Media Update 8/25/2016

The Nice Guys

As I stated in past editions, I have wanted to see this since I saw the first trailer. Early reports from friends said that the movie was great and that everyone should see it. I never lived through the seventies so it only lives for me in social studies textbooks, movies and stories from my parents and friends who were there. This makes it (and several other iconic eras) kind of magical to me because they are largely fictional and exciting. Buddy detective films are a great formula as well. I mean, the lone detective is good but you get a lot more actual dialogue when two characters are on the case. So we get a Russel Crowe who (surprise surprise) is able to beat people up but is uncharacteristically sheepish. Ryan Gosling is a deadbeat private detective with a heart of gold but hilariously bad habits. What trailers will not tell you is that Gosling’s character has a daughter played by Angourie Rice who steals the show several times in the movie in the best ways. One thing that I should say is that the trailer presents the film as being much more high energy than it is. While it has a lot of awesome action scenes, there is a lot of actual detective work as well. This is actually better because there is more room for comedy and a great story to go with great characters. I definitely recommend it.


The Following

My dad recommended this to me a long time ago but that was when this show was only on network television. There is always a ton of things to watch and since I do not have a DVR, I tend to gravitate towards things that are On Demand or on Netflix. Recently as I was working on my homework for Accounting 101, I wanted something new to binge while I worked on all of the math. The Gods of Netflix provided for me and several seasons of The Following were available. I am angry at myself for not watching this earlier. I thought about saving this entry for Halloween but I have already watched a season and a half.  I kind of feel bad waiting until October. The show follows a Detective dealing with a cult created by a notorious serial killer. In a lot of ways, it is a lot like how the FBI would deal with The Joker if there was no Batman. In fact, the villain is almost like The Joker mixed with The Riddler. There is also a lot of Edgar Allen Poe imagery and allusions which always makes me happy. Kevin Bacon is fantastic as the detective with a vendetta.


The Usual Suspects

I am way late to this one. Unfortunately, quite a bit of the meat of it was spoiled for me a long time ago in the same way that the Sixth Sense is spoiled for people now. It is completely my fault, I should have seen the movie way earlier because it comes highly recommended. I am pretty sure that all of my friends back in high school saw this one. Hell, I am sure they all saw it in Middle School. This was made during the period where it felt like Kevin Spacey was in everything. Kevin Spacey will always be good in stuff even if he is playing Lex Luthor. Stephen Baldwin is in it at the height of the heyday of the Baldwin Dynasty. Benicio Del Toro was great as well. We also get a great appearance from Kevin Pollak who is great at playing a prick. There is even a great cameo from Clark Gregg. It was directed by a younger Bryan Singer long before he did stuff like the X-Men franchise. A lot of the movie really felt like a Tabletop RPG campaign. Each of the characters had a specialty and different connections and knowledge. It had the feel of instant togetherness even without working together long. I recommend the movie if you are one of the few who have not seen it and especially if it has not been spoiled for you.

Music of the Week:
Descendents – I’m the One

Punchnello – Birthday

The Used – All That I’ve Got

The Growlers – Someday

Kate Bush – Babooshka


Weekly Updates:
– I’m into Season 4 of Person of Interest now
– I watched a lot of The Following. A lot.
– I continued to watch Dark Matter and it just gets better and better
– I watched some Criminal Minds with Mark Hamill in it
– I picked Castle back up
– This week’s theme is “Detective Work”

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