Sabin the Sorceror

(Sabin the Sorceror is the character I created for a version of D&D I play with friends on a forum)

Sabin the Sorceror grew up in a small town called Sodor outside of Lona.  Sabin did not care for this name or his family who seemed largely indifferent to him. His parents were poor pig farmers.  He struggled through life with his family for as long as he could but set off on his own as soon as he felt he was big enough.  At around age 12 he was living in a meager structure that he had built himself just out side of Lona.  He knew that he was destined for greatness and was going to prove it.  He has not seen his parents since before he left.

The only thing of home he took with him is his father’s looks.  He has a tallish, thin and awkward frame.  It is kind of like being the lovechild of a broom and a scarecrow.  Such looks, his poor background and even poorer present circumstances caused a lot of local kids to mess with him.  He grew resentful of the upper class of Lona and especially the magic users.  Sabin wasn’t really able to physically defend himself.  His tormentors had the numbers advantage and used that advantage ruthlessly.

All of that changed when his powers first made themselves known via an explosion of fire that sent his attackers running.  This changed everything.  He probably would have terrorized the noble houses of Lona and the MagiAcademy that he was too poor to attend but life intervened.  A man named Brofka basically bullied Sabin into accepting an apprenticeship at Brofka’s modest cottage.  Brofka used to be a big shot at the MagiAcademy before massive gambling debts had caused him to leave the academy in quiet shame.

Brofka’s sorceror training was brutal to say the least.  The training left plenty of bruises to heal and cuts that became scars. A particular favorite activity of Brofka’s was to break a rib to test Sabin’s concentration.  Brofka’s tough training and tougher verbal berating started to do its work and Sabin’s skills got better and felt better about himself.  Sabin began to use his considerable ego as a shield.  He believed he was the best because he felt he had to be the best to succeed.

Contempt for Brofka turned into grudging respect and then grudging friendship.  Brofka eventually did not make instead of living in the lean to out back and let Sabin sleep on the floor in the house.  This was a vast improvement and actually a deep honor coming from Brofka.  Training grew more serious until Brofka graduated Sabin by kicking him out of the house.  It was friendlier than it sounds.  He has still visited Brofka from time to time.

Sabin has been adventuring since then and occasionally participating in duels with other magic users.  People would remember Sabin because he makes sure to repeat his name often and besides that, he blows things up a lot.  While he may come off as arrogant sometimes, really he is driven by a fierce determination to be remembered and to prove himself. He’s here to show the world that his destiny will not be denied. While he is a bit of a show off, he’s definitely dependable and not totally self-absorbed.


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