Media Update 10/15/2015


Memory is an interesting thing. I remember things all the way back from childhood and some things I completely forgot. Whole pieces of my childhood are only remembered by me because my mother told me about them happening. At least I have my memory. The female protagonist of Blindspot (Jane Doe) has absolutely no idea who she is as she has had her memory chemically wiped. Sure, it’s a little science fictiony but it is still an interesting concept. She wakes up in the middle of Times Square naked with no memory and her body covered entirely in tattoos. I have a thing for tattoos as they have the potential to be absolutely beautiful. The tattoos here are a puzzle that will be slowly solved as the show continues. This show has a lot of stuff I’m into and I’m pretty excited to see it unfold. The acting is pretty good so far and the characters are pretty likeable and I’m interested in getting to know them. I’d check it out if I was you.


So I had heard this show was good but I never caught it and then it popped right out of my head and I forgot it existed. When it popped up on Netflix I thought it was the perfect time to check it out. I make no secret that Veronica Mars is probably my favorite TV show of all time. It’s a show that was lost before its time and had particular rhythms that resonated with me. This show was created by the same people who created Veronica Mars. It has a lot of the same rhythms and scratches an itch I’ve had since I watched the last episode of Veronica Mars. The dialogue is my favorite part of the show but the premise is really fun too. This is the science fiction flavor of zombies and Liv’s status as a zombie allows her to see the memories of those who are murdered once she eats their brains. It’s the strangest zombie comedy/crime procedural and I love it.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

I have been watching the Daily Show for a long, long time. I first started watching it when it was hosted by Craig Kilborn and it was just a piece of fluff produced by Comedy Central to fill time while the station was still figuring itself out. They found Jon Stewart and it was a match made in heaven. Stewart forged the Daily Show into a news satire juggernaut that helped shape the cultural and political landscape by making fun of everything and the way we look at everything. Stewart gathered great writers and comedians around him and launched the careers of people who soared to new heights and also people who couldn’t survive away from his light. After 17 years, Stewart retired from the show still on top of his game. South African comedian Trevor Noah has now taken over hosting duties and I have to say, as a huge Jon Stewart fan, that Noah is great. He started strong and can only get better as he grows into the role. He’s hilarious and insightful and he has a strong team to back him up. The legacy is in good hands.


Links of the Week:
Jaws 19
Sweet Dreams
Kurt Kobain – And I Love Her
DC SuperHero Girls

– Sons of Anarchy Season 2 was awesome but very emotional leading into Season 3
– Arrow Season 2 is awesome so far
– Picking The Flash back up mid-season one and it’s as awesome as I remembered
– I hope people are enjoying the Halloween reviews or at least checking the movies out themselves
– Blacklist Season 3 is strong and even better than the first two seasons

Eye of the Beholder

You might have noticed her blog on the sidebar of my blog but my friend has a great blog mostly about family and knitting over at her corner of the web. She’s also a part of the gaming group which is where a few of my stories came from. She’s been posting a lot more latey so if you’re into that stuff definitely check her out.

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