This Week in Steves 4


Steve Ditko

I love comic books and have since I discovered the Avengers, the X-Men, Batman, The Flash and Spider-Man at a pretty young age. Wait, what was that last one? Oh right it’s Spider-Man and I’m talking about his co-creator, Steve Ditko. He was the artist to Stan Lee’s writer although he has proven to be a pretty good writer as well. I loved Spider-Man comics for a long time until Quesada decided to torch the whole thing. I liked the silver age and I liked the comics into the late nineties. I even liked parts of Maximum Clonage. However, Ditko created more than just that. He also created or helped to create awesome characters like Doctor Strange, The Creeper, Hawk, Dove, Captain Atom and The Question. For some reason I always liked the Question even though I still haven’t read all of the back issues. He’s a hardline hero who has a cool look.

I would kill to be as good at drawing as Ditko is as I could work on putting my own comics out right here on the internet. I am not a horrible artist but it would take me a long time to get to the level that Ditko was when he broke into the business. His art style helped form the basis for new worlds and the images I see in my mind are as vivid as the ones he drew. However, I will always keep writing as long as I have the ability to do so and I hope to hone my craft so that others enjoy it. On the other hand, I enjoy what I’m writing right now and I will enjoy it even if nobody ever reads it. The clear way that I’m not like Steve Ditko is that he is an adherent of objectivism. I agree somewhat with some of the tenets of objectivism but only somewhat.

Steven Universe

I was skeptical of Steven Universe before it came out because it looked kind of goofy and annoying and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. However, that describes pretty much everything on Cartoon Network that I liked in the past 7 years. Cartoon Network is currently putting out a lot of quality stuff under the guise that it’s all zany and silly and weird. However, a lot of it actually has some intelligence and emotion under the surface. I watched the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack because behind the silliness there was a surrealness that was sometimes weird and sometimes frightening and often both. That led me to Adventure Time which, while being often silly, is also one of the deepest cartoons I’ve ever watched and has fantastic world building.

Which brings us back to Steven Universe because it was created by a lady who was a writer and storyboard artist on Adventure Time. Her name is Rebecca Sugar. When I first saw the teaser trailer for Steven Universe, I was still kind of wary even though they did hint at character work and world building to rival Adventure Time. I was captivated by the phrase “Believe in Steven” that they flashed up on screen. It was such a simple little phrase but it actually made me feel good about myself so I had to see the show now. I haven’t seen a lot of the show but I have seen a couple episodes and I like it and will probably binge watch it at some point. I wish I had Steven’s energy and ability to make fast friendships but anxiety gets in the way sometimes.

Steve Irwin
(The below is from someone who was not a fan and is largely specualting)

Steve Irwin was often treated like a joke or a cartoon when ever I heard about him when I was younger. People would give a hearty “By Crikey!” or something similar and move on with their lives, confident that they had pegged the guy as a lunatic who handled reptiles. However, he was a lunatic handling reptiles and other animals. He constantly put himself in danger for the sake of a television nature show. He often sounded stupid and somehow unaware or uncaring of the danger he was putting himself in. That was probably why so many people made fun of him. It’s strange behavior and I can’t exactly disapprove of people being shocked and amused by a human being throwing themselves into such situations. The edges of him and all of the parodies of him seemed to bleed together. In a way, it was easy to believe that he would eventually die at the hand of an animal and he eventually did.

However, maybe he was not as stupid as people took him to be. He had a thick Australian accent and I know from my mother’s experiences that people tend to look down on people with strong, colorful accents. The Australian accent often sounds jokey and silly and far too casual to our ears. So maybe there was more intelligence to the man than there seemed to be on the surface. He still put himself in danger but a lot of people have dangerous professions because they feel that they need the money or they are helping a cause. From what I can tell, he felt he was helping the cause of conservation and environmentalism by showcasing some amazing creatures. I can definitely respect someone so dedicated to a worthy cause.

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