The Sword Part 3

The Sword

Kori was the last one out of her cheer leading outfit and into the shower and therefore was the last person left in the locker room. It was kind of creepy to be the last one in the building but Kori really had nowhere to be at the moment. She grabbed her bag and headed out the back door to the athletic fields. Her house was on the other side so it was the easiest path. Of course, that meant walking right past the football field which only reminded her of Austin. It had been two weeks since they had broken up and Kori felt like an outsider. She didn’t know how to relate to things. It felt weird cheering for the quarterback after he had cheated on her with somebody from the glee club.

Kori had trouble even getting angry about it anymore though she felt like she was angry at everything else. She stopped to take a deep breath and then breathed out the bad energy. She closed her eyes slowly and opened them and she swore she saw something shiny glint in the sun over by the equipment shed. She started heading in that direction. Maybe somebody had dropped some jewelry while they were out on the field. Maybe it was that glee club witch. Pawning anything owned by her would actually be nice. The thought certainly made Kori smile at that moment.

She searched the ground near the equipment shed and couldn’t find any shiny jewelry which was kind of a let down. Instead, her eye was drawn to something shiny on the wall of the shed. On closer inspection, Kori found that the object was not on the wall but actually embedded in it. There was a little bit of metal sticking out of the shed. She grabbed on with a perfectly manicured hand and pulled. She was astonished to pull a full metal glove from the shed. What the hell was this thing and how had it made it a softball-sized hole in the shed? She wished she had the answer but decided if she didn’t know, it wasn’t worth knowing.

She tucked the glove into her backpack and had almost forgotten about the whole thing by the time she was home and on the phone with Lindy. Lindy was just about the only friend who had truly stuck with Kori. The two of them had been tight since they were little and they almost always talked on the phone or in person before their respective curfews. Austin was a taboo subject now so they talked about a planned visit to the mall two towns over instead. It would be fun to get out of town and see somewhere else for a change.

Somewhere around the time they started talking about the upcoming county fair, Kori reached into her backpack and pulled out the glove. For half a moment she couldn’t remember where she had gotten the glove but then she remembered the field. She slipped the glove on. She could have sworn that the thing was too big a moment ago but it fit perfectly now. It looked good, smooth lines neat designs engraved into it. It was like the armor that all those knights from history class wore. Kind of like that Joan of Arc person. She felt strong wearing the glove and she smiled as she imagined slapping Austin hard with it. She thought about showing it to Lindy but she wondered if even she would understand.

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