2019 A to Z Blogging Challenge Reflections

Five days ago I finished another year of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Which means that I am a survivor once again. It was nice stretching those muscles again, forcing myself to type nearly 25,000 words in one month once again. However, it was not just me that made it through this month. In fact, we all survived. So give yourself a round of applause if you made it to the end of the month intact. If you did not make it, I definitely understand that too. I started a new job recently and that has taken up a lot of my time. I did not visit as many blogs and comment as much as I wanted to. So, I apologize to all of the writers out there who I did not visit. I will try better next year.

As for the content, I am more proud of it this year than I have been every other year of this challenge. I chose the loose theme of “Music”. I say loose theme because so many people choose tight themes like “D&D Monsters of the Day” or “Movie Review of the Day” or even “Documentary Review of the Day”. Those are admirable choices but I do not like getting pinned down. Instead, each of my posts roughly had something to do with music. As I said in the reveal, this was to honor a recently fallen friend and because I feel like music is important. I succeeded in thinking of enough topics related to music to get it done.

I think my favorite post that I wrote was actually the one about The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sure, I have written about that movie many times before but I am pleased that every time I tackle it, I think of something new to talk about. I actually feel like I could hit even more angles on the movie. Of course, I also loved writing a lot more material for my fantasy setting that I plan to use for a D&D campaign. Of course, at this point, I also feel like I am worldbuilding for the stories I want to write in that world. Maybe eventually I will write a book. I really do not know. I also got to write some stories outside of that world, some of them were not even fantasy stories. I also got to share my love for some of my favorite music. I also reviewed some fun musicals.

It’s weird because I did feel a bit out of place this year. Many of the blogs on the list felt a little hard to parse because they looked like billboards for the latest book coming out by the author. It was hard to find an actual blog post. The more of those I saw, I felt out of place. I am not really a professional writer, I just like to write. Some blogs were just a photo, no words. They had far more comments on their posts. Which is a really dumb thought to have. I don’t do this for the likes, the comments, or the views. I do this because I am a writer and I have to do it. I have to write or I will fill up with words and I will burst. It is an impulse that I have indulged in since I was a little kid and I am not going to stop. Each year I recommit to this blog and I am doing it once again. So get ready for another year of fun.

If you missed any of my posts, I have listed them all below. Movie and television reviews are in blue (and they are largely spoiler free). Short stories are in green. Fan ravings are in red (some spoilers).  Everything else is in black.

April 1 – The Aristocats
April 2 – The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story
April 3 – Carousel
April 4 – The Dragonsong
April 5 – Empire Records
April 6 – The Fili Reborn

April 8 – The Gorillaz
April 9 – Halestorm
April 10 – Into the Woods
April 11 – Jamming
April 12 – King of Bards
April 13 – Legally Frisked

April 15 – WILPW: Musical Gimmicks
April 16 – The Nightmare Before Christmas
April 17 – An Ode Remembered
April 18 – Playlists
April 19 – Quality Control
April 20 – Repo: The Genetic Opera

April 22 – A Star is Born
April 23 – Tidelands
April 24 – Unsing the World
April 25 – Voice of an Angel
April 26 – Wolfsong
April 27 – Xanadu

April 29 – Yacht Rock
April 30 – Zombies


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One Response to “2019 A to Z Blogging Challenge Reflections”

  1. rolandclarke Says:

    First, apologies if I have not read/liked/commented on any of your posts. Probably, because of my large A-Z email backlog.

    Second, I loved your theme and was kicking myself for not sticking with my ‘music’ theme – music got tagged on the end of my daily episode of my novella.

    Third – and most important – congratulations on surviving and entertaining us.


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