Blood on Baker Street (A Sherlock Holmes/Dracula Story)

The door started to open and Doctor John Watson snapped awake and aimed his gun at the door. He could not remember the last time he had allowed himself to sleep especially at night. The shadows were filled with far too many dangers now to let one’s guard down. His hand only shook slightly as he aimed his pistol and hoped that his aim would be true. The door opened slowly and it was Lestrade who poked his head through and Watson slightly relaxed before resuming his aim.

“It’s me, Doctor Watson,” Lestrade said. “I come in peace.”

“Forgive me if I doubt you, Inspector Lestrade,” John Watson said, looking down the barrel of his pistol. “Friends are in short supply at present.” 

“I understand,” Lestrade said. “And you can call me George. I told you that.” He moved slowly over to a side table near the door and picked up a vial of holy water and poured some of it on his hand and dripped some on his face. Nothing happened.

“Old habit, I suppose,” Watson said. “You can call me John. You’ve earned that.”

“Well then, John,” Lestrade said. “One moment while I invite our visitor in.”

“Visitor?” Watson asked with some trepidation.

“A friend,” Lestrade said. “A new friend. One that I hope will turn the bloody tide.”

“A tide that bloody well needs turning,” Watson said. “I suppose you shouldn’t leave them out there.” 

“I have not invited them in,” Lestrade said with purpose and meaning that Watson understood. The two men nodded at each other before Lestrade opened the door to reveal a woman standing there. Without being invited, she crossed the threshold into the house. Lestrade handed her the vial and she sprinkled holy water onto herself. It had no effect. The door was shut and Lestrade locked it.

“Doctor John Watson, may I introduce to you Mina Harker,” Lestrade said. “Ms. Harker this is Doctor Watson.”

“Charmed, I’m sure,” Mina said. “I wish that we were meeting under kinder circumstances but I fear that I no longer meet people under such circumstances anymore. Such is the life of a vampire hunter, I’m sure.”

“To be sure,” Watson said. “I imagine expertise in that field is rare as it is so dangerous.”

“Sadly,” Mina said. “I’ve lost so many to the fight. My best friend Lucy was turned and then killed. My husband was killed much later hunting down a different vampire. Most recently my mentor Abraham Van Helsing died of a lingering ailment caused by a wound from a vampire’s sword.”

“Well, we are glad to have you here,” Watson said. “We are at our wit’s end.”

“Truly,” Lestrade said. “This is the most dire situation I have ever faced in my long career by far.”

“Well then, tell me what has happened,” Mina said. “I must know the lay of the land.”

Watson sighed and mustered his courage to tell the story. “All of this began when Holmes and I were informed of a new killer stalking the streets of London,” he said. “Not since Jack the Ripper had London seen such brutality on display. Holmes and I are or were investigators. We worked closely with the police sometimes and so we agreed to help track the murderer. 

“The killer was elusive and left bodies drained of blood in their wake,” Watson continued. “Our working theory was that the killer was imitating old legends of vampires in order to scare the populace and keep the law from wanting to approach. Holmes was never deterred and studied the beast’s patterns and I studied the victims. We poured everything we had into the mystery and struggled mightily with it but Holmes was never one to quit and I would never quit on Holmes.”

“At last, we figured out where the next murder was likely to happen and Holmes and I were there. We had a lot of experience in such matters and we called for Scotland Yard. We should have waited for them before we went in after the fiend. We had often matched with criminals physically and we had always come out on top somehow. This was different and we were overwhelmed before Holmes was able to stab the killer in self-defense. Holmes’ injuries were grievous and he was taken to hospital.”

“The next morning, Holmes had disappeared and nobody had seen him leave. That night, he showed up at his home (which were also our offices) but he had changed. He moved like the killer had. He had become sadistic and I watched as he murdered my wife Mary and our landlady Mrs. Hudson right in front of me. He would have taken me too if I had not given him a load of buckshot from a shotgun I had stored away. The blast knocked him into his chemistry set which caught him momentarily ablaze as he fled back into the night. He is still out there. He is still killing.”

“Sherlock Holmes was the World’s Greatest Detective,” Mina Harker said solemnly. “Now he is the World’s Greatest Hunter. Let’s get started.”


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5 Responses to “Blood on Baker Street (A Sherlock Holmes/Dracula Story)”

  1. Liam Says:

    Terrific crossover!


  2. TheDreamGirlWrites Says:

    THIS is just Brilliant!

    How did you even think of it!!!???


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