonies mixed with Super 8 with heavy shades of Stephen King and a pinch of X-Files. I have to be careful what I say here because I do not want to spoil anything where others have been so careless. The show has a very eighties feel and is heavily inspired by the old Dungeons and Dragons lore as well as some rather interesting additions that have awesome special effects. The whole thing is scary, funny, sad and each episode pulled me forward even when I did not want to go any further. The kids really make this show special and they are all more or less unknowns which is great. Great performances from Winona Ryder and David Harbour round out the cast of what is a near perfect show. I definitely recommend it as I eagerly await season two and the horrible things that will happen next.


I never read the comic version of Preacher but I remember reading snippets here and there in Wizard magazine. However, I know it was written by Garth Ennis and he wrote on Hellblazer which is one of my favorite non-superhero comics. He also wrote the Constantine movie which I really liked (but a lot of people did not). What I’ve gathered from what little of his writing that I have seen is that he does darkness very well. However, he also does dark humor very well. Preacher mixes the tone of western movies with strong supernatural, mythological and supernatural elements as well. Preacher follows the adventures of a preacher who discovers he suddenly has supernatural powers and supernatural enemies as well. He teams up with a hard-partying Irish vampire and his hard as nails ex-girlfriend to fight to survive and figure out what exactly is going on. The show is not for those who are sensitive about how God, Heaven and other Christian religious figures are handled. I happen to like when people play with mythological and religious stories and forms them into something new. This is a pretty wild show and there it is packed with good fun, action and a whole bunch of horror elements as well. I have not seen a whole lot of it yet but what I have seen has been really great. I definitely recommend it and you do not have to have read the comic first to understand it.


Wynonna Earp

This show has all the elements of a show that I would like. The show is about a descendant of Wyatt Earp in our 2016 who works with a black ops government group to battle the supernatural. Specifically, Wynonna wields the family gun (which belonged to Wyatt Earp himself) to send demons back to hell. There are some other details but I won’t spoil it for you. At least not directly. I love when western and modern elements are mixed. Seeing characters from the wild west trying to navigate the modern world is interesting. Also, seeing modern characters having to rely on wild west weaponry is really fun. On top of that, I really like the cast so far and the way the characters play with each other. The effects are on par with most other Syfy original series so they work but they are not spectacular which is probably to keep them affordable. This show has a similar feel to Warehouse 13 mixed with Sanctuary with a little bit of Buffy feel thrown in. The lead, Melanie Scrofano, kind of has that now-familiar but fun Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones feel. We get to hang out with people she’s known all her life and new people in her life as well. We also get to see a fun portrayal of Doc Holiday who is very mysterious but charming. The show is just fun and I think it definitely has a lot of potential. I definitely recommend it.

Halloween Short Film of the Week:
Super Deluxe – When You Get A Text From An Unknown Number

Music of the Week:
Future Bible Heroes – I’m a Vampire

Killing Joke – Love Like Blood

Peter & The Wolves – Mr. Frankenstein

Butcher Babies – They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Ha!

Teamheadkick – Welcome to Your Nightmares

Weekly Updates:
– This Week’s Theme is “Fighting the Supernatural”
– I watched some of Luke Cage, wait until after Halloween to hear about it
– I continued watching season 2 of Gotham
– I am finally almost done with season one of Penny Dreadful
– I watched the debate. Ugh.
– The Orioles almost got into the playoffs
– Halloween month continues
– Enjoy yourself!

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