I’m Proud of My Brothers

My mind is truly blown by how amazing my family is pretty much all the time. This past weekend my brothers impressed me even more than usual and I have to share.

Doctor Caligari

My brother Alex (aka Lex) is a founding member of a theater company called Pointless Theater which specializes in puppetry and innovative storytelling. Most of the shows they’ve put out have been funny or at least somewhat lighthearted. Some of their repetoire has been for kids, some for adults and some of it was in between. They were a fixture at the Capital Fringe festival until they outgrew it and they continue to grow. They are usually running performances out of the Flashpoint Theater near Chinatown in DC. I hate DC but Pointless always makes it worth travelling to our nation’s capital.
This time around they have put together a show called Doctor Caligari and it is based on a 1920 German silent film called the Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. This time around they went for pure existential horror instead of laughter. It would be an understatement to say that this play scared me. After the curtain call I felt shaken and it took me a little while to truly collect myself. My brother plays the title character and is truly horrifying as are many other things in the show. I don’t want to reveal too much of the show since I am urging you to go see it in the next two weeks.
TED Talk
My youngest brother Abe is brilliant. He may be the only real genius that I’ve met and his intellect at once humbles and impresses me. He works a lot with computers and cameras which is a crude summary of what he does. He has studied at three different prestigious schools: Johns Hopkins, Stanford and currently MIT. He will also be the first PHD that I’ve known personally which completely blows my mind. Unfortunately that means that when he describes his work, there is a point where my understanding becomes Wile E. Coyote and falls off a cliff instead of following his train of thought.
There is now a solution to that dilemma. My brother was invited to do a TED Talk and I got to see an early screening of it before it is released to the public. It’s entertaining and intensely educational and I think you’ll enjoy it if you give it a chance. I have known that my brother is smart for a long while now but it’s always cool that other people get to see that. So check that out as well.

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