Media Update 9/10/20

21 Bridges

I have mostly been taking a break from cop content out of support for the BLM movement but I am glad that I chose to watch this. I had a feeling that Boseman was not going to put his name on something pro-cop and anti-black. The basic story is that Boseman plays a detective tracking a bunch of copkillers in Manhattan. The story goes way deeper than that but I will not spoil it. Boseman is a force of nature in this movie. He is a cop with a strong sense of justice and a personal code that some clash with. He is partnered with Sienna Miller. Stephan James plays one of the crooks, a conflicted drug runner who realizes what trouble they are in. Keith David and JK Simmons are also great in this. The movie is a great tense thriller that never really lets up. Boseman is that great fictional cop who is smart, thinks on his feet, and talks and listens before he shoots. It is clear that some of the quality of the movie comes from Boseman being a producer on the movie. I recommend this movie.

A Message from the King

In this movie, Boseman got to practice the South African accent he used as T’Challa in Marvel movies, especially in advance of the solo Black Panther movie. He plays a young man who arrives in America to look for his sister after a troubling phone call from her. He is trying to track her down not realising what she had gotten herself into. He plays the role with a single-minded focus. He is dark and stormy in the role and I would compare it to recent movies like The Foreigner, Taken and Walking Tall. Luke Evans plays a cagey man who is ostensibly the villain of the piece. Alfred Molina plays a Hollywood billionaire. Teresa Palmer plays a young nearly homeless prostitute who befriends Boseman’s character. The movie clips along at a good pace and is pretty dark, gritty, and violent. I definitely recommend this as well.

Get On Up

James Brown was a legendary singer but lived a very troubled life wherein he did bad things and bad things were done to him. He did a ton of drugs, treated his employees horribly, and beat his wives. He also helped to innovate and evolve R&B and Funk music. Many of the people he worked with went on to be part of very influential bands (most of them went to Parliament Funkadelic). Boseman is so good at playing James Brown as the complicated guy he definitely was. Every so often he looks directly at the camera and narrates his life and sometimes he looks at the audience and looks ashamed. The movie glosses over a lot of the bad parts of Brown’s life but hits a lot of his low points and high points. It covers a lot of the rollercoaster but it also shows Brown’s utter breakdown on angel dust that got him arrested. Boseman is so good at portraying the same character over decades. Viola Brown plays is troubled mother and Octavia Spencer plays his criminal but loving aunt. Dan Akroyd plays his longtime manager Ben Bart. A special shout out to Nelsan Ellis who plays the legendary Bobby Byrd and Brown’s longtime friend and partner in show business. It is a great movie as long as you take it with a grain of salt. I recommend it.

Music of the Week:
Sylvan Esso – Ferris Wheel

ROSALÍA & Travis Scott – TKN

Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake – King’s Dead

Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

Aloe Blacc – My Way

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Chadwick Boseman”
I watched more Nancy Drew Season 1
I watched more Watcher videos
I watched more Lovecraft Country Season 1
I watched more Harley Quinn Season 1
I watched more Muppets Now Season 1
I watched more Hannibal Season 2
I watched more High Score Season 1
I watched more Perry Mason Season 1
I watched more Summer Games Done Quick
I started Rizzoli and Isles Season 5
I finished Doom Patrol Season 1

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