Your Friend Steve

I often feel very awkward in social situations. When it comes to hanging around with friends in a casual atmosphere, I have most of those skills down. It just takes a while to achieve that level of comfort and I am down for joking and razzing each other. Gender is not an issue as from an early age, I have been part of unisex play groups. Probably part of why I ended up being a feminist but who knows? Either way, I was just as embarrassed to have my head split open in front of the girls as in front of the boys.


What is awkward is being the third wheel. I have known quite a few friends before and after they started dating that somebody special. I get along well with nice people so meeting and befriending a new girlfriend or boyfriend is fairly easy. I am always so happy for my friends because all of my friends deserve to be happy and if a relationship is part of that then I am all for it. However, I am socially awkward sometimes or at least socially anxious. I worry that I am missing signals.

The human brain is a frightening place.

That is why the above song struck such a chord with me (like most Garfunkel and Oates songs). I consider myself a good and loyal friend but I know I do not hang around a lot because I worry about being a nuisance. I know that is kind of silly. My best friends are very good about letting me know when it’s time to leave. I read those signals just fine, I guess. I just really, really appreciate my friends and I do not want to overstay my welcome.

In spite of everything, I still believe in love.

When I was in high school, I met two homeschool kids who came into our school to supplement their education and participate in after school sports. Homeschool would not have been any good for me. These kids were outgoing and friendly but socially stunted. I generally avoided people on a regular basis. If I had been homeschooled, I would be a social wreck. I am lucky I was forced into social situations where I made equally weird friends. That way I can continue to make weird friends. It is an important part of my life.

This was cheaper than therapy. I guess I still gotta go, though.

I guess I should just relax more about it. I still get invites to stuff and people seem excited to see me at events. I must be doing something right. I am not a social butterfly but I do things with friends at least every other week. I participate in social media and I try not to be too clingy there either. I think I just talked myself down. Thanks, guys.


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6 Responses to “Your Friend Steve”

  1. mhsusannematthews Says:

    I still find social situations awkward. LOL Somethings never change.


  2. Emily Bloomquist Says:

    I do great in social situations as long as I don’t have to think up a topic. I stink at chit chat with people I barely know. Once I know we have a common interest, though, I can chat away.

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Yuletide at the Olón Orphanage

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  3. scooterbird Says:

    I broadcast 24 hours a day, like CNN. And the thing was, I used to be exactly like that: painfully awkward, couldn’t seem to find the sweet spot of any convo. I still get like that on occasion…I think the main thing now is that I simply don’t care as much. I’ve made a fool out of myself on a number of occasions and survived. I’ve carried a diaper bag and driven a minivan, so I have no dignity left to sully…whatever the social sitch, I can be pretty confident that I will come out of it with roughly the same standing that I went in with…


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