Sunlight Fugitives

US Marshal Mike Okubo walked slowly and a few feet behind ordinary citizen Tracy
Peterson. Mike was wearing a bulletproof vest and light tactical armor and he had his pistol drawn with the attached flashlight lit. He aimed down the hallway of the abandoned St. Jude clinic. He was ready to shoot anything and he also lighting their way. In contrast, Tracy was dressed in jeans and a tank top and had a fire axe hanging from a homemade sling on her back. The only sign in her clothing that she was here for battle were the combat boots she had borrowed from the Marshals office. Her jeans actually twinkled from the sequins sewn into them for the love of mercy.

“Do we have to creep around in the dark? Sunlight kills these things, right? Let’s get a bulldozer and punch holes in the place.” Mike asked. He knew it might just be his anxiety talking but it was a thought he kept coming back to.

“Vampires can be tricky. They could escape through the sewers before the bulldozer even hit a wall. At least, that’s what the handbook says.” Tracy said with a shrug.

It had only been a few weeks of hunting vampires and other creepy crawlies. The world of magic was now out in the open, so to speak. Mike had been a by the book sort of guy but not a handbook on hunting vampires. It was strange and way outside of his comfort zone but it was the job.

“Respectfully, this is bullshit, Miss Peterson. We’re both too new at this and we’re hunting vampirs and monsters.”

“Yeah, but the original girl started out that way and she was alone. At least, she was alone at first. I saw her at a seminar once.”

“Yeah and their group kept all of this a secret and eventually a whole town ended up getting destroyed. I’m lucky my mother decided to evacuate beforehand.” Mike said with no small amount of bitterness.

“Well, there was no way to keep it a secret after the Empowerment and we’re cooperating, aren’t we? That’s why Director Mars deputized us girls, right?” Tracy was excited to be working with the government like this. It was so exciting most of the time.

Mike sighed and nodded. “Yeah. The office really did me a great favor assigning me to the project.”

Tracy smirked. “What? Partnered with a superhero? Yeah, I envy you.” She said as she flexed a bicep that looked toned but not up to the incredible feats of strength Tracy had proved she could perform.

“Shut it, your little group is practically named after a Heavy Metal band. Wait, did you hear that?” Mike said, the last was almost a whisper.

They both stood absolutely still and silent. After a few moments they both definitely heard something moving off to the left. Before Mike could issue any orders, Tracy had kicked the door to the left off its hinges and well into the room beyond. She ran fast down a corridor before Mike could even get his own feet moving. He grumbled as he picked up the pace but he could already hear a commotion coming from two rooms away. By the time he got there, he saw Tracy standing in the middle of four men. There was a huge claw mark on her right shoulder but she had pulled her axe free.

Mike aimed and fired at the vampires farthest from Tracy and Tracy started to swing her axe at the agile creatures. Blood sprayed on the wall from bullets and axe and the vampires broke formation and desperately tried to kill Tracy. She whirled and chopped two of their heads off. She reversed and pulled a wooden stake and stabbed the third which then turned to dust as it collapsed on the floor.

That left the last one which took off in a panicked run toward the door. Of course, that put Mike directly in its path and the bullets Mike was putting in it hardly had an effect. Suddenly, the vampire stiffened and fell face first onto the ground. The axe was sticking out of its back. It wiggled but didn’t seem to be able to get back to its feet. Tracy breathed deep as Mike approached her and started to bandage her shoulder.

“How was that?” She said with a smile.

“It’s a good start.” Mike said and he couldn’t help but smile too. “We’ll call in a bus to take this one back for interrogation.”

“Good, I could definitely use a shower.” She said as she hoisted the vampire over her shoulder and started to walk out.

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