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Mostly Everything On This Page is a Puke Draft

Short Fiction Series

The Key

I don’t know where this story is going but it’s fun to write.

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The Toughest Frail

A tough as nails noir detective story inspired by Pointless Theater’s production of Minnie the Moocher

1         2



A supernatural western following new Sheriff, Sarah Redcross

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Shield of the Ishim

A story following a supernatural monster hunter group

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The Mystery

 A superhero story following a rookie crime fighter called The Mystery

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Comet Girl

 A story following a young second-generation superhero

1      2     3


Quick Lass

A story about a punk rock teenage speedster superhero 

1      2     3


The Sword

A “Rural Fantasy” about a boy who finds a mysterious sword and the trouble only starts there

1       2       3       4       5       6       


X’s Guide to the Paranormal

1        2         3        


Wicked Journals

A Halloween tale with a slight Lovecraftian/Nightvale inspiration told with journal entries. 

1        2       3       4


Strange Tides

A fantasy sea adventure with magic and mystery

1      2      


The Story

The world is a story.  The story just got crazier.

1     2     3    4


Magical Earth Defenders

My take on the magical girl genre. Five young girls will do anything to protect the future.

Part 1:    1     2     3    4     5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13



A famous crew will become legendary after conquering their greatest challenge yet

1     2


The Symbol

Old grudges are hard to deal with, especially when it comes to demons.

1     2


# And New

Gabriel is taking a step up in the world of professional wrestling.



The Nighthawk

What I could salvage from my lost NaNoWriMo novel. Always back up your work.

1      2      3     4    


In Fear of Sundown

A town with a dark problem becomes part of a wider secret world

1      2      3     4



A whole population of people are stuck in a virtual space in the Internet

1     2     3     



What the label says.

Jinder          Allendra              Questing

Hail of Arrows     Sashi the Brave    Oh Death!     

World on a String    The Art of the Deal   Zayquan Swords

It Is In The Closet     The Eye of Balor   Parley         

Yoriel       Shotgun     Hackette Family

Gaelle of the Law    Root of All Darkness       Princess Celeste

Hendry Hawkwood       Hak the Hurricane

Dead Air        The King       Ion Flow

Electrical Malfunction       Horror

See You on the Other Side     Sabin the IV

From The Desk of a Random Court Reporter

It Suits You    The Singing Sword

Mercer Holliday     Died on a Saturday

Heather and Hel       One, Please.

Vampire Brain         Xenopus

Your Next Assignment 

Vacation in Hallus    Fairytown

Reap    The Fili      Jamming

Unsing the World   Wolfsong

 The Fifth Floor   The Christmas Killer

A Rose in the Snow


Elorian Campaign

This is the Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I am currently working on.

Eloria     Pantheon      Races    The King’s Arsenal

More Common Knowledge      Education Services

The God War and the Starlings

Aldona Atlas   1  &  2          Pekko Atlas   1  &   2

Elorian Pantheon   1    2    3   4   5

When It All Ended

A story of an adventuring party’s last fight in the Elorian campaign setting

1    2    3    4    5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12    13    14    15

The Faith of the Raven

Carania Galdon did not know how her life would change after she died.  Also in the Elorian setting.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7   8

The Shield of the Tau

Jace knew exactly who he was from a young age.  He was a Shield.  (Elorian Campaign)

1     2    3

In the Shanti Desert

Caught and sold to treasure hunters, Saara is in for a dangerous adventure.  (Elorian Campaign)

1     2    3


Katelyn Brandywater was just betrayed.  She will have her revenge.   (Elorian Campaign)

1     2


Time Goes By

A young wizard encounters a spacetime anomaly with a personal twist. (Elorian Campaign)

1     2      3     4     5     6


Hesper’s Web

A party enters a demonic dreamworld to save a little girl

1     2      3     4     5     6     7      8


One Shots

The Great Seer      The Strange Plot

Darden’s Future    Fallout

Fae and Away      The Heartsong Caper

The Border Tavern   The Scene of the Battle

The Dragonsong     The King of Bards

An Ode Remembered      Voice of an Angel  

Speak to the Dead       The Tailors

In the House of the Law    Whitecrest Harbor

The Cave Witch         The Escape

Distracted         Pirates of the Crumbs

Death and Rebirth of Love    Possession

Night Sparrow


Tabletop RPG Posts

These are snippets I wrote for various RPG campaigns in which I’ve been a player.

(Yes most of the names are stolen from WWE or ROH)  

Sabin de Lasartesse – Unrealized Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign

 Sabin de Lasartesse               Adventure in the Forest

James Garen – The Frozen Star Among Us (Homebrewed)

Fight to the Finish          A Little More James Garen

Sabedra           Garen Family Tree        Frozen Star Crew

Sabin the Sorceror – Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

Sabin the Sorceror          Brofka the Wise      

Phillip Brooks  – PlanetFall (Fate System)

Phillip Brooks        Fever Dreams in a Coma        

Sketches in the Dirt

Matt Uso – PlanetFall (Fate System)

Matt Uso

Dean Wyatt – The Conquered Sun Rises (Fate System)

Dean Wyatt       After Midnight with Dean Wyatt

This is the End, Dean

Dean Wyatt Begins to Assemble the Murder Board

Felix Graham – Legends of Oakland Mills (Ready 2 Run System)

Dr. Felix Graham      Felix’ Epilogue

Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure

A tale about a group of legends trying to stop a group of magical terrorists

1        2        3      4       5       6       7       8      9       10     11

Bron – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

The End and the Beginning      Bron’s March

Death of a Halfling          Tooth and Claw

Bron: Past and Present     Neverwinter Arrival

Panther – Unchildren: Burning Sky (Fate System)

No Longer Samu    Panther and Keeva     The Night of the Fire

The Debate


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