What I Love About Pro-Wrestling

A look at different aspects of sports entertainment and how I feel about them.

Bad Guys I Love to Hate     



Strong Women     

I Love it in Spite of Myself     

How Are They Not Dead?     

Why I Hate Pro-Wrestling      

Alternatives to WWWE     



CM Punk   

Horrible Gimmicks   

Real Wrestlers   

Cody Rhodes   

Tag Teams   

RIP Dusty and Roddy   



Mick Foley     

AJ Styles

Lucha Underground

Real Wrestlers 2

January 4, 1999

The Independents

Johnny Mundo

The Final Deletion

Chris Jericho

Beyond the Mat (Supernatural)

Thanksgiving 2016

John Cena

Specialty Matches


Catchphrases: NXT Edition

Extreme Rules 2017

Annoying Heels/ Cool Heels

Monster Heels

The Supernatural

The Death of Kayfabe

RAW 25

Kevin Owens

30 Day Challenge:   2   3



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