Media Update 3/28/19

The Order

The blurb I saw for this show read “When Belgrave University student Jack Morton joins a fabled secret society, he is thrust into a world of magic, monsters, and intrigue.” Which immediately piqued my interest. College students fighting a secret war against monsters and magic? Sign me up. What I was not expecting was that this show had more than that. The tone of it feels a bit like The Vampire Diaries mixed with Buffy. Jake Manley plays the lead character and he is just the right mix of cocky and likable so that he never got annoying to me when a lesser actor might have been more of a punk. It does not hurt that he is backed up by his grandfather played by Matt Frewer who has been in tons of things that I have loved. There is also an entire cast full of interesting characters with mysterious backgrounds. This is a mystery. Actually, it feels like several mysteries as Jack works to unravel a personal mystery while also navigating a minefield of other mysteries. In that way, it feels a bit like Riverdale which had each mystery solved create more mysteries. All of it feels organic so far as well. The mysteries and plot grow from the characters’ backstories naturally and nothing seems to be thrown in just for the sake of spectacle yet. I also want to see who actually survives this mess because there is a lot of deadly action. I recommend it.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Bizarre is the correct word for this one. Initially set in the 1800s, this is a story of both drama and the supernatural. It has to do with two young boys as they grow up together while constantly at each others’ throats in a vicious rivalry. There also some weird supernatural elements. Also, it is an anime so everything is weirdly exaggerated. The voice acting is so strange and the characters are so intense. Honestly, even if it did not have supernatural things going on I would probably still be interested. There is anime-style combat all over the place even when the characters are simply playing sports. The animation and character models change a bit from episode to episode, I suppose to note the passage of time. It is really hard to explain this one which is why I guess it has not been spoiled for me. It feels like it was written to be deliberately strange and melodramatic. Everything is life or death which strangely works for adolescent boys as I remember everything being so important back then. I am not sure how far I am going to go with this series but for now, I’m willing to give it a shot because I have heard such good things. The good thing is that it is sort of an anthology series so if I grow tired of the current characters, they eventually change to a new story. I recommend it for lovers of the strange and the occult.

Corbin Nash

When this movie first popped up on my radar, I was intrigued. Anything with vampires is usually going to pique my interest. This is a dark tale of a Los Angeles cop investigating a wave of disappearances as a cold case investigator. No bodies have ever been found. The cop (who is the titular character) gets on the trail of the murderers and figures out that it might not be a human threat. In fact, it ends up being something more twisted than just vampires. Nash is played by Dean Jagger, an actor and stuntman trained in MMA and Jiu-Jitsu. He is nothing special when it comes to acting, but he has a great imposing physique and he moves like an animal when it comes to fights. The real acting actually comes from Corey Feldman of all people who plays one of the most interesting characters I have seen in a low profile action/horror flick. He is mesmerizing and freaky from start to finish and if he was not there, this would have been a fairly boring movie. The movie drags quite a bit, padding for time until the actual vampire hunting gets started. Once things do get started, it’s actually a lot of fun and I feel like the entertainment was worth my time. There are also some big names attached to the movie but a lot of them barely have cameos. Rutger Hauer, Malcolm McDowell, and Bruce Davison are all in the movie but they each get very little time. Malcolm McDowell gets the most time as basically walking exposition. I recommend this for horror fans but be prepared because it is not remotely safe for kids.

Music of the Week:
Smash Into Pieces – Let Me Be Your Superhero

Alyson Stoner – Dragon

MoonSun – Deep Within

Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist

The Sugarcubes – Birthday

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Occult Societies”
– I started Grimm Season 6
– I watched more Lucifer Season 3
– I watched more The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3
– I finished Blindspot Season 1
– I watched more Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 1

2 Responses to “Media Update 3/28/19”

  1. rolandclarke Says:

    I don’t know any of these but thanks for highlighting them. I’m way behind on what I need to watch. An aside: I applaud your site’s font size as too often I struggle to read some sites – old age.


    • Wolf of Words Says:

      It’s all fairly new. The reason I do this feature weekly is to try and highlight what’s out there because there is so much content. Also, I made a conscious effort to make the font bigger because small font annoys me.

      Liked by 1 person

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