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Taking Time to Mourn – A Descendants Story

April 23, 2021

Jay, Mal, and Evie sat on benches behind Evie’s cottage. The sun had gone down and the moon was out and it was the only light beyond a single light at the back door. None of them seemed to notice. They had talked a little but mostly they were quiet. Most of the evening they had stared at the ground or gave each other knowing glances. They had gotten together to have dinner at Evie’s but none of them had an appetite. Anytime that one of them tried to start a conversation, they all just seemed to run out of fuel and go quiet again. The four of them had left the Isle of the Lost together but now there were only three. It was so painful. All three of them were alerted to the sound of footsteps on the stones leading around the house.

“There you are,” Uma said. “Ben told me I could find you here.” Her face was solemn but it was clear that she was trying to keep her voice somewhat light. All three tensed at her approach and Mal almost stood up. “Whoa! I come in peace.”

“Sorry, Uma,” Evie said. “It’s still hard to get used to you being friendly after all of the kidnapping and swordplay.”

“That’s fair,” Uma said. “I admit I’ve been a little nasty to you. I’d be on guard if I were you too.”

“No,” Mal said, her own voice almost startling her for a moment. “It’s not fair. We’ve all done bad things here. None of us are innocent. We shouldn’t judge you.”

“The bridge is restored,” Uma said. “My beef with you and Auradon is over. Well, it’s a start and after we put the smackdown on Audrey together, I think there’s a future for us.”

“I’d like that,” Evie said. “I always liked the whole sea pirate sheik thing you have going on.”

“We’d all like that, I think,” Mal said. “We could use more friends right now.” They all nodded at that sentiment.

“Yeah,” Jay said. “I kind of liked hanging out with you, Harry, and Gil without fighting.”

“Same,” Mal said. “I’m so tired of fighting.”

“We all are,” Evie said, moving to take her best friend’s hand in hers. “No more fighting.”

Uma sat down on a bench. Mal waved her hand and ignited the fire pit with a thought. They all relaxed for a moment.

“You know, you said that none of us are innocent,” Uma said. “but do you know who was the closest? Carlos.”

There was a deep silence at that moment. None of them had mentioned the name of their dearly departed friend.

Jay suddenly smirked. “Yeah,” he said. “He talked a big game but he was a pretty lousy villain.”

“He was the first of us to turn away from the dark,” Mal said. “He helped inspire me to shake off my mother’s influence. I mean, you all did but Carlos was just so sweet about the whole thing.”

“I know,” Evie said. “We all helped each other and Carlos was a big part of that. If we hadn’t made the decision to be good together, we would never be where we are now. Life is getting better for everybody, right?”

“I think so,” Mal said. “We’re going to make sure it does. Ben and I have made sure that Auradon is dedicated to helping reunify with the Isle of the Lost.”

“I never cared about anybody back on the Isle,” Jay said. “but Carlos had a big heart and that kind of rubbed off on me.”

“We were all pretty selfish back then,” Mal said. “Carlos took to being kind the fastest. The rest of us followed suit.”

“If you four hadn’t become such big shot do-gooders out here, I wouldn’t have started my crusade to free the Isle,” Uma said. “When we were all on the Isle together, I only cared about crushing your crew. When you were gone, I took a look around and wanted better for everybody. I didn’t think it would end with the bridge rebuilt but I guess friendship really works.”

“You are our friend,” Evie said. “I don’t want any enemies.”

“We need your help to figure out how to really help the kids on the Isle too,” Mal said. “Helping is what Carlos would have wanted.”

They all nodded at that thought. Carlos was mischievous but ultimately a good guy and there had to be more on the Isle more like him that they could seek out and reform. They had to move on without Carlos. It would be hard but the realm was depending on them. They had to follow through.

Sons of Heart – A Descendants Story

April 22, 2020

Ally was hanging out with her friend Jordan in one of the gardens on the grounds of Aurodon. They were a bit partied out so they left Audrey, Lonnie, Jane, and the VKs to keep celebrating. Everybody was so happy about the reunification of Aurodon and the Isle. Ally was happy too. Like many other people in Aurodon, she had been convinced by Mal and the gang that the VKs were not so bad. She had been nervous at first but that had changed. Like her mother Alice, Ally was used to playing by herself. But she was also curious like her mother and that had played a big part in learning to accept the VKs. The AKs had followed Audrey’s lead and they had become one big team.

When Audrey had turned bad, it had shaken everybody. That was not the friend that Ally had met when they were little. Sure she was the queen bee and a little rude sometimes but she was good at heart. Audrey had a lot of making up to do but that would come later. Ally already knew that they would forgive her even though Jordan and Ally had been turned to stone for what felt like forever. So much had happened but they would be friends forever. Besides, if Uma could walk the streets of Aurodon freely, anything was possible. It was a new world but Jordan and Ally had wanted to step away for a minute to breathe.

Ally spotted two young men walking toward them. They looked like twins and each had red accents to their raggedy clothes. Something inside of her tensed. They were from the Isle of the Lost for sure which meant they were VKs. The bridge to the Isle was restored but these two would not have had the same time to adjust that Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, and Freddie had had. Jordan moved slightly in front of Ally protectively, knowing Ally was a bit smaller.

“Whoa, guys,” Jordan said. “The party is over there.” She pointed away back toward all of the noise.

“When the barrier came down, we had to seek her out,” one of the boys said.

“We mean no harm,” the other one said.

Jordan looked at Ally and Ally shrugged and nodded. Jordan stepped aside.

“You wanted to look for me?” Ally asked. “Whatever for?”

“My name is Harlan,” the boy on the left said.

“My name is Jack,” the boy on the right said.

“Well,” Ally said. “This is Jordan and I’m Ally. It’s nice to meet you.” She did not know quite why she had said that. It was something her mother had always said.

“We had to look for you to apologize,” Harlan said. “We need to apologize to you and your mother. You look just like her.”

“Apologize?” Ally asked. “I don’t know you. What could you possibly have to apologize for?”

“Our mother is the Queen of Hearts,” Jack said. “She nearly killed your mother several times. The first thing we wanted to do was come and apologize to you and your mother.”

Ally blinked. She had not even thought of the possibility of meeting kin of her mother’s tormentors. “My mother has come to terms with her adventures in Wonderland,” she said politely. “From what I understand your mother was quite unbalanced to begin with. No offense.”

“None taken,” Harlan said. “She was not the best mother. She has calmed with age, though.”

“Not that anything could excuse her actions,” Jack said.

“But you didn’t do anything, right?” Ally asked. “That was all your mother.”

“No,” Jack said. “No more than we’ve had to do to survive.”

“The Isle has been rough,” Harlan said with a nod.

“So I’ve gathered from Mal and her group of VKs,” Ally said.

“You know Mal?” Jack asked excitedly.

“Of course,” Ally said. “She’s become one of my closest friends recently. Evie too.”

“They’re like celebrities on the Isle,” Harlan said. “I mean before they left they were the baddest gang around but now they represent hope since they started the lottery.”

“They’re kind of celebrities here too,” Ally said. “They just have that effect on people, I guess.”

“Anyway,” Harlan said. “It was nice to meet you too. We’ll go back to the party.”

“Wait!” Ally said, a sudden idea popping into her head. “Jordan? Why don’t you interview them for your webcast?”

“What?” Jordan asked. “Why would I do that?”

“All of Aurodon will be curious about the new VKs,” Ally said. “You could be the first to introduce them to Aurodon. You could interview them all. It would be a huge hit. Maybe?”

“No,” Jordan said. “You’re absolutely right. That’s a great idea.” She pulled out her camera. “Hey, if you’re the Queen’s sons, does that make you princes?”

Media Update 8/24/17

August 24, 2017

The Defenders

I have raved on this blog before about how much I loved Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Marvel’s Netflix shows have been on point since day one. Sure, Iron Fist was the weakest link in the chain but it was still way better than a lot of stuff I have watched. This series combines all four previous heroes into one show. I was wondering how that work and then as the first few episodes rolled, I realized that they were not just throwing the heroes together. They were combining entire shows. Each previous show gets moments to show its strengths and each hero is accompanied by their surviving supporting casts. They acknowledge the events of each show in dialogue and they even acknowledge The Avengers (2011) as they did in the first episode of Daredevil. The two things that make me love this show and the other shows are the characters and the fight scenes. For example, I did not realize just how much I missed the character of Jessica Jones until her grumpy face showed up on screen in episode one. I definitely recommend this one but it is obviously better if you have seen the other four series first.

Descendants 2

I have said before that I am a huge Disney nerd and, while I have not talked about it much on this blog before, I definitely sample stuff from the Disney Channel sometimes. Yes, this includes some of the Disney Sitcoms. Anyway, a while back Disney created a franchise where we meet the kids of famous Disney Animated movies. However, the heroes of the franchise are the children of Jafar, Cruella DeVille, The Evil Queen, and Maleficent. They have been given a second chance to show that they are not evil like their parents and live among the good kids of the kingdom. They meet and befriend the children of Dopey, Beast/Belle, Fairy Godmother, etc. In this new movie, the now good “Villain Kids” must deal with some of the children of villains they left behind back in exile. These include the son of Gaston, the son of Captain Hook, and the daughter of Ursula. Oh, and this is all a live-action, straight to television musical. I love it because I am a huge Disney nerd and I like when they play around with their own lore (see also Once Upon a Time and Kingdom Hearts). However, I recommend it with the caveat that it is definitely not for everyone.

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

Speaking of not being for everyone, Asylum’s Sharnado franchise is pretty crazy and seems to be polarizing. I am pretty sure most of my friends either dropped out after the first one or have not watched any of them. I like a good “bad” movie. The first movie had the heroes encountering a freak combination of sharks and tornadoes as a spoof on a lot of SyFy disaster movies. As they piled on the sequels, the movies became more and more self-aware. Now, they are a bundle of cameos, puns, sight gags, technobabble, and spectacle. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing but it does mean that there is not much space for such things as “coherent plot” or “good acting”. Mostly, we watch our heroes try to save their son in between celebrities getting murdered by flying sharks and the heroes murdering flying sharks. This one gets out of control with the crazy science fiction plot as now sharknados are plaguing the entire globe (including deserts). There is also time travel, teleportation, and advanced robotics involved. The most ridiculous part (at least to me) is the reveal of this ever expanding secret sisterhood that just happens to always be in the right place to help the main characters. It is not ridiculous because they are a secret sisterhood but rather it is ridiculous because they could not possibly predict where the heroes are teleporting next. It weird and strange but also kind of pleasing in a good bad movie kind of way. I do not recommend it. Save yourself.

Music of the Week:
Amon Amarth – Destroyer of the Universe


Maluma – Cuatro Babys

Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm

TWRP (w/ NSP) – No Pants Dance

Weekly Updates:
– This week’s theme is “Epic Teams”
– I watched more Glitter Force Season 2
– I watched more Criminal Minds Season 12
– I finished White Collar Season 4
– I watched more Riverdale Season 1

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