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This is basically me listing things I like.  Why 11? 

I like to rip off the Nostalgia Critic

Top 11 TV Shows on the Air Right Now (2014)

Top 11 TV Shows on the Air Right Now (2012)

Top 11 Halloween Movies

Entertainment A to Z

Top 11 Movies I’m Excited About in 2015

Top 11 Stand Up Comedians

Top 11 Musicals

Top 11 “Iconic” Movies of My Childhood

Top 11 Disney Animated Films

Top 11 Video Games

Top 11 Annoying Sidekicks

Top 11 Horror Connections

Top 11 Christmas Episodes 

Top 11 Romantic Comedies

Top 11 Movie Directors

Top 11 Horror  Villains

Top 11 Television Lawyers

Top 11 Superheroes That Need A Movie or Show

Top 11 Fictional Jobs I Might Want

Top 11 Favorite Anime Series


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cringeworthy (adj) -- causing feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment


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