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Poor Unfortunate Souls: Endgame Pt. 12

March 18, 2023

When Chernabog and the smoke dissipated, the team up on the mountain climbed back down carefully. There were plenty of cuts and bruises but miraculously, everybody had escaped grievous bodily injury. In fact, the worst injuries were Belle’s burned and cut hands from digging through the rubble. Rapunzel wrapped Belle’s hands with her long blonde hair and, in a few moments, the wounds started to heal. Belle sighed in relief as the pain started to subside. The long ordeal was over. At least, it was almost over. She looked around and saw all of her new friends recovering from the battle. Grimhilde was cowering on the ground.

“We offered you an easy way out but you chose to fight and you lost,” Jasmine said to Grimhilde. Her stern, authoritative tone sure came from growing up as royalty that cared about their people.

“And now you can kill me,” Grimhilde said. “Go ahead. I’ve been dead before.”

Aurora silently walked up and held her sword just under Grimhilde’s chin. Grimhilde shut her eyes.

Everybody looked at each other and they all shared a very similar feeling. Jasmine shook her head. “Even after all that, we would not kill a defenseless person.”

“We’re better than that because we have to be,” Adam said.

“But we’re still going to throw you in prison,” Aladdin said.

“Maybe you’ll rethink things in your cell,” Tiana said. “We can only hope.”

“But let’s make you a little easier to transport,” Elsa said. She gestured and they all watched as ice crystals slowly formed on Grimhilde who started to panic a bit. They stayed clear as the villain’s movements slowed and she froze over.

“I’ve got her,” Adam said. He reached down and carefully picked Grimhilde up. They all started to walk back to where the portal had opened up when it brought them there. There was no portal.

“Where is the portal?” Merrida asked. “I know it was right here. I don’t forget a step I’ve made.”

“No, you’re right,” Aladdin said. “It was right here. They must have closed it to try and keep Grimhilde and her armies here. In case we failed, I guess.”

“That’s fair,” Eugene said. “But we didn’t die so how do we get home?”

Belle held up her spell book and called out. “Hear me fairies!” she shouted. “Open the gate and let us through!”

The air in front of them shimmered and then the swirling portal opened. They hurried through. Adam made a beeline toward the cells to get Grimhilde stowed away before she thawed. Anna and Elsa followed behind as support.

“So formal,” Enchantress said with a smirk. “Did you think we were going to strand you?”

“I thought you might,” Belle said. “But the others would stop you.”

“Do you think I can’t take those lightweights?” Enchantress asked.

Belle smirked. “I notice you’re not saying that so loudly with Godmother so close,” she said, looking directly into Enchantress’ eyes. Enchantress glanced over her shoulder to see that Godmother was not there. In fact, she was clear on the other side of the grand room. “Made you look.”

Enchantress laughed. “I know when I’ve been beaten,” she said. “But I really have turned over a new leaf. Mostly. At least I won’t darken your doorstep anymore.”

“I hope you’re telling the truth,” Belle said. “After all, I have the means to protect myself. Adam and I won’t be such pushovers next time.”

“No you won’t,” Enchantress said. “Things have changed. The worlds are more connected than ever now.”

“What does that mean?” Belle asked.

“Once the veils between worlds were thick,” Enchantress said. “All of this travel has thinned things out. Travel is easier now and things will never be the same.”

“Maybe we can make that a good thing,” Belle said.


Poor Unfortunate Souls: Endgame Pt. 11

March 11, 2023

The remains of the makeshift magical kitchen that Tiana had been working in were on fire and the rest of it had been scattered across the field of battle by the explosion. As everybody ran in that direction, Grimhilde attacked. One of her attacks lanced through Aladdin’s shoulder and the group was forced to turn back around to continue the assault. Things were disorganized and desperate now but also fueled by the renewed passion of revenge. The heroes attacked with that fury and quickly turned the balance of the battle. This would not hold, though. Nobody could sustain rage for too long before the body gave out.

Belle reached the ruins of the kitchen and started to pull away pieces of the wreckage, clawing at it. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Somewhere inside she had known that many of them might get hurt or even die but this was real. She had told Tiana to be in that spot and that decision had led to Tiana’s death. On top of that, the plan was now in shambles. 

“No no no,” she muttered as her hands started to hurt as she handled still smoldering pieces of wood. “Please please please.”

She looked up at the battle and knew that she would have to rejoin soon or more of her new friends might die. Up on the mountain, her husband was counting on her for survival and their world also hung in the balance. A lot had happened since she washed up on the shore of Ariel’s kingdom. She just wanted it all to be over. That was when she heard some coughing from a few feet away. The smoke was starting to clear but it still stung her eyes a bit.

“I could use a little help,” Tiana said, sitting on the ground next to the huge iron cauldron.

“I failed you,” Belle said. “You’re dead because of me.”

“I sure hope I’m not dead,” Tiana said. “I don’t feel dead. All your pain is supposed to go away but my hands hurt really bad from carrying that hot cauldron. I’m not sure if I can be of any more use with these burned hands.”

“You’re alive!” Belle shouted with delight. “Thank you!” She shouted that last to the universe, to the angels, to whoever would listen. 

“Amen to that,” Tiana said. “I’m not finished with this world yet but I amI finished with your recipe. What’s the next step?”

“I’ll handle it from here,” Belle said. “You’ve earned a rest. Stay low and get as much fresh air as you can and rest. We’ll tend to those hands when this is over and it will be over soon.”

“What about this magic stew?” Tiana asked.

Belle picked up her spellbook and focused her will through it and waved her hand and the liquid started to rise from the cauldron. The liquid slid through the air and spiraled into some glass vials. Corks rose from the ground and stopped up the vials of liquid.

“Stew, huh?” Belle asked with a smile. “Well, soup’s on for Grimhilde.” She scooped up the vials and ran toward the battle.

Belle waited for her opening before she threw the first vial at Grimhilde. It shattered against the witch’s right cheek and some of the glass stuck there as the liquid poured down from her face to her body. Grimhilde launched a fireball in Belle’s direction but Belle dodged it easily. She showered Grimhilde with the rest of the vials. Grimhilde gestured at Belle but nothing happened.

“What’s happening?” Grimhilde asked, confused. “What did you do?”

“Anti-magic potion,” Belle said. “No more magic for you.”

“Nooooo!!” Grimhilde screamed to the sky, her eyes wild. The heroes around her stopped in their tracks but remained ready to continue. Instead of attacking again, Grimhilde kneeled on the ground. 

Up on the mountain, the image of Chernabog flickered and the giant monster stopped and looked down at Grimhilde. Something in the air between them suddenly snapped like a clothesline being cut in half. Chernabog screamed and evaporated into a foul black smoke. Grimhilde reached out in a futile gesture and then slumped in defeat. The still armies surrounding them crumbled into dust. The battle was over.

Poor Unfortunate Souls: Endgame Pt. 10

March 4, 2023

Chernabog raged on the mountain and the dedicated team of heroes continued to distract it. The eldritch beast would get attacked by one of the team on Bald Mountain and then the heroes would scatter when Chernabog tried to strike back. It was dispiriting that their magical weapons did not leave even a scratch on the monster but they were doing their job as Team Distraction. Eugene managed to scurry up Chernabog’s body which drove the beast insane. As Chernabog worked to shake the thief off, Adam turned into The Beast and literally got into the monster’s face. Naveen mostly made sure people got out of the way and helped people up when they got knocked down. Esmerelda launched fireworks as Anna hacked away at Chernabog’s ankles. Jasmine led the action, calling out suggestions and commands in turn.

Eugene landed roughly and Naveen helped him up. “Thanks,” Eugene said. “I swear I’m usually more graceful. This doesn’t seem to actually be working.” He was a thief, not a fighter. He had not been used to handling his problems directly until he had met Rapunzel. He hoped she was alright down the mountain.

“It’s working fine,” Jasmine said. “Nothing we could do would actually stop Chernabog. It’s up to our friends down the mountain.”

“So we keep this up until they kill Grimhilde or until we die,” Euguene said. It wasn’t a question. 

“Very optimistic,” Naveen said. “I have faith in our friends.” Naveen’s heartfelt and easygoing smile did inspire confidence. He was not a fighter but he had learned a lot about it in the past few days. He hoped to never touch another weapon after this. He desperately wanted his ukelele instead.

“I guess we have to,” Eugene said. He gritted his teeth and prepared to get back into it.

“Keep fighting!” Adam bellowed as he rushed past. It was hard to contain his anger in Beast form or maybe that was an excuse. Either way, that rage was carrying him through this fight.

“Right,” Eugene said. “Keep fighting it is.” He lept back into action and tried to keep that smug and confident smile on his face.

Aladdin lunged at Grimhilde with his sword and stabbed through her belly but her image flickered as it was revealed that she was an illusion. He barely rolled out of the way as flames rose from beneath him. Elsa put the fire out with an ice blast and then tossed icicles in Grimhilde’s direction but the witch easily batted them away. Merida fired her bow from behind Grimhilde and actually landed a hit but the witch kept going. Aurora and Rapunzel lunged at Grimhilde with their weapons and kept her off balance. Belle kept casting counterspells to keep Grimhilde from instantly killing them all. 

“Keep it going,” Aladdin yelled out. “She can’t keep this up forever.” He was used to endurance trials after being chased by the law for so long all throughout Agrabah. 

“I’m not sure we can either,” Elsa said. She was fairly athletic but staying hidden in her room and then getting imprisoned did not really lend itself to conditioning.

“Then we need to end it,” Merida yelled. “Take her out!” Her experiences with magic users were not exactly positive and she was ready to kill another villain. She just wanted to go home. She was tired but it had very little to do with being physically tired.

“How do you guys talk while you’re fighting?” Rapunzel called out. “How do you breathe?”

“She’s got a point,” Belle said. “Maybe keep conversation to a minimum.” 

Belle looked over at Tiana who was feverishly cooking in her makeshift kitchen. She realized her mistake when she noticed that Grimhilde was following her gaze.

“You can’t fool me,” Grimhilde bellowed. “A potionsmistress like me knows a cauldron when she sees one.”

“I have no clue what you’re talking about,” Belle said. “Maybe it would be best to focus on the people actually attacking you.”

“Or maybe I’ll make an example out of that one first,” Grimhilde said with an evil grin.

Grimhilde waved her hand and Tiana’s kitchen suddenly exploded.

“No!” Belle yelled out as everybody scrambled toward Tiana.

For the Hoard

February 25, 2023

Ilodil and Lisnia made their way down the rock face of the cliff carefully. Ilodil had taken off his armor in order to make the climb and he was not happy about it. They had left a lot of their gear above as they planned to camp out for the night before they trekked back home. Lisnia was a much quicker climber and was a few lengths ahead of Ilodil.

“I can’t believe after all of that, you let the coin fall all the way down the cliff,” Ilodil said. “We have to get it back.”

“I know we have to get it back,” Lisnia said. “The whole point is to return the coin to Lord and Lady Frostsworn. That much is obvious. It’s not my fault that the bandit holding it fell off the cliff. Do you think he survived the fall?”

“I doubt it,” Ilodil said. “This is quite a cliff.”

“Agreed,” Lisnia said. “When we climb back up, will you carry me on your back?” She grinned and looked up at Ilodil.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Ilodil said, glancing down and regretting it. “You’re quite strong enough to carry yourself back up.”

“Fine,” Lisnia said with a laugh. “I will definitely be ready for a good night’s sleep when we make it back up. I’m not cooking. I’m already too tired. Rations will be had by all.”

“Rations are fine,” Ilodil said. “I don’t need fancy food like you usually do. I will even take the first watch.”

“How gallant,” Lisnia said as she reached the bottom of the cliff. “You don’t have much farther to go. Don’t look down.” 

“I fear your warning came too late,” Ilodil said. “I have already looked down.”

“You always look down,” Lisnia said with a gentle sigh. “You know what that does to you.”

“I will maintain,” Ilodil said. “As you say, it is not much farther.” Lisnia watched as he slowly descended and faltered only slightly at the surprise of reaching the round. He brushed himself off and tried to hide his embarrassment. “Have you found the coin yet?”

“Oh! I guess I was distracted by watching your form,” Lisnia said. “I’ll look now.”

“Please do,” Ilodil said. “That climb cannot be for nothing.”

“Relax, Sir Grumpy,” Lisnia said as she looked around. She spotted the bandit spread eagled in the dirt. “Oh, I hope he was dead before he landed.” She shuddered and walked over. She plucked a coin from the dirt and cleaned it off. “Wait a moment, this isn’t the coin.”

“What?” Ilodil asked in a flat tone. “How can it not be the coin? Don’t tell me that the coin is still at the top of this blasted cliff.”

“No,” Lisnia said indignantly. “I saw him hold it up in the sunlight. He taunted me with it. Taunted us with it. Then he got an arrow for it and that led us to where we are now.”

“Then why is that not the coin?” Ilodil asked.

“It must be an errant coin,” Lisnia said. “A coincidental additional coin.” 

“I’m not sure about that but a more thorough search is required,” Ilodil said. “I believe you when you say that he had the coin. I have faith.” He started to search the ground around them.

“I’m touched,” Lisnia said. She leaned over the bandit who was well and truly dead. She pulled her arrow out of him and wiped it off on her pants. It was then that she noticed that the bandit’s fist was clenched. She bent down and pried it open and there was the coin they were searching for. “I knew it! Coin found. We’ll fulfill our contract after all.”

“And then some,” Ilodil said. “I found more coins in the dirt. A trail of them. They lead into that cave.”

“A bandit hidey hole perhaps?” Lisnia asked.

“Carelessly hidden if so,” Ilodil said as he led the way into the cave. The place was massive and what looked like gems were embedded in the walls. After they had made their way a little further in, they found an absolutely massive pile of treasure. It looked like millions of coins and various objects could be seen poking out from the sea of coins. The two adventurers were momentarily in awe.

“I don’t think this is for the bandits, dear Ilodil,” Lisnia said. “I think this is a dragon hoard.”

“There hasn’t been a dragon reported in the land for decades,” Ilodil said.

“Exactly,” Lisnia said with glee. “That means this was left behind and now it’s all ours.”

Harley Quinn and the Joker’s Daughter (Movie Pitch) Pt. 2

January 21, 2023


Harleen Quinzel fka Harley Quinn (Jennifer Tilly) – Former devotee and henchwoman to the Joker who is now trying to get back to her original life plan of psychiatry. She wants to help people and keep her head down but has a flair for creativity and performance.

 Joker’s Daughter aka Dina {Bella Higginbotham) – A young woman who claims to be related to The Joker in order to gain some credibility in the criminal underworld.

Jewelee aka Julia Clarke (Jennifer Stone) – A former criminal and the wife of Punch. She has moved on and gotten her life back together (for the most part) but misses the excitement of crime.

Punch aka Paul Clarke (Joe Keery) – A former criminal and the husband of Jewelee. He is clingy without a job to go to and is kind of los in lifet.

 Enigma aka Evelyn Nashton (Joy Sunday) – The actual daughter of The Riddler who uses her considerable intellect to help people rather than hurt them. 

Lady Clayface (Chelsea Peretti, Ali Wong) – The victim of a freak accident with the original Clayface, she can shapeshift like her body was made of clay. She can also impersonate anybody or anything. Harley is helping her with identity issues related to her abilities.

The Toyman (Christopher Meloni) – A genius inventor and criminal who is tired of being overshadowed by the rest of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. He wears a mask resembling a doll’s head and often speaks softly.

Amygdala aka Aaron Helzinger (Derek Mears) – A muscular mountain of a man who has little control over his impulses but is easily controlled by Toyman. In his excitable state, he can barely form words let alone sentences. 

Blockbuster aka Mark Desmond (Charlie Rawes) – A steroid-infused thug who is also controlled by Toyman. He is a little more intelligent than Amygdala. 

Bob  – An ex-stooge for The Joker who survived when The Joker attempted to kill off his henchmen. He is captured by Toyman and tortured for information on The Joker’s resources before being killed and left as a message..

Batwoman (Kristen Stewart) – A costume crimefighter and cousin to Batman. She is stretched thin with the rest of the Bat Family off on a mission.

Pamela Isley fka Poison Ivy – Formerly an ecoterrorist as Poison IVy but now operates more as an activist after reforming coinciding with becoming Harley’s roommate and girlfriend.

The Joker (Jackie Earle Haley) – The boogieman of Gotham’s criminals. He has been missing for quite some time but his presence is still felt by many.

Interior – Mayor’s Office, Interior – GCPD, Exterior – Street, Interior – Bar

Toyman takes over the airwaves. He asks Gotham where their heroes are. Gone. They once feared the Joker but where is he? Gone. Toyman is the new Joker. He’s better than Joker. He’s far more reasonable. Toyman has the power and he has the bombs. If the city of Gotham does not want to play nice, he can blow up any target he wants. And he will blow them up. He will follow through. No jokes. Bombs are already in place across the city. A list of demands will be transmitted and those demands better be met or there will be hell to pay.

Interior – Harley’s Hideout

Harley’s crew has just finished watching the broadcast. They are banged up and bandaged but still alive. They had a really close call. Harley tells the others that they have passed the point of no return. Toyman did not succeed in killing them but he tried really hard. He might think he succeeded but the instant he finds out he failed, it is execution on sight. The next time he will make sure to get the job done. If they run, they will never stop running. She did not want to get involved and she feels guilty for getting them into it. Everybody speaks up and says that they are there for her. It is personal for all of them now. It is time to suit up and wreck Toyman’s day. Dina points out that it has been shown that Harley cannot stop her from getting involved. Harley reluctantly agrees to take her along.

Enigma captured the truck’s license plate and her system’s algorithms have been going down the rabbit hole and gathering information. It has mapped out the financial and logistical structure of Toyman’s empire. He has done a lot in a very short time. Toyman has a data distribution center that he is likely using to remotely control his dollbots and drones across Gotham and possibly what he would use to set off the bombs. Harley says that dismantling that center would leave his operation confused and it would be fun. But first, they are going to need to gear up.

Interior – Multiple Locations

Paul and Jewlee go to their storage unit and dig out their old costumes. Enigma loads up on gear and pulls out a mask designed similarly to her father’s. Harley pulls out her old costume and shakes her head. She and Dina set about throwing new costumes together. Lady Clayface sits back and eats popcorn. She changes her form to include a costume in time for the lineup.

Interior – Box Truck

The group bonds as they drive toward the data center. Dina enjoys being a part of the group and Harley is clearly happy for her. They all have a lot in common being on the wrong side of the law but being good people at heart. 

Interior – Data Center

Their truck backs into the loading dock and several security guards start approaching. The door of the truck explodes, sending everybody flying. Harley’s gang pokes their heads in after the misdirection. Harley pulls a large piece of shrapnel out of the face of a dollbot. Harley congratulates Enigma on her bomb and asks how she knew they would all be dollbots. Enigma shrugs and states that she didn’t. The crew shrugs and sets about their plan. Punch and Jewlee will accompany Enigma to the control center. Harley, Dina, and Clayface will run interference.

Harley, Dina, and Clayface move to make as much noise as possible as they head toward the source of the most movement in the building. Their plan is to draw as much attention as possible to keep security off of Enigma’s group. As the three start to fight through the dollbots, Harley has to admit that she missed this. She also admits that Dina is doing a great job. Clayface is also thriving by cutting loose and allowing her form to continuously change. Harley remarks that Clayface might maintain better control by experimenting more. A rocket launcher hits Clayface and scatters her, leaving Harley and Dina to go on alone. Harley has seen Clayfaces go to pieces and come back together before.

Punch and Jewelee are bickering as they move with Enigma through the air vents. Enigma pleads with them to stop and focus but they cannot let it go. In the heat of the moment, both reveal their insecurities. They go silent and all business much to Enigma’s relief. They fight through their own gauntlet on the way to the control center. When they get to the control center, Enigma can no longer take the tense silence and begs the two to talk it out. As she hacks into Toyman’s systems, the two agree to confront their issues head-on. As they make up again, the two start making out much to Enigma’s annoyance/amusement. She struggles with Toyman’s system and looks over and spots a wall of photos of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. She spots her father’s picture and curses him before going back to it.

Dina and Harley step into a room and are confronted with five Jokers. The Jokers insult both Harley and Dina. They make fun of Harley’s past infatuation and her repeated imprisonment. They then start to make fun of Dina’s claimed parentage, disowning her. Just as the two seem they cannot take anymore, a sixth Joker appears. He mocks the Joker in general and how, as scary as he was, he was a failure too. He always lost to Batman. Always. The sixth Joker winks which causes Harley to laugh and then Dina laughs. The sixth Joker is revealed to be Clayface and the three wreck the Jokerbots in a moment of true therapy.

Harley’s team meets up with Enigma’s team, sealing the door behind them. They spot Punch and Jewelee still making out. As Enigma gets close to shutting things down, Toyman shows up on screen. He declares that this is not over. Harley tells him he’s right because they are coming for him next. Dollbots are slowly destroying the doors behind them. Toyman says that they will die. Enigma tells him that there is one problem with that. She is smarter than her father. She shuts down the data center. The operation was a success. Now to go after Toyman himself. Enigma traced his signal when he tried to gloat. They have his location. It is in a sub-basement below the facility.

Interior – Toyman’s Hideout

Toyman is throwing things around and yelling in anger. He reminds Amygdala and Blockbuster that they work for him as long as he has control. He holds up the remote control and uses it to bring them in line. He vows to rebuild once they eliminate Harley and her gang.

Interior – Elevator

Harley’s gang is huddled together in the elevator as it descends, licking their wounds and getting ready for the last fight. Harley declares that she is going to end Toyman for this which makes Dina apprehensive. 

Interior – Toyman’s Hideout

The elevator dings open and Harley’s crew is met by Blockbuster and Amygdala. The fight begins as the crew tries to take on these lumbering behemoths. Eventually, most of the crew is able to hold the two men back. Harley and Dina get past them and into Toyman’s inner sanctum. There they find Toyman has gotten into a mechanized suit. He shoots at Dina and Harley and the fight begins. Harley is able to goad Toyman into revealing the remote to his henchmen. At least Joker used emotional manipulation, she teases. She manages to get the remote away and smashes it.

Back out in the entrance, Amygdala and Blockbuster suddenly stop fighting. They try to gather their wits and when Harley’s gang go to attack them, they beg off. They explain that they are free of Toyman’s influence and that Harley’s gang can do whatever they want with Toyman. They are officially clocking out. They walk over to the elevator and leave.

Dina and Harley are still fighting Toyman who is surprisingly spry. Toyman knocks Dina into a wall and Harley goes into overdrive and beats him with her mallet. She raises the mallet above her head for the killing blow but Dina calls out for mercy. Harley brings the mallet down and breaks open Toyman’s mask. She did not kill him but he is dazed as he looks up at Harley.

“There he is. There is the pathetic Joker wannabe. You wanted so badly to be the Joker but you couldn’t be a quarter of The Joker on your best day. But do you wanna know a secret? The Joker was a loser. What does that make you? Less than a loser. The truth is, he was holding me back. You couldn’t even do that right. You’re not even worth killing.”

Cut to Harley and Dina having tied up Toyman. Enigma warns that the police are on their way and Harley blows a kiss to Toyman as they leave, laughing.

Interior – Harley’s New Office

Another group session. Everybody has been decompressing and debriefing from the adventure. Harley says that the adventure was crazy but it might have been good for them. Unconventional therapy, maybe. The others are open to doing it again sometime. Harley says they have to lay low. Everybody but Dina has a record. Enigma states that they did a good thing. The Batfamily does good and nobody bothers them. The difference is they have the trust of the cops. Maybe they can do it again if they are needed.

The meeting breaks up and Harley and Dina talk. Dina is done with the Joker and Harley states that they will continue to keep each other to that promise. Dina states that she is going back to school and got a job and an apartment. Harley is happy for her. Things are going to be better from now on.

Post-Credit Scene – Exterior – Gotham Street

Harley is walking into her car and stops in her tracks. She calls out whoever is following her to show themselves. Batwoman steps out of the shadows, impressed that Harley knew she was there. Harley has developed a sixth sense when it comes to superheroes over the years. She is disappointed that she didn’t rate a visit from Bats himself. Batwoman actually volunteered to visit. She does have a message from the Batfamily. They know what she did and they hope that Harley and her crew have truly turned over a new leaf. They need to stay out of trouble. Harley says that she’ll try but no promises. She turns to go but Batwoman asks to speak to her. She has a problem that she needs Harley’s help with. A family problem.

Harley Quinn and the Joker’s Daughter (Movie Pitch) Pt. 1

January 14, 2023


Harleen Quinzel fka Harley Quinn (Jennifer Tilly) – Former devotee and henchwoman to the Joker who is now trying to get back to her original life plan of psychiatry. She wants to help people and keep her head down but has a flair for creativity and performance.

 Joker’s Daughter aka Dina {Bella Higginbotham) – A young woman who claims to be related to The Joker in order to gain some credibility in the criminal underworld.

Jewelee aka Julia Clarke (Jennifer Stone) – A former criminal and the wife of Punch. She has moved on and gotten her life back together (for the most part) but misses the excitement of crime.

Punch aka Paul Clarke (Joe Keery) – A former criminal and the husband of Jewelee. He is clingy without a job to go to and is kind of los in lifet.

 Enigma aka Evelyn Nashton (Joy Sunday) – The actual daughter of The Riddler who uses her considerable intellect to help people rather than hurt them. 

Lady Clayface (Chelsea Peretti, Ali Wong) – The victim of a freak accident with the original Clayface, she can shapeshift like her body was made of clay. She can also impersonate anybody or anything. Harley is helping her with identity issues related to her abilities.

The Toyman (Christopher Meloni) – A genius inventor and criminal who is tired of being overshadowed by the rest of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. He wears a mask resembling a doll’s head and often speaks softly.

Amygdala aka Aaron Helzinger (Derek Mears) – A muscular mountain of a man who has little control over his impulses but is easily controlled by Toyman. In his excitable state, he can barely form words let alone sentences. 

Blockbuster aka Mark Desmond (Charlie Rawes) – A steroid-infused thug who is also controlled by Toyman. He is a little more intelligent than Amygdala. 

Bob  – An ex-stooge for The Joker who survived when The Joker attempted to kill off his henchmen. He is captured by Toyman and tortured for information on The Joker’s resources before being killed and left as a message..

Batwoman (Kristen Stewart) – A costume crimefighter and cousin to Batman. She is stretched thin with the rest of the Bat Family off on a mission.

Pamela Isley fka Poison Ivy – Formerly an ecoterrorist as Poison IVy but now operates more as an activist after reforming coinciding with becoming Harley’s roommate and girlfriend.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel had enough of being Harley Quinn, constantly dodging the Bat Family and usually ending up in Arkham no matter how hard she tried. On top of that, she had devoted herself to The Joker but he never fully returned her affection and instead constantly abused her. She shed that toxic relationship and earnestly worked toward redemption and eventually regained her degree. She hung up her shingle to practice psychiatry and although she was struggling, she was happier.

The Joker had mysteriously gone quiet a year ago but Gotham was far from quiet. Villains and gangsters still ran the criminal underground. 

Gotham City – Second Bank of Gotham 

Police have surrounded a bank with a robbery in progress. The negotiator team taps into the security cameras as they talk to the robber.  A young woman wearing a handpainted mask reminiscent of The Joker looks directly into one of the security cameras. She declares herself to be The Joker’s Daughter and that she would be bringing her father’s chaos back to Gotham. After the young woman slips up, the cops rush in. She holds her own against the first handful of cops until somebody hits her from behind and she blacks out.

Interior – Abandoned Underground Bunker

We watch the interior of a large metal roll-up door for a moment before we see the sparks from somebody using a cutting torch device to cut a rectangle in the door. As the shape completes, there is a loud guttural noise as a fist slams into the door and knocks it down. As smoke drifts up from the door,  the forms of Amygdala and Blockbuster are silhouetted in the newly made entrance. We see them both step into the light, both of them monstrous. A commanding yet childish voice tells them to step aside. As the towering villains step aside, we see Toyman step into the light. Toyman remotely turns the lights on and we see that the place has Joker graffiti everywhere. This is the place. Time to get to work. 

Interior – Harley’s Office

She comes to, sitting in a plush armchair. As her vision comes back into focus, her gaze lingers on a plaque reading “Dr. Harleen Quinzel”. She sees degrees framed and hanging from the wall but also her discharge papers from Arkham. Dr. Quinzel is sitting behind that desk and smiles at the young woman and informs her that she saved her from the cops. The young woman complains that she would have been fine. Harley knows when she sees somebody over their head. The young woman freaks out when she realizes her mask is gone. Harley has it and can hand it and the young woman to the cops at any time. Besides, Joker is nobody to take after. 

The young woman declares that she is legitimately The Joker’s Daughter and that Harley is a quitter. Harley loses her cool and calls the woman a liar and she would know. The woman doubles down on her claim but it is not like they can do a DNA test. Harley calms down and finds out that the girl is basically homeless. With Pam out of town, Harley offers to let her crash at the apartment. She will tell this young girl all about The Joker. The girl’s name is Dina.

Interior – Harley and Pam’s Apartment

Harley and Dina order Chinese and talk into the night about Joker and Gotham as promised. They seem to bond just a bit. In the morning, Harley wakes up Dina and tells her that she has to go into the office and that Dina should come along. When Dina protests, Harley points out that she can turn her in to the police at any time. Dina calls her a narc but relents. 

Interior – Harley’s Office

Back at the office, Harley brings Dina into a group therapy session. It is here that Dina is introduced to some of Harley’s patients. The bulk of her patients are ex-villains like herself. Paul and Julie are former puppet-themed criminals Punch and Jewelee but came to Harley first for marriage counseling. Enigma came to Harley to deal with issues with her own father. Sondra is still coming to grips with her powers. We get short flashbacks of each patient here. Harley has Dina introduce herself and the other patients react to her claim of being the daughter of The Joker. Julie and Paul hate the mental image. Enigma states that Dina should not want to be the daughter of a villain. Sondra thinks Dina must be crazy. Harley defends Dina but also agrees with the group. She relates her own story as Harley Quinn with a flashback.

Exterior – Gotham City

Toyman stands on top of a roof overlooking Robinson Park with Amygdala, Blockbuster, and several doll robots. The city is unveiling a new outdoor theater pavilion. They are interrupted by two police officers doing a security check. Toyman watches passively as they are swarmed and silenced by the doll robots before they are killed. Toyman sets off an explosion, destroying the new outdoor theater and scorching a large section of the park. Toyman laughs as the fireworks are reflected in his doll eyes.

Interior – Harley’s Office

An alert on Paul’s phone interrupts the session but as his wife and the others yell at him he insists they will be interested. He shows the news of an attack on Robinson Park. Harley recognizes the tech used as coming from one of the Joker’s stashes. Dina gets excited about her father’s apparent return but Harley points out that if it was the Joker, he would be front and center and hogging the camera. Somebody else has done this. Dina is apoplectic and urges that something has to be done. She has to defend her father’s honor. Harley states that Joker never really had any use for honor and that the Bat Crew will handle it. As if on cue, the news anchors remark on the Bat Family being involved in a huge battle near Coast City. Harley curses.

Interior – Noonan’s Bar

Toyman struts into the toughest bar in Gotham and announces himself. He takes credit for the bomb in Robinson Park and promises more to come. He tells those assembled that she is the new King of Gotham’s underworld and they should run and tell their bosses. Forget the Joker, it is a new age.  If anybody crosses his crew, they will pay the price. The criminals start to hassle Toyman, asking what crew is going to back him up. He snaps and kills with his gadgets. Amygdala and Blockbuster appear. An impromptu barfight starts up and Toyman’s men make short work of their opponents while smashing up the bar. Toyman sits on the bar and just laughs as he watches. When the dust settles, he orders the two behemoths to go get the rest of the bombs.

Interior – Harley and Ivy’s Apartment

Harley gripes that Ivy loves Robinson Park and she is going to be so pissed. Dina tries again to push Harley into going after whoever is using the Joker’s bombs. Harley reiterates that it is not her problem. She is not a hero. She is a normal citizen. Dina says that she will never be normal again. Dina was such a fan of her as Harley Quinn. Dina wanted to be her.  But now Harley is just a traitor who turned on The Joker. Harley asserts that she did not betray The Joker, she just walked away. Her life with Joker was miserable. Dina asks if it was all bad because in the news footage, it looked like Harley was having fun. Harley admits that there were fun parts but after a while, those fun parts did not include The Joker. He never returned her feelings and then she realized that those feelings weren’t real. They were an addiction. Harley realizes that she is the only one who could investigate this. The cops don’t know about The Joker’s hideout. She insists that Dina stay put while she checks it out. She puts a tracking device on Dina to make sure she stays put.

Interior – Joker’s Bunker

Harley and Enigma show up to investigate. It is immediately apparent that somebody has been there. The place is a mess. Harley confirms that something is missing. She should have anonymously reported the bunker to the police. She supposes she didn’t out of a twisted sense of loyalty and fear of getting sucked back in. Enigma points out that she got sucked in anyway. It is because she let Dina push her into it. Enigma points out that maybe Harley wanted to be pushed into it. An adventure without The Joker. Joker had the keys to the place and had no need to break in so he has not returned. Enigma’s scans confirm that three people entered from footprints in the dust on the floor. They keep looking around and Harley finds her old gear and blows the dust off it. She reaches out and traces her fingers along the handle of her old mallet.

Interior – Harley’s Office

Dina is lounging at Harley’s desk. She is going through Harley’s personal files on The Joker and is curious. She gets up to clear her head when there is a knock on the door. She opens the door to find Punch and Jewelee standing there. They are there for emergency marriage counseling. Dina points out that Harley is out but lets them in. Dina points out that Julie and Paul clearly love each other like crazy, the only thing missing is their adventures. They’re stuck in a rut. She has just the solution but it is a little crazy. 

Interior – Sondra Fuller’s Apartment

Sondra opens the door to Dina, Julie, and Paul. Dina asks for Sondra’s help as she has a feeling that Harley and Enigma are going to be in over their heads. Sondra talks about fighting so hard not to be a monster that she cannot get involved. Dina points out that Harley was there for Sondra. Punch and Jewelee point out that a monster wouldn’t help Harley. She’s not just Lady Clayface, she’s their friend Sondra. They need to find Harley but Dina has a solution for that.

Interior – Joker’s Bunker

A truck backs into the bunker and Amygdala and Blockbuster get out. He lumbers over to load more bombs into the truck. Enigma and Harley hide and watch. An accidental sound draws Amygdala and Blockbuster’s attention and when they find Enigma, Harley attacks from behind with the mallet. The two women fight with the behemoths shrugging off their attacks. A drone appears with Toyman’s face on the screen and he is annoyed that the bomb retrieval is taking so long. Toyman activates robotic dolls that crawl out from under the truck. Harley and Enigma are very outnumbered now. 

The drone fires a rocket at them but a brick wall suddenly forms and blocks the shot. The wall is Sondra who immediately engages in a fight with Amygdala. Dina, Jewelee, and Punch join the fray and fight against the dollbots. Everybody gets in each other’s way and the fight is very dicey. Blockbuster loaded the truck while everybody else was busy. Near the end of the fight, something on the back of Amygdala’s neck sparks. Toyman’s crew gets in the truck and drives away. Dina tries to pursue but Harley holds her back, telling her they are in no condition to keep going.

Interior – Toyman’s Truck

Toyman is over the moon at besting one of The Joker’s greatest sidekicks, the great Harley Quinn. Still, he is upset that anybody would dare oppose him. He tells Amygdala and Blockbuster to deliver the bombs. He has business to take care of.

Interior – Joker’s Workshop

After regrouping, Harley decides that they should finish looking around before anonymously reporting everything to the cops. Harley is grateful for the help but it’s still not their fight. She does wonder how they found the place and Dina tells her to check her pocket. It’s the tracking device that Harley gave Dina. Harley is annoyed but impressed. They spread out to check things out. Dina is in Heaven as she tours the workshop of her alleged father. That delight turns to horror as she screams when she discovers a dead body nailed to the wall. She throws up as the others catch up to her. Harley confirms that this was an ex-Joker henchman named Bob. That must have been how they found the place. Bob was sick but he didn’t deserve to die like that. Dina is shaken. Harley comforts her but also explains that this is the kind of thing Joker did all the time, even to his own henchmen. 

Interior – Harley’s Office Building

After they are satisfied with their search, Harley tells everybody to come back to her office for a group session. They need to talk this out. When they get up to the floor where Harley’s office is, Dina looks pale and heads for the bathroom again. Everyone stops in the hallway as Harley goes into the bathroom after her. Dina is looking in the mirror. Harley watches her and gently tells her that some people aren’t cut out to be villains. She needs to find her own path. Dina frowns and keeps her mouth shut but when Harley looks away, she seems to really think about it. As they continue toward the office, they hear a loud noise. A missile impacts Harley’s office and a huge explosion knocks them all off their feet as parts of the building fall from above.


January 7, 2023

Caraline gripped the ledge outside of Castle Diadem with one hand while she clutched the Jewel of Dragons in her other hand. This heist had not gone as well as she had planned. She reviewed the plan. The first step had been to enter the castle undetected. She had accomplished that. The next step had been to grab the Jewel of Dragons without setting off any traps. This had also been checked off the list with only a few complications. The last step had been to exit the castle again undetected. That last part had not gone off without a hitch. A chance encounter with a servant had alerted the guards. A makeshift escape rope had been made from a tapestry but it had only gotten her so far. That led to her predicament.

As her mind raced to try to find the next step in her escape plan, a crossbow bolt suddenly impacted her shoulder. It was the shoulder of the arm hanging onto the ledge. Miraculously, she barely managed to hold on for a few moments. Then her arm spasmed and her fingers released as if they had a mind of their own. She started her rapid descent and her mind went into overdrive. She quickly swallowed the jewel. She would need her hands free. She tore the bolt out of her shoulder and grabbed both ends and caught it on a stone jutting out of the wall. The pain was exquisite but the move slowed her down enough to push off of the wall in a backflip.

She was much more close to the ground but still had a ways to go. She twisted in the air and just barely caught hold of a branch of the tall tree in front of the castle. She swung on the branch and pointed her body to a lower branch. She bounced off the limb and tumbled clumsily downwards. She braced herself for impact and landed on her own two feet. She was definitely going to feel all of this for weeks. This jewel better be worth it. She shook it off and sprinted toward the gates.

The gates were in the process of closing. Crossbow bolts flew past her but she sprinted with everything she had left. A big guard stepped into her path but she launched her fist into the poor guy’s throat. She pivoted around his falling body and pushed off to sprint again. She slid under the closing gate and then somersaulted back into a run. The treeline seemed so far away. That was the moment that she felt a hand on her back and she was suddenly teleported far into the trees. She promptly ran into a tree.

“Sorry!” a voice cried out. “I was trying to help!”

Caralina wiped the blood from her broken nose. “I told you that I did not need your help!” she yelled.

Andi reached down to try to help Caralina up. “I know you did and I tried to not help,” she said. “I could have helped you countless times but I was good. I could have cast invisibility, feather fall, stone shape, and so many more spells but I waited until you had succeeded. You were about to be shot in the back.”

“I was already shot,” Caralina said, waving Andi away. “I survived that well enough.”

“You’re not invincible!” Andi shouted. “You have to accept help at some point.”

“I’m fine,” Caralina said. “I’ll get to a cleric.”

“Did you get the jewel?” Andi asked.

“Yeah,” Caralina said. “We’re going to have to wait for it. I had to swallow it.”

“You did what!?” Andi asked.

“Is that bad?” Caralina asked, frowning at the urgency in Andi’s voice.

“We should get you to that cleric a little quicker,” Andi said.

The Gift

December 24, 2022

Cassidy Wintercrest had The Gift. She had always wanted to make a difference in the world and something, somewhere had made that happen. A little voice in her ear had granted her the ability to protect the people. This had come in the form of a magical sword that she had found stuck into a snow bank one winter. Remarkably, the blade had no rust even though it had been submerged in snow and wedged into the frozen ground below. The blade was perfect and when she touched the handle, that voice in her ear came alive.

“Hello Cassidy,” the voice had said. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Who said that?” Casidy asked. “Who’s there?”

She looked all around but Cassidy could see nobody. However, she did feel somebody was very close and it unnerved her a bit. She was a simple young woman from a family of modest means but she had very little contact with magic. The village and the farms nearby were too out of the way for adventurers passing through and the locals could handle the odd beast or goblin attack. Magic was not part of her world and she knew that is what she was touching. Something about the blade was mystical and it scared and excited her.

“You cannot see me, child,” the voice said. “I am both close at hand and very far away. This sword before you is a conduit to me.”

“Where are you then?” Cassidy asked. 

She was not so ignorant as to not know about the other planes of existence. If she was talking to a being of Hell or the Abyss, she would have to walk away and send for a priest or cleric of some sort. The thing talking to her would be pure evil.

“I am not from any of the 9 Hells nor am I from the cold Abyss,” the voice said. “Be assured of that.”

“How did you know that’s what I was thinking?” Cassidy asked. 

“Truthfully, touching the hilt of the sword opened a connection between us,” the voice said. “If you walk away, then that connection will fade with time. If you take up the sword, that connection will be strengthened.”

Cassidy thought about that for a few moments. It sounded like there were not so many strings attached to what the sword wanted. But what did the sword want? 

“And what happens then?” Cassidy asked. “If I take up the sword.”

“I help you fight for truth and justice,” the voice said. “We make a pact and that pact will give you power. Power beyond anything you’ve seen before.”

“So we make a deal,” Cassidy said. “What do you get out of the deal?”

“I get a champion to help manage my affairs on your Earth,” the voice said. “However, I would never call on you to do anything that would be against your moral code.”

“Pretty words,” Cassidy said. “How can I be sure they’re true?”

“I must speak the truth,” the voice said. “If I don’t, I lose much of my power.”

“Wait,” Cassidy said. “You said what you aren’t but you haven’t said what you are. Are you a fairy?”

“I am fae in nature,” the voice said. “Yes.”

“Fairies can’t lie,” Cassidy said, more for herself. “But they are not wholly beneficial to mortals. Fairies are tricky.”

“I don’t wish to trick you,” the voice said. “The honest truth is that I seek to contain a threat caused by one of my kind.”

“You could have led with that,” Cassidy said.

“I didn’t wish to frighten you,” the voice said. “I was going to work up to it.”

“No more lies by omission either,” Cassidy said. “Or I walk away.”

“You haven’t walked away yet,” the voice said. “Does that mean you’re interested?”

“I’m obviously interested,” Cassidy said. “But I need to know everything. That starts with your name.”

“Names mean power,” the voice said.

“Backing out so quickly?” Cassidy asked.

“I only say that to show how important it is that I give you mine,” the voice said. “My name is Rainer. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

FOIA Request

December 17, 2022

Carlotta banged her fist on her desk in frustration, cursing under her breath. Her cat, Pippin, was startled and ran under the copier machine again. She felt a little guilty about that which quelled her anger for a moment.

“What did I say about angry outbursts?” Pearl asked. “You scare me and you scare the cat and I’m not sure which is the more grievous crime.”

“Sorry,” Carlotta said and took a deep breath. “I can’t find an angle on this AXM thing. I keep hitting dead end after dead end.”

“Maybe it’s a nothing story, Car,” Pearl said. “Maybe there’s nothing to find.”

“That’s bullshit,” Carlotta said. “There has to be something. AXM was one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world. Something happened and the company went under and its assets were sold off to other companies. That makes sense. Except nobody can explain why the company went under. In fact, there is very little information at all on AXM. No matter how deep I dig, there is absolutely nothing.”

“Big companies go under all the time and corporate types usually keep that sort of information to themselves,” Pearl said. “It’s bad press.”

“Except a lot of the board disappeared,” Carlotta said. “That includes the three founders who were some of the most recognizable business celebrities. They were multi-millionaires and do those people really just disappear?”

“I mean, they could,” Pearl said. “They have enough money to hide on some remote island or in the mountains or whatever.”

Carlotta sighed. “That’s just it,” she said. “I don’t have a lot of evidence which is kind of what has me so frustrated. I just have a feeling that something happened and I cannot prove it.”

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” Pearl asked. “Whatever your answer is, it should not include hitting the office furniture or swear words. I don’t want to see you so stressed. It isn’t healthy.”

“I have one more lead to follow right now,” Carlotta said. “It’s not likely to pan out, though.”

“I’ve never known you to give up, Car,” Pearl said. “If this is important to you, you’ll follow the thinnest lead.”

“I have information on an FBI raid from around the time they went under,” Carlotta said. “There was supposedly a raid big enough to make ripples online but there was never a connected court case. An FBI raid of a major telecommunications company should have caused something, right?”

“I guess,” Pearl said. “I’m not really an expert on law and order. So what do you do about it?”

“Well, the justice department is a governmental entity and when you want information out of one of those, you submit a FOIA request,” Carlotta said. “I’m not sure how much of the request they would honor and they might just bury it by dragging their feet. It’s not a sure thing.”

“It sounds like it’s worth a shot,” Pearl said. “Unless this really is a big deal and you poke the bear and you get whacked.”

“The government tends to disappear people to secret prisons instead of killing them,” Carlotta said. “Neither option sounds attractive, though. I think I have to do it, though. If I don’t, it will gnaw at me forever.”

“Forever?” Pearl asked. “That’s a long time. I fully support you in this. I’m sure Pippin will agree once he comes out from under the copier when it’s feeding time.”

“Great,” Carlotta said. “I’ll get on it tomorrow. I think I’ll cook us up some lunch and then I have some fluff pieces to write before the next edition.”

“Sounds good to me,” Pearl said. “I love when you cook.”

“I know you do,” Carlotta said.

Faetown Pt. 6

December 10, 2022

They were almost to the site of the mysterious resurfaced prison. Traffic was light this early in the morning but RH had had to endure Jenny’s insistence on listening to drive time radio. That had finished and Jenny had retreated into her phone, rapidly typing with her thumbs and concentrating. RH glanced over at her.

“What are you doing over there?” RH asked, more out of boredom than real curiosity. “You look so absorbed in what you’re doing. Playing games?”

“I’m not playing games,” Jenny said. “I’m on the job. We’re in go mode. I’m setting up social media alerts in case something strange happens. Whatever we’re tracking is already on the move and we’re going to want to know the second it does something weird.”

“Good idea,” RH said. “We have no idea what we’re dealing with. I hope you included a pretty broad list of search terms.”

“I’m a whiz when it comes to search terms,” Jenny said. “Some of us have adapted well to the human world.”

“I’ve adapted fine,” RH said. “I’m just more into reading their books and watching their movies than being on the phone or the computer all the time.”

“Ok Boomer,” Jenny said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” RH asked.

“I’m not sure yet,” Jenny said. “It’s something humans say to make fun of people who are old-fashioned. Which is you.”

“I gathered,” RH said. “We’re here. Put it on vibrate.” He pulled the truck into a field and toward a stone arch structure. There was nothing but the arch but with the fae, nothing was ever as it seemed. RH grabbed a sawed-off shotgun and carefully loaded it with iron shot cartridges.

“That’s not regulation,” Jenny said. She grabbed an old-school revolver and checked the ammunition and gave the cylinder a spin.

“I’m not going down if there’s a dragon or something in there,” RH said. “I plan to make it back out alive.”

“Do you think that’s a possibility?” Jenny asked. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen a dragon. If it’s a dragon we’ll need surface-to-air missiles or a descendant of Finn McCool. I don’t want it to be a dragon.”

“I’ve got a small arsenal in the trunk if it comes to it,” RH said. “Pretty much none of it is regulation either. All we have to do is fall back to this position.”

“I’ll remember that if we don’t get vaporized right away,” Jenny said. “Now I’m curious about what you have back there.”

“Hopefully, you’ll stay curious,” RH said. “Some of it I’m even afraid to handle.”

“Is there an elevator back there?” Jenny asked with a huge sarcastic grin..

RH glared at her for a beat and then headed toward an opening that seemed to be ripped through the fabric of space itself. It was a door with no supporting walls on the banks of Curtis Creek. Jenny caught up easily. Luckily the park was closed but their badges would deflect any harassment from any other authorities. The two faerie officers approached guns drawn. RH motioned for both of them to stop and they listened for a bit. Things were mostly quiet.

“Anybody there?” Jenny called out after she lost her patience. “Any persons or creatures should throw down any weapons and lie down on the ground. Behave and we can tell them that you cooperated. That will mean a lot.”

“English? Really?” RH asked. “That cobbled-together language wasn’t around when anything in there was locked away. At least, not in the form we’re using today. It took me a month of exposure to learn the local tongue.”

“You have a point,” Jenny said. “Silly me. I mean, nothing answered anyway so we’re probably clear.”

RH shrugged and called out in ancient Gaelic. “Peace! We mean you no harm. Do not attack. If you need assistance, call out.” He then took a deep breath and stepped through the opening. He had once faced armies of men but, like most fae, he found his power reduced. Even being as magically resistant to harm as he was, he knew he could still be hurt and killed.

Jenny followed RH inside and the two took up positions to check the place out. It was clear that something bad had happened in the prison. The walls were scarred by some sort of magical discharge and there was debris all over the place. The prison was filled with what appeared to be statues. In reality, the two of them knew that creatures were sealed in stone to keep them in stasis during imprisonment. One of the statues had been ripped in half by something powerful which meant that prisoner was dead.

“Do you see anything out of place yet?” Jenny asked, still holding her revolver at the ready.

“One missing statue over there,” RH said as he pointed. “They did not exactly label any of the positions. I guess they never needed to know who was who.”

“I see two more empty spots over there,” Jenny said. “There might be more. This place got a little shook up when it landed on this plane of existence.”

“So we could be looking at anywhere from one to half a dozen escapees,” RH said. “We better get a lead soon and before anybody gets hurt.”

“Let’s get out of here,” Jenny said. “I’ll seal the place up and we can start looking for whoever doesn’t belong.”

“Sounds like a plan,” RH said. “Not much of one but it’s what we have. If we don’t get a lead, there are some people in Faetown who might be able to help.”

“Yeah,” Jenny said. “I would think they would be hungry for humans as soon as they woke up so heading toward a more populated area might be smart.”

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