Matt Uso

This is a one-off character for Planet Fall to test a convention module.  Parts of the character creation were randomly assigned and it was kind of fun to build around that.

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Matthew Uso stands at 1.68 meters (5′ 6″) and weighs 72.6 kg (160 lbs).  He has long black hair and light tanned skin befitting  heritage from the isle of Samoa on ancient Earth.  His two older brothers seemed to get all of the muscle and the size, leaving him with the majority of the brains.

Matt took to various computer sciences with passion and skill.  He was never happier or more at home than when he could get his hands on a computer.  He learned skills which would later make him a logistics wizard.  However, with very little ambition, he ended up collecting a paycheck as a data entry employee.

At age fifteen, he began a love affair with virtual reality gaming.  Many of the hours he spent not working or not sleeping were often spent in fantastic worlds alongside his friends.   Between off-duty hacking, gaming and working data entry, Matt had largely withdrawn from reality.  Dinners over at his parent’s place were one of the few times he stepped into what he had grown to call “Low Def”.

Now, as a member of the Fallen, Matt finds himself desperately missing computers.  The planet below is even more dangerous and more fantastic than any game he ever played.


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